March 2nd, 2010

The Tuesday Torso: Marco Borriello, AC Milan

Marco’s indicating how many times he’s had sex since finding out he was called up to play for the Azzurri. Like we need him to count them for us. Pull-ease.

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27 Responses to “The Tuesday Torso: Marco Borriello, AC Milan”

  1. Aisha says:

    He is gorgeous. My second hottest player after C-Ron. To put it cruedly, I just want to have sex with him.

  2. Mel says:


  3. Embee says:

    I can’t get enough of this man!! His face, his body… ahhhhhh

  4. footbalista says:

    omg.. i CAN NOT believe I saw him person in a hotel lobby!!! MMMMM MMM love that tuesday torso!! <3

  5. Bella-Milan says:

    Thanks Kickette! Always good to see our Milan guys.

    Could we have more Nesta, too, please?

  6. Carson says:

    Would that be four times, or 22?

    • juventina says:

      LOLOL!!! Good call! I think I'm going with….22! It is Borriello after all ;)

  7. Liz says:

    That certainly made my morning. I gasped for air when I saw this. Thanks for giving me a new wallpaper on my comp Kickette! I love this website!

  8. Alessandra says:

    UNNNNNNNNNNF! I wanna hit that. Sosososo hard. :P

  9. juventina says:

    THANK YOUUU! haha I LOVE Marco, so glad he is getting some face time here :) LOL! I have been praying that he gets a call up for the World Cup, I want a Borriello Azzurri jersey almost as much as I want Borriello. ;)

    Love it! Grazie :)

    • Liz says:

      Hahaha fditto, all that and the 2010 World Cup!

      • juventina says:

        LOL! Dear Lord if he plays in the World Cup, my year will officially be made. See, I'm Juventina and he plays for Milan, so I need him to play for gli Azzurri so I can get a Borriello jersey. As we all know it would be sacrilegious of me to walk around with a Milan jersey on even if it did have his name on the back of it. Plus, if he plays in the World Cup that means I get to look at him and cheer on my team and get pics of him trading shirts afterwards ;) hahaha

        • Liz says:

          I go for Juve too! But it doesn’t hurt to look at giocatori milanesi vero? Haha. He’s gorgeous.

          • juventina says:

            LOL!! That is VERY true! Especially if his name starts with Marco and ends in Borriello…LOL! ;)

  10. truly_thata says:

    hahahahahaha, thanks kickette

  11. aps says:

    Looking good. Loving the tattoo

  12. HiL says:

    haha great caption

  13. kil says:

    he's a nice one to look at thats for sure, thanks kickette!

  14. MrsNesta says:

    Well lush…thanks Kickette…..Andrea Pirlo (I think) bonus!

  15. footbalista says:

    oh hot damn… :) thanks for that pic-much needed !!

  16. The pic made my laptop short circuit but whatevs the caption made made laugh out loud!

  17. Molly says:

    Oh Woww… Love Marco. Thanks Kickette