February 23rd, 2010

The Tuesday Torsos: Jack Rodwell and Jamie O’Hara

Some men take years to mature to the point where they’re comfortable ripping off their shirts and airing their abs to the wind; others, not so much.

An obvious example of this is eighteen-year-old Jack Rodwell. He’s got no qualms about flexing those baby biceps for the world. We applaud his early commitment to objectification. By us.

Bonus: Jamie O’Hara also nixed the base layers this weekend. Well done to both of the lads. Not quite sure what happened here, though. Handbags!

Link: Watch the video of Rodwell’s shirt removal (but turn your sound down first).

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21 Responses to “The Tuesday Torsos: Jack Rodwell and Jamie O’Hara”

  1. MissyH says:

    OMG! This guy is not even 19 years old!! Let's wait and see what he looks like in a few years… =)

  2. carly says:

    It’s quite disturbing that he’s only 18. I promise, I didn’t perve, too young.

  3. gise says:

    I would really enjoy it if Jack Rodwell did this for every game…maybe if I wish hard enough.

    And it's always nice to see Jamie. :-D

  4. YoungChelsea4Life says:

    He is a fine specimen (though I still like my Chelsea lads). I’m aiming to become a Wag, lol! Is he available?

  5. Kile says:

    Eighteen? Oh, I just feel gross.

    • bubbly_cheryl says:

      there is nothing wrong with that- he is super finnnne…. think about it this way, i’m 17- and i like players who are like 30 and 31! (united defenders of course!!!)

      • Alisha! says:

        I agree. I'm 17 and I like older guys, Pep Guardiola is amazing there's nothing wrong with it. I'm more Arsenal players though :)

  6. HiL says:

    the post we’ve all been waiting for..
    As much as i hated losing, seeing him shirtless rocked.
    and i love Jamie :]

  7. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    I think that we need to start a petition to get the ridiculous yellow-card-for-shirt-removal taken out of football to help encourage more of it. In fact, demand it.

  8. Mrs Tim Cahill says:

    Finally you get jack up on the website, the guy is awesome in footballing terms as well as in the looks, he's just my age and plays for my club!

    i think him and cahill should play topless every week they have the looks ;)

  9. katrin says:

    Speaking of Everton, Pienaar was caught drinking and driving after their awesome game last weekend looool.

    • ToffeeGirl16 says:

      And this has to do with us how? What a person does on their own time is not OUR concern. It is not funny, please refrain from talking about what our boys do on their own time when it a) has nothing to do with the match and b) nothing to do with Rodwell the best thing to come out of Everton since Rooney. Pienaar is a lovely man over all and making fun of his one mistake -it has only been reported and has not been confirmed so for all we know it could be a lie- is just sickening.

      Grow up! He is a professional on the pitch, wonderful with the children with the charity the Everton Foundation and overall a decent guy who adores his teammates with talent to spare.

      Well now that I have got that off my chest about Pienaar, onto Rodwell.

      Well he had ever right to take his shirt off Rodwell. First goal of the season and to Man Utd. Aw, bless him, he has been taking lessons from Cahill.

      Stupid rule that states you are booked if you take your t-shirt off. Ah well he looks gorgeous and is in my age range XD.

      Jamie is fit too although Rodwell is my choice.

      • Deen says:

        IF it's true, it's our business because drunk driving is not a victimless crime. If he decided to drive drunk then he deserves every criticism. He could have killed someone or himself. That said, I hope it's a false report/misunderstanding. He's a great player.

        • ToffeeGirl16 says:

          Fair enough but there is a line but appartently -by the report- he was stopped before anything could happen. Katrin was -as I believe- making fun of Pienaar for that and that irks any Everton fan.

          Pienaar is an all round great guy and very talented.

          If he was and if it is confirmed, then we can give out like hell. I would be the first and every Everton fan would be mad and I mean mad, we have a name to uphold here.

          By our and we, -sorry I should have explained this sooner- I mean the football club and myself. The fans are an intergral part of the family of Everton FC. It is commonplace to refer -when referring to the club as I was- as we or our.

          Sorry for the mix-up. Also, as a little incentive with Pienaar, try and find a picture with his shirt off, very fit and handsome XD.

          • Deen says:

            I'm glad we agree on that. I completely understand the "our"/"we" thing. I'm a Gooner.

            But I'll pass on the picture search. I'm more of a "Me/Mirror Guy" myself, despite my constant presence on Kickette. You ladies just happen to crack me up…

            • ToffeeGirl16 says:

              Glad to agree too. Ah, good to know. Do not like people to misunderstand me.

              Ah I see. Well there has to be a reason for me to watch the match if it is on and the fact half or more of the team can be counted as goodlooking is a great reason for me XD.

              We all have our guilty secrets. Not been on long myself.

              Enjoy Rodwell! We have him to enjoy for at least another three years. Wish he would score more and remove that ridiculous rule of if you take your shirt of, you’re booked.

  10. I have purses older than Jack. I'm such a perv. :)

    • bubbly_cheryl says:

      but you are a very lovely perv, forever providing us at SW with pictures… so perv on…