July 26th, 2010

The Ugh Files: Karim Benzema, Franck Ribery & The ‘Working’ Girl

Karim Benzema & Franck Ribery. Taking one for the team? Images: Reuters via Daylife, pacificcoastnews via Zimbio

Most of the time, pretending that footballers are scrummy bundles of loveliness works for us. Admittedly, sometimes maintaining this vision demands some evasive action (mainly involving sitting under the duvet with our hands over our ears singing la-la-la-la when certain tabloid newspapers are published) but largely the illusion remains intact.

However, on some occasions the level of skank involved is such that even we are forced to admit defeat.

As we all know, the news involving Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery and Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema is one such affair. If you’ve been making like us and hiding in the corner shaking, let us furnish you with the deets you may have missed. We then recommend that (like us), you eat a whole tub of ice cream while studying this image in order to restore your equilibrium.

Prior to the fiasco that was the French NT’s World Cup campaign, reports circulated that both Ribery and Benzema (among others) had been questioned in relation to the arrest of Zahia Dehar (left)  - one of several women detained for working as prostitutes out of the Zaman Café in Paris. Dehar, now aged eighteen, claimed to have slept with the players on several occasions for up to £2000 per night.

So far, so skank. Except that while prostitution is legal in France, those selling the goods must be eighteen. Dehar was sixteen at the time the alleged offences took place. She has stated that she did not inform either Benzema or Ribery of her age.

Ribery has admitted a sexual relationship with Dehar during 2009 but denies knowing she was underage at the time. Benzema has merely claimed that he is ‘not affected’ by the allegations. Both have now been ‘formally accused’ of soliciting an underage prostitute. If found guilty, both players could face substantial fines and up to three years in prison.

Clearly the affair is unlikely to endear the players to a French public already bewildered and angered by a shambolic
at the World Cup. The suspension of the entire squad for the friendly against Norway is just the beginning, we think.

Meanwhile, Benzema is rumoured to be a transfer target of Manchester United and Ribery has done what all true ‘playas’ do when the going gets rough – arrange for a happy families photo op.

Life goes on, eh?

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65 Responses to “The Ugh Files: Karim Benzema, Franck Ribery & The ‘Working’ Girl”

  1. Eebza says:

    this is all just nasty.

  2. lonelySTARSHINE says:

    Ok, I don’t like Ribbery AT ALL, but I really don’t get it – though the girl is juvenile, she is 16, not 11, or 12 (not to menting she looks like she’s at least 20 years old), but what’s the difference whether she’s gonna sleep with someone her age or someone who’s, idk, 30?
    I’m sorry for being vulgar, but she’s gonna get a p***s anyway…

    it’s not just for this case, this “law” exists all round the world, and I just don’t get it o.0
    (ok, and I’m not a pedofile or smth, actually I’m a girl, and I’m 16)

  3. Sheena says:

    I read this article in both the french, American, and British press. She told the footballers that she was 20yr at the time she slept with them. She admitted that she lied about her age. They should not be prosecuted. Prostitution is legal in France( like most of Europe)but the prostitutes must be 18+. She lied about her age.


    Plus its mean to make fun of Franck. He was in a car accident when he was young and his parents only had enough money to save his life but not get him plastic surgery. They were poor. Making fun of someones face without knowing the story is just plain rude and mean.

    • JulieFromParis says:

      Well said!! Why should beautiful people rule the world??

      I mean are they only supermodels among kickettes out there? ?

      No offence but You are always complaining about footballers going out with models, actresses and, at the same time, you are the first ones to critize physical defects (see cesc and carla 's comments for ex)

      The guy's attitude can certainly be criticized but what's the use of commenting on his looks again and again? :)

      • SheenaFromPalmBeach says:

        Me…? But this is my first time commenting 0.o I found this blog just a couple weeks ago when I searched Gonzalo Higuain cute but on Twitter. Maybe I should change my name for this website. I really like it and I think someone else has the name "Sheena" on here.

        So from now on I will be known as SheenaFromPalmBeach….I took clues from your name:)

        But I agree with you the other girl name Sheena sounds mean:(

        • JulieFromParis says:

          Oh no Sheena!! it was not for u dear, the ‘You” was a general you for all the kickettes who had been a bit harsh on Ribéry’s looks.

          Nice New nickname though!! (just so you know, i come from Paris, lol!)

    • KDJ says:

      thank you for saying this.

      being ugly is not a sin. Why mock him cause of that? Now, some of you (not you sheena.. LOL) are defending Benzema, just because he's good looking. that's absurd. if you want to judge Ribery for his act, why not judge Benzema too?

      best not to judge at all.

  4. Natalia says:

    Atleast Gourcuff wasn’t found in this trainwreck! We can be happy about that :)

  5. Laurie says:

    Highly overrated and overpaid player. He’s unlikeable but in Bayern they hail him anyway… Then gain, so are van Bommel, Robben, Lahm, Demichelis and Müller… And so was Luca Toni.
    I can’t believe that Bayern was asking 80 Mio. for his transfer… I bet they couldn’t stop laughing at Real.
    And yeah, he’s the ugliest person I’ve ever seen in media and probably in real life, too. He could, at least, do something with his hair…

  6. D0li says:

    Is there any actual proof that she slept with these men? OR that she infact slept with both? I liked Benzema the moment he transfered to Real Madrid, but I had no idea that he had so much in common with his team mate Cristiano!

    That girl looks so trashy.. I wouldn't spend $2/hour on her let alone $2000! These men need to realize that one night of bliss will cost them their entire future, I sincerely hope that Benzema does not get convicted of this (and more importantly that it is not true) because not only was his first year at Madrid awful, but he might even get kicked to the benches this year because of his poor performance.

  7. Eli aka NC says:

    I hadn't noticed Karim was that hot…

  8. caitanya says:

    I am not shocked that these two men–football status aside–paid for sex. What disgusts me is the "quality" (or should i say, "lack of" quality) of the prostitute that they paid for? EW. She is really skanky and her energy just reeks of dirty whore. Then again, some guys get off on that. What can we say except these guys really made a very stupid mistake.

    On a totally different note, though, I have decided that i like the shape of benzema's nose. And ribery, of course, is truly ugly and all the money in the world could not convince me to touch him, even if my life depended on it. He looks like he could play the role of quasimodo of The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Poor Frank lol What a fate to be so unattractive! At least he's a rich footballer and could feasibly get any woman he wanted, with or without money. He has really buried himself deep in trouble, that's for sure!

  9. SuperM says:

    I’m torn on what to think about this. First, I’m not a huge fan of the French, having been to France, but…based just on this article, it seems like a sad situation, but if the girl lied or mislead anybody, what more could they do? (Seriously, I’m American, I don’t understand this legal prostitution stuff). Also, I will not make fun of Ribery for his face being busted up, which isn’t his fault. However, there is no excuse for not getting those teeth fixed. Eww. Finally, as a few people have pointed out their supposed religious nature, people are only human, and will make mistakes.

  10. Inés says:

    First, she was just doing her job, which makes her really brave, coz sleeping with men like Rivery when you're just 16 must be a living hell!

    please, don't take Benzema to prison! :( though he's a bad boy (rawrrrr).

    I envy her, coz she could sleep with him!

    • Nina L says:

      …*cricket sounds*…

    • xxxo says:

      Benzema is the hottest thing ever hit the football ground and SO RAWRRRR. I feel of course that it doesnt mae sense on any level at all to envy that girl, but…youre right about the one thing!!

  11. Violets says:

    Underage or not, the fact that these men are paying women to sleep with them is disgusting. Yet another case of too much money, too little brains.

  12. Nina L says:

    Seriously, if Ribery was shorter, chubbier and had a hunchback he'd look like one of those characters in those wizard movies…he's soooo uglyyyyy…i mean, woooow…

    • Laurie says:

      In Germany we like to call him Frankenstein which is quite original since he is "Frank" from "Frankreich" :D But sometimes we like to refer to him as the hunchback of Notre Dame…

  13. Lisa says:

    All of this would be hilariously funny, if it wasn’t for the sad sobering fact there are children involved and I’m not talking about that skank who claims she is “mature for her age”.

    Like the John Terry affair, a whole family has been torn apart because of selfishness both on part of the man and the skank he slept with. As with Toni Terry, I think Ribery’s wife will stay with him because he is rich and she doesn’t have the will to go it alone. Sad but true.

    It would probably be best for the kids if the parents stayed together but if I were Ribery’s wife, I would never be able to trust him again. A PROSTITUTE?!! at least with Terry, he went for a woman he and Toni knew.

    Good god it is stories like these that remind me that footballers are not the perfect angels we want them to be. Hell, even ones married with kids are capable of extreme levels of skankocity. My biggest worry is, what about the single attractive ones? is this just the tip of the iceberg?

    • Missy Manchester says:

      Cheating is a life and death situation these days. It is not just a matter of betrayal. It's the health factor too. The cheater is making a decision that exposes their unsuspecting partner to diseases and potentially…death. Anybody who is willing to do that to their supposed "loved one"…needs to be kicked to the curb.

    • mamaly says:

      JT had an affair with Vanessa, a woman Tony thought was her friend, that would really hurt.
      The sex with the prostitute is a buiness deal.

  14. LaNovena says:

    benzema has denied it. Even his ex-gf wants to give him an alibi upon oath

  15. Sam says:

    I f***** hate ribery and Evra, now i will not have the chance to see bb Lashes live in Oslo. my holiday is totally broken.:(

    to the case: Ribery is soo ugly that he need to pay for sex. IDIOT! FAEN!

  16. Zinny says:

    To keep it simple: I am disgusted by both parties involved. I frankly could not care less if Ribiery was unable to play anymore. As for the jail aspect, that's up to the courts, I suppose.

  17. AKA says:

    I'm interested to see how this plays out in the French courts. While there's no denying that they are utter creeps of the highest order, two things are in their favor: a) prostitution is legal in France and b) Zahia herself apparently lied to them about her age, according to French sources. What were they supposed to do, demand to see a birth certificate?

    But all that aside…. yeah. They're scum.

    • JulieFromParis says:

      You know how it works, i suppose it is just the same in any country:

      1) They wont be said guilty because Zahia herself said numerous times that she lied about her age, and any judge will admit that she looks 20, or at least 18. It would of course be recognized as a crime if their prosecutors could prove they knew she was under age but it is impossible.

      2) This is just a way to be sure French people are busy with the sex, drug and sport scandals so they wont look at political and eco PBs. But I can ensure you French dont give a f***K about those loosers!

      3) Benzema's ex-girlfriend is to be heard by a judge in a few days because she says she slept with him the night Zahia says he came to her. (which doesn't mean she was not with them but that would be disgusting lol!!)

      • Inés says:

        how much did Benzema pay his ex-girlfriend to say that?

      • Kev says:

        This is really true, but i think we have to factor in the anger of the french people in their shambolic world cup…They might be a bit less sympathetic over these guys..

  18. jen says:

    i'm torn on karim benzema. :(

  19. vivo_barca says:

    ugghh, franck ribery disgusts me and not because hes not the hottest guy in the world, but because of his crappy ways

  20. Sahra...* says:

    I presume no woman would want Ribery, so he has to go scurrying to a 16 year old. *spits* He's a mean, mean, bully and a psychopath.

  21. MadridistaJenn says:

    This is sad on so many levels, but I can't help but wonder what it's like to be a wife in this situation.

    Do you A) Bust the windows out his car (and wallet) and move on (à la Elin

    Nordegren) or

    B) Put on a brave face for your family and/or kids and the public?

    The horror. I cringed a bit when I saw the beach pictures of Ribery kissing his wife and wondering if, in the back of her mind, she thinks about where his mouth has been. On the other hand, I've never been in that position so I'm at a loss for resolution or judgment.

    Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer, but some people don't think about the consequences when they are in the act.

    • Jules says:

      I'd like to believe I'd be a Yvonne Keating, all dignified silence, but I'd probably be an Elin Nordegren. It's bad enough to get cheated on but the publicity would make me a thousand times crazier.

    • Sahra...* says:

      If it was me (Ew) I would drop him faster than if he was a pile of hot coals. BUT, money makes the world go round, and who knows, maybe she’ll stay with him because of the money :(
      So A :)

  22. Claire says:

    Scumbags. I know – they are football players and their personal lives shouldn't concern me, but I can't help it… I'm utterly disgusted by the likes of Ribéry, John Terry, etc…

  23. Zara says:

    i thought Ribery is a religious man.. rr unbelievable.

    • Thea says:

      Well he 'converted' to Islam so he could marry his wife – but obviously does not observe any of the beliefs!

      • Sahra...* says:

        Yeah… and Benzema claims to be a "practising" muslim, which is believable. I mean, look at his name!

        But it's SO disgusting. Things like these make you want to weep. Or, you know, punch their faces in for giving footballers a bad name :)

      • KDJ says:

        now why do we have to bring up religion? a man’s act is not how you perceived a religion. any Muslim, Christianity, Buddhist, Hinduism, Jewish, or any other religion’s man, can make the same mistake!

    • Lisa says:

      ugh I am so ashamed to have my religion associated with scum like this. All terrorist jokes aside, one thing we always defend about Islam is how much we value the sanctity of family. The fact he is a convert makes this behavior more difficult to accept.

      • Thea says:

        I am a non-practising Mulim with a very secular upbringing and both of these people make me feel sick and ashamed!

      • HJ says:

        well, according to my friend, she's seen footage of Ribery in Hajj and others of him repeating words like 'God Willing' and 'Praise God' (in Arabic), so he sounds like a dedicated convert, not just someone who did it to marry his wife. but still, i don't know what went wrong and bridged the gap between that and this prostitute thing.Benzema, however, is NOT a practicing Muslim, i've seen pics of him with girlfriends and drinking wine.

        • SoccerDuckie says:

          Being religious doesn't exclude one from committing immoral acts – pedophile priests anyone? Being religious is no guarantee of a person's moral codes.

          My heart breaks for Ribery's wife… I mean, in situations like this, it's as if it's not enough to find out about your husband's out & out disgusting behavior, but the inevitable public knowledge, which is bound to cause feelings of shame, even though the wife didn't do anything! What does she do now? I hope she'll have the courage and strength to do what's best, whatever it is, coz it ain't gonna be easy…

          And being the buyer that they (allegedly) were, buyer beware…like someone said earlier, the onus is on them to find out. Or maybe they just didn't care.

          • Thea says:

            A lot of Muslims look to their religion the same way most Christians do, i.e. is a church they don't attend, and guidelines you may not always observe. Both men are just immoral and not very honourable that is all.

            • SoccerDuckie says:

              Itawy what they did was immoral (and complete lack of honor esp. for the married man). I guess I could've said it in those words earlier.

              My comment on 'being religious doesn't equate being moral' was a response to HJ's comment wondering what happened in btw Ribery becoming a (seemingly) genuine convert and this debacle. We're aware immoral acts committed by religious people, e.g. the pedo priest ref. It wasn't about the wine-drinking. I have friends of different religions, who'd id their religion as "_____, but only on paper, hehehe…" or they'd say they're a once-a-year Christian during Christmas church or some of them only fast when around their family members, so I'm familiar with not following guidelines stuff. :lol:

              Again my heart goes out to Ribery's wife…poor thing…

        • missseptemba says:

          Where are the pics of Benzema with his girlfriend and drinking wine??? Please put them up!!! Thanks.

  24. Thea says:

    Fergie is MAD to even consider Ribery – he's imoral and a bully

    • Bria says:

      Thankfully Fergie was interested in him in the past before all this happened and not now. Fergie would risk signing a player who had some bust ups within his teams a la Cantona but not someone this deep in shit. I still can't believe how stupid they were by not asking her for her age….now if she had lied when they asked that's another thing but geeezzz….there paying so I think the onus was on them to ask, not for her to tell. Ribery should get a another 2 years added to the potential 3 just for how he treated Lashes (allegedly). You don't mess with Lashes and get away with it!!!

      • Thea says:

        I don't get the impression that he or Karim are mensa members somehow – hence why they are in the mess!!!

  25. Jules says:

    I'm sorry but no matter how ugly you are, when you're a world class footballer, you don't have to pay for sex. The fact that they didn't bother to find out how old she was (yes, she didn't tell them but when you're the one paying for sex, burden of proof is on you) makes them just that bit more stupid. Whatever, they were all mean to our beloved Lashes at the WC anyway, this just proves what fools they are.

    • KRISTINA says:

      AGREE !! It seems that they are very stupid ….

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      When rich famous men pay for sex, I don't think it has much to do with not being able to get it for free. I obviously don't know what their particular reasons are, but things like wanting to perform certain sexual acts that someone you weren't paying might not allow you to do, the appeal of it being a business relationship, less chance of a prostitute falling in love with you and telling your wife/girlfriend, or just that even if it's legal there is still an illicit thrill involved with paying someone for sex – those all seem like probable reasons why these two did what they did.

    • tammyv says:

      Paying for it is a simplier, cleaner approach… it is a business transaction not likely to cause baby momma drama or selling stories to the tabs (for the most part).

      Not paying for it is often why more costly, a la Ashley Cole who still had to pay each of the women after to keep them quiet

      • Lilipop says:

        I share your point of view

        if they pay for sex it is because they want those they sleep with to keep quiet and not come back 9 months later with a surprise

        I still find it stupid that they need to cheat on their wives to feel manly and that they think that money can buy everything!

        And it is particularly hypocritical from Ribery who can be seen praying before each match, …

        • KDJ says:

          “And it is particularly hypocritical from Ribery who can be seen praying before each match”

          i’m sorry, but this comment felt a bit judgmental. even criminal has the rights to pray. doing bad thing doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to pray, right? And that doesn’t mean ppl who prays are not capable of doing bad things.

          I hate how most of the articles covering this “incident” pays extra attention to the fact that Ribery is a Muslim. I was like, “So what?”. They never mention the other 2 football players’ religion, don’t they?

          • Lilipop says:

            I am sorry, I just saw your message right now!
            My comment might be tactless…

            what I meant is that I am a bit shocked when someone claims that he is religious, and has a scandalous behaviour.
            (and it is exactly the same to me if they are CHristian, Jews, Muslims, etc)And I am deeply shocked when I hear about priests being paedophiles. To me they are worst than the other because they have a moral discourse.

            besides, it is not common to pray in public in France. In American series you can often see a character saying he will pray for someone or an American actor thanking god or an award, it (nearly) never happens in France which explains why, to me, someone praying publicly is supposed to be devout. (I would be shocked as well if he kept crossing himself all the time!)
            And when you are devout you try your best to have a behaviour which complies with your beliefs…

            Anyway, for what I understood religion is also about forgiveness and I guess he deserves it as much as any other!

            and it is unfair to be tougher with him just because he is no Apollo

            so I am sorry if I hurt your feelings!!!

            • Lilipop says:

              for example, I would be as critical if we learnt that Kaka cheated on his wife with a prostitute since he is prone to display his religious beliefs…

              and I read a few days ago that CRonaldo would take care of his love child because he had a Catholic upbriging (or sth like this), it made me smile because if morals mattered so much to him I guess he would not be so eager to sleep with the first woman he meets…

              I don't say that religious people do not make mistake, they are not any better. I just find it more ironic that people who claim to have moral guidelines have such behaviours…

            • KDJ says:

              that’s okay hun.. i wasn’t exactly mad at you. I was mad at the articles that pay extra attention on his religion. for me, it doesn’t have any correlation. somehow i feel like they’re mocking the fact that he’s a ‘rebel’ muslim. we all know how the world often perceived muslim, right?

              thank you for replying to me in such a good manner, tho i kinda jumped at you. i appreciated it :)

              • Lilipop says:

                It's alright,

                I am happy that you saw my answer, I felt the need to explain what I meant and to prove (includind to myself) that I was no biased against Muslim/ islam!

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      I understand the logic of trying to be discreet with prostitutes but… come on! Now-a-days, with cameras in the smallest devices, everyone is a paparazzi and with gossip blogs galore, someone, somewhere is going to find out that someone is poking their poker where it shouldn't be poking. If there is even a rumor of something gone awry, its going to be investigated under a microscope. TMZ (and others like it) is more efficient than the 10 o'clock news.

    • caitanya says:

      Actually, there was a study made on men who pay for sex. It is a whole psychological thing involved. It seems to be a lot more complicated than just “paying someone to be silent.”

      I am not advocating their behaviour, but we should understand that some men are just wired to be this way, for whatever reason. (the study was published in guardian.co.uk)