February 3rd, 2010

The Voronins: A (Belated) But Fond Fashion Farewell

As we’re all aware, Liverpool striker and ponytail-supporter Andriy Voronin was sold to Dynamo Moscow in the recently closed January transfer window.

While Andriy didn’t give us a long list of pitch-side memories, he and his lovely wife Yulia sure gave us a lot to remember from their stay in ole Blighty.

Once (and again) dubbed England’s Worst Dressed WAG, Yulia was last seen in December frolicking and posing for photographers on Miami Beach.

Note: We must give credit – after two babies, Yulia has a bangin’ bod that can definitely still bring all the boys to the yard. But what good is said bangin’ bod when she covers it with polyester and past-season accessories?

Le sigh.

So, let’s all say goodbye to the Voronins with a walk down fashion disaster memory lane. We’re really going to miss ‘em.

The Tracksuit Heard ‘Round the World

This is the one that started it all, Kickettes.

Yulia made her debut in the tabloids wearing this velour leopard-print Dolce & Gabbana monstrosity that she inexplicably paired with a black turtleneck and black peep-toe stilettos. In doing so, she threw her Cricket bag in the ring for the England’s Worst Dressed WAG competition.

Not to be outdone, Andriy equally heinous D&G shell suit let the world know this was a couple that meant bad fashion business.

Double Denim Disasters

Double denim (meaning denim top and denim bottom) hasn’t been in style since, well, ever. But why let that minor detail stop Yulia from finding her fashion happy-place?

Note: we hope you noticed the “cropped” motif she’s also worked into her look? It’s all in the details.

Yulia committed the same fashion felony here while out shopping with her husband and their adorable baby son.

Andriy, also in attendance was seen wearing his favorite shell suit bottoms and a woman’s coat. Don’t tell us it was made for men. We won’t be listening.

Silky Situations

We can give Yulia props for the pretty purple color, but wearing your nightie as a dress is never okay.

Unless you’re Mariah Carey. Or one of the most wagtastic WAGs around. Hmm. We may not have much of a soapbox with this one. Well played, Mrs. V.

Finally, in what could be one of the greatest WAG fashion crimes in history, Yulia seared the image of this silky royal blue track suit complete with rhinestone lettering and sparkly fabric detailing onto our retinas. She paired it with a pair of Louis Vuitton sandals and bag so off they wouldn’t even be stocked by the drop-and-run Oxford Street knock-off sellers. That’s quite an achievement.

So farewell, dear Voronins. We hope Moscow brings you a whole new world of cheap fabrics, expensive fabrics that somehow end up looking cheap, and ill-advised accessories to have fun with. xox

Thx M!

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12 Responses to “The Voronins: A (Belated) But Fond Fashion Farewell”

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  2. Pamela says:

    This must be one of the trashiest couples..

  3. jasmine says:

    look like trash!but you can't help but love them.

  4. Stiliani says:

    What a touching tribute to the worst dressed couple! I for one WILL miss their “style”. It was entertaining. And if you do come across pics of them in Moscow, I hope you’ll post them! :)

  5. aps says:

    T & T…Tacky and Trashy. Farewell.

  6. Erin says:

    I love this couple. I hope we get lots more pics from Russia with love.

  7. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Goodbye, Voronins. You were fun to laugh at while you lasted.

    Hopefully they will not be gone forever, though. I expect someone, somewhere will catch them out and about.

  8. But why must it be farewell, Kickette? Surely Moscow has photographers and stretch fabrics?

  9. Missy Manchester says:

    God Bless Yulia for daring to wear what she wants and remaining blissfully ignorant that the price tag does not come with a "certified fashionable" guarantee. I love the fact that she pairs bubblegum pink toes with satin track suits and dark nails! I also love the fact that her hubby thinks she's awesome, defends her fashion sense and obviously admires her. Kudos to the two of them. May they forever lead a fashion crashin' life!! I will miss them.

    (KICKETTE: You should ask Yulia to host a guest blog post once a month. "Ku Tour Moscow")

  10. Cherry says:

    As a Liverpool supporter I can't say I was ever impressed by on the pitch activity. But I will say that I think he tried his very best and that is all we can ask. I always liked him and hoped he would do well. I'm a lover of long hair and ponytails so no complaints on that. However, the fashion sense of these two is horrendous, but so adorable you just have to smile and love them anyway. I will miss them and wish them all the best of luck.

  11. truly_thata says:

    why not hired a stylish, like C Cole?! Mrs. V fashion problem can be solve by stylish and lots of money to spend.