December 18th, 2007

The Afters: Man U’s Xmas Party Goes Bad

It promised to be a night of hired help, hoochies in mini-dresses and players behaving like, well, players.


And so it was.  We’ve heard a bevvy of Page 3 models were in attendance at the Manchester United Christmas party last night, which went on into the early morning.

“Rooney and Rio spent most of the night on the dance floor – but Ryan Giggs stole the show when he did an Elvis Presley impression. He turned his collar up and started doing a mime to one of his songs – everyone formed a circle around him and started clapping. It was wall-to-wall babes. Some of the girls were absolute knock-outs.“

The team had eaten at the Manchester 235 casino, drank at the pub and headed to a local lapdancing club – but when they arrived and saw photographers there, no one stayed long.  The ballers had also booked the entire Great St. John Street Hotel for the night and were partying with over 100 women – none of which were their wives or girlfriends. A guest was quoted as saying:

“Lots of drink was flowing and there were a lot of the girls there simply trying to bag a footballer for the night. It was all very very sleazy. I’m just glad none of the WAGS were there. They would have been horrified.“

And now for the nasties: Police are now investigating claims by a woman who says she was sexually assaulted at the party.  The police were called out around 4.15 with the reports that a girl had been raped, which is now under inquiry. 

Papers are suggesting that since players were allowed to bring as many guests as they want, the assault may not have involved anyone from Manchester United. 

Link: Police Investigate Manchester United Rape Claim

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69 Responses to “The Afters: Man U’s Xmas Party Goes Bad”

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  2. j says:

    Reading the Daily Mail article made me feel sick. “Well-known name”? Most of the squad are in relationships and some of them have kids. Sir Alex is right to ban these type of parties. Hell, he shouldn’t have allowed this to go ahead in the first place. Footballers, lots of booze and lots of women aren’t a combination you should put together.

  3. lollygirl says:

    And it all ended in tears…with some teenager up to her neck in it because she and a player were in the wrong place at the wrong time. For the record, I also am not in the camp of ‘oh, she had it coming’.

    However, to anyone who has been raped, it must really hurt to see such a situation made light of by the media and police alike when the victim allegedly says to police that she wasn’t sure if it was JE after all.

    Rape victims in this country get a totally raw deal as it is, what with the burden of proof being on the victim, and with the attitude being that we should dress up like Taliban residents when we go out to avoid unwanted attention, but until the girls that line up to get into these parties put a stop to their game, ordinary girls and women do not stand a chance of being taken seriously. I was amazed at the media photos of the girls queueing up to get into the Man U party! As for the employment of a ‘hottie selector’, well words fail me. WTF do these men think they are???

    I'm not saying that just because they are high earners, it is impossible for football players to have dishobourable intentions – but I do know that their very presence in the nightclubs of certain cities provokes really stupid behaviour in certain girls and women who have no thought for their own safety and the consequences of their own actions. The players themselves are no better for letting their king sized egos go into overdrive.  Sir AF (who I think is the best manager in the UK) has every right to lose it at times with these blokes – all that talent, vast sums of money earned and not a brain cell between them!!!

    If you do have an agenda and you want to bag a famous/rich/sportsman/whatever boyfriend, how do you think the WAGs got where they are today?  NOT by queueing up to be let into what can only be described as a meat market situation! Be fair, as fashion-unconscious as those girls can look at times, you never see photos of them in situations like that do you?

    They didn't go round throwing themselves at ballers, that's why – a bit of mystery, a bit of style – Bob's yer uncle and a player's your boyfriend.

  4. Amelie says:

    i’d just like to add one final thing:

    The Daily Mail is evil and is a large percent of what is wrong with the world today. don’t waste your time with that poison.

    thank you and goodnight.

  5. The Fourth Official says:

    Some bloggers are saying that Sir Alex has told Rio that he will never be captain of the team after this.

  6. brandy says:

    Wow. That article is so troubling for so many reasons. I’m sorry, I love you Man U, but I can’t go with the line that “boys will be boys”. What about being MEN? Especially to your wives, girlfriends and children. So troubling.

    PS: going with the spirit of the party: why were there other men there other than the players? Who lets one of the girls bring her boyfriend? So odd.

  7. The Fourth Official says:

    This is from the Daily Mail online this morning, quoting a female party goer, on her reaction to walking past a room where several men were having (consensual) sex with a woman:

    “I was shocked by the idea there had been an orgy at the party. It felt so sleazy.“

    Words (for once) fail me.  confused

  8. Elise says:

    There is so much about all this that’s sad, in every sense of the word.  I think at this point that I’m back to my apparently naive astonishment that this party actually took place.  Reading that line from the article Lisa posted -“No wives and girlfriends were invited but 100 other women attended”- I just still can’t believe it.  At all.  What does this say about any of their relationships?  Honey, I love you but I’m going to this party where the chances of my getting laid by some stranger are pretty high.  See you tomorrow afternoon. ??? I’m certainly no moral example to anyone, but I still find the idea apalling and even given the knowledge that the football lifestlye contributes to this kind of thing being made somehow acceptable, I still just cannot get my mind around it.

  9. lose that girl says:

    There’s an article from the Daily Mail from Jonny Evan’s girlfriend’s perspective:…

    Too many people get hurt when stuff like this happens.

  10. Lisa says:

    I’m probably gunna get banned for posting too much but did you guys read this? They didn’t even have sex he only kissed her and the claim wasn’t even made by the girl but by her crazy dismantled boyfriend? There was a scuffle. my god man u, what the hell you invited girls and their boyfriends too? but you couldn’t invite your own wags? I can’t believe this shit. People think making rape claims are fun, I wish I could punch them, rape is the most serious claim you can’t just throw it around like friggen frisby. Whatever though obviously if they did the standard rape medical exam and got no evidence which is crutial to a rape claim then the bitch is lying. screw her and her stupid boyfriend for taking rape as a joke. and that stupid whore who accused kobe bryant and then they found 3 different sperm dna in the whores knickers. i am really bothered by womens actions nowadays. ttfn

  11. Lisa says:

    I’m bored and restless lol. heres the story from the daily mail:

    Rape-case Man Utd footballer unlikely to face charges

    Manchester United starlet Jonny Evans is set to be cleared of rape despite admitting taking the alleged victim to a hotel room, it emerged last night.

    The 26-year-old claims Evans attacked her at United’s sleazy Christmas party on Monday night.

    But detectives believe there is insufficient evidence to charge the 19-year-old defender, and he is expected to be formally cleared in the New Year.

    A legal source said: “Her story does not stack up. Police are doing a thorough inquiry, but is already clear that no charges will be brought.“

    According to sources close to Evans, who is on police bail, he has admitted that he kissed the accuser in a room at the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester, but says they did not have sex.

    The rape claim is thought to have been made by the woman’s boyfriend after Evans had left and followed a scuffle, apparently between the boyfriend and another United player.

    Detectives are likely to focus on why the alleged attack was reported then rather than immediately it was said to have happened.

    Players’ wives and girlfriends were not invited to the

  12. Lisa says:

    sorry to add on, dressing sexy and flirting is by no means asking for that or deserving of it, but going into a bedroom alone with a stranger is not only asking for it but implying it… the girl should’ve learn one simple word.. NO (if thats what happened). I just don’t see there being any physical force into a bedroom if a bunch of people can see and be witnesses to the crime, jonny can’t be that stupid, and obviously not if her story is inconsistent which we all knew it would be.

  13. kaya says:

    Wow… a lot of angry reponses came after my last post… as well as more details. I know no one cares at this point, but I really want to be clear I was not and am not in the camp of “she had it coming”.
    All I wanted to say is that I *hoped* she was after money (as opposed to actually raped). Not because it’s right, but because honestly I think it’s what these players deserve for having these kinds of parties.
    Lola’s list said it all: it would be a cold day in hell before I let my man go to a party where other girls would be invited but not the SO’s.
    I mean WTF?!?!?!?

  14. Lisa says:

    umm… I read some points on here back and forth arguing. and from a law perspective I will say that depending on where this occurred (i’m guessing in a bedroom) and who was there (i guess just jonny evans), in regards to intent and motive which are needed for the crime to occur if a woman willingly goes into a bedroom alone with a man chances are they both know what is going to happen, if she was forced into a room against her will, that’s one thing, in that case she could have just been partying, but if she and the guy went together they both knew what the purpose is (and a woman who thinks the line “lets go somewhere quieter to talk” is not a innuendo for sex is pretty dumb), and i agree, the media does smear a suspects rep by releasing names without evidence. regardless Man U really needs to get these parties under control for the sake of the clubs rep.

  15. Cate says:

    I agree Amelie. It is all Man U’s fault.

    But seriously, that was also my problem. The quick to judge.

  16. Sarah x says:

    If Shes Making This Up Then Shes Just A Silly Little Girl x
    If She Isnt Then This Is Bad Stuff

  17. ches says:

    According to the Daily Mail, it seems he’s gonna be cleared of all charges due to lack of evidence and inconsistencies in her story…

  18. tammyv says:

    Thanks Robin.. I don’t know if it is brave but it took a long time to be able to say, “this is what happened and it was wrong…“ 

    Because I was with the guy that I was dating and stayed the night, we had gone out and it was easier to..some people told me that I got what I asked for and I knew the score.  I felt that was too, that I should have known better and that it was my fault that I put myself in that position.

    I can understand the imputus to blame someone for getting themselves into the wrong position/place.  I also understand that most rapes are not clear cut, black and white evnets but lots of gray, hardly ever masked madman with a knief hidding in the bushes.

    Not sure what I am getting at here but for the fact that I don’t think anyone asks for it or deserves it.

    Rape is not a punishment, it is a crime.  Saying that she got what she deserved or she was asking for it, means that she being raped is the appropriate punishment for dressing sexy and flirting.

  19. Amelie says:

    Well, we don’t know what happened and it’s unfair to judge anyone involed cause they are all nasty allegations. I was just shocked by the quick-to-judge-the-girl response. Let’s keep open minds.

    I think we can all agree it’s awful and disgusting if she was raped and it’s awful and disgusting if she’s making it up.

    I blame Man United. and the tabloids.

  20. lisa says:

    the lisa above isnt me (am the alex curran hater/ c.ronaldo lover)

    sorry to be a cynic but i reckon she is lying.

    an if she is, then its a horrible thing to be put thru cos i know someone who was falsely accused of rape and it was a dreadful life ruining time

  21. tammyv says:

    to be clearly, I have no idea what happened in that hotel; my comments are much more generalized that this one incident.

  22. Gina says:

    So I’m thinking the Kickette Association should impose a 3-match ban on all things United. Total media blackout as punishment for their knucklehead entertainment choices.

    Two potential exceptions:

    1 – WAG news – they are innocent parties in all this
    2 – Charitable works – shirtless photos don’t count <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  23. robin says:

    Tammy – no one else has said it but I’m sure they’re all thinking it. You are extremely brave. I haven’t been in your situation but I can empathize and I’m very glad you shared your history. If it made only one woman on this board more aware or cautious then thank you for sharing.
    Cate – you’re right. Statistically more women are raped by people that they know then by people they don’t.

  24. tammyv says:

    No woman (or man) ever has rape coming to them; regardless of the circumstances. It is a violent violation of the body and the spirit that is extremely hard to ever fully recover from.

    As much blame as you all are putting and society puts on the victim, she/he is putting a whole lot more on themselves.  The questions of “why did I do this?“ or the “if I had only done that” it would not have happened race through your mind a lot. 

    These girls signed up for a party: fun, sure, sexy fun, naughty fun but CONSENTUAL fun. When it is not her choice, regardles of what she has done in the past, intended to do in the future, it is not ok and she didn’t have it coming.

    Rape is never about sex, it is about control and power.

    Could she be doing it for the money? Of course, yeah but if it was about the money, there are much bigger (read: richer) targets who were acting up as well.  A 19 year old reserve player does not a huge fortune make.

    This is a broader issue of the role of women in society.  There is a conservative party strategist that believes date rape is not rape, it is simply a lovers dispute.  Having the guy that I was dating put a pillow over my face and force himself on me… I tend to disagree with his assesment of the issue

    And trust me, those questions I listed above, I still ask myself years later…

  25. Gal Friday says:

    No means no—that is all there is to say

  26. Robin says:

    Remember the Kennedy cousin who got off a rape charge because the victim was wearing lace underwear from Victorias Secret? Unbelievable. Until the victims have more rights than the perpetrators this will keep happening.
    And knowing someone who was falsely accused (as well as women who were raped), I think anyone who makes a false claim deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  27. J says:

    Maybe the players should have a more family-suitable event next year. And the WAGs (and Sir Alex) need to put their feet down to stuff like this.

  28. Robin says:

    Ok. Time I weighed in.
    First – I don’t walk down dark alleys, I don’t put myself in dangerous situations and I really pay attention to where I am and who I’m with and what I’m drinking. That, however, is me (and I hope every other woman on this board). I am older and more mature and quite possibly more aware than I should be about the bad things that can happen to someone (having had them happen to friends). Should she have been careful at the party? Of course. Should she have not gotten drunk, left her friends, put herself alone in a room (gone off with the guy, etc, etc)? That’s so very, very easy for those of us who weren’t there to say ‘of course’.
    If the rape actually happened, and if she’s not someone who is just crying wolf or looking for compensation then the man (or men) who raped her deserve to be strung up by their dangly bits. No woman and I mean NO woman deserves to be raped. I don’t care if you’re wandering around in a thong and bra, if you say NO the man needs to STOP not later, right at that moment. NO means NO. No woman should feel guilty or that it was her fault. It wasn’t.
    If she is someone who is just looking for fame or a story or whatever then she deserves to be left in a room with woman who have been raped just so she can hear their stories. Trust me, the stories will make your blood curdle.

  29. Bella says:

    I was planning to write Robin’s no means no post. Obviously nothing is proven yet on either side, but if there was a rape (and rape means sex without COMPETENT consent—ie of age and lucid enough to decide—not sex with mixed feelings) there is never ever ever an excuse.

    Whenever the sexy clothes, etc, issue comes up I think to myself, well why can’t I run out and rob Tiffany’s then and get off because the window displays were so beautiful that they were just asking for it!!!?

  30. lose that girl says:

    No doubt there’s plenty of chastised Man Utd players today. I hope their partners gave them hell for being in such a skanky situation. Fergie too! I hope he put them through an extra tough training session today.

    The sad thing is, it will happen again regardless of whatever punishment comes their way.

    As a Man Utd fan, I’m troubled by it, absolutely. But today it was Man Utd…tomorrow it will be another team…another sport. Pro athletes are all the same, and as long as they continue to abuse their position, people will get hurt in the process.

  31. freddiegirl says:

    Too cute to be a rapist?  Please, that’s what I thought of Van Persie until all the **** came down a few summers ago; and this is coming from an Arsenal fan.  Do I think I that he did it?  Don’t know as I don’t know the man.  Do I think he’s capable of it?  Sure.  Are there women who would look for a ‘payoff’?  Sure.  But…I think nothing should be judged til evidence comes out.  I hate these kinds of cases because, like Elise said, it makes it all that more difficult for an actual rape victim to come forward it it is indeed a gal looking for a payout.  Not that this gal isn’t a ‘real’ victim but these are the kinds of cases that are hard to determine what the ‘truth’ is as someone else stated.

    As for stuff to make you vomit; I know a girl who was raped in her teens….she was interrogated by tho police because she happened to be in a mini-dress and heels when this unfortunate event happened.  They questioned her like it was HER fault….for wearing sexy clothes…..?!?!

  32. ches says:

    Yea, the guys put themselves in an avoidable situation. They should have gone with something tame like Chelsea did.

  33. The Fourth Official says:

    Here’s the mix:  millionaire athletes who think they are entitled to whatever, women who want to bag them, women who just want to have fun and aren’t looking for trouble, alcohol, drugs, the media, lawyers, a football club trying to protect its assets, a society that isn’t comfortable with women expressing their sexuality, a society that still blames rape victims, women who are looking for a financial payoff.  Okay, so out of all that, the TRUTH is supposed to emerge.  It’s no wonder that none of us can agree on this.  Let’s all take a deep breath.

  34. Elise says:

    I am pleased to see the last few responses here, which mostly mirror my own thinking.  I popped in last night and read some of the ‘she was stupid and probably deserved it’ posts and was shocked.  Of course there are unscrupulous people out there who will lie for a big payoff, but when you begin to immediately assume that’s the case whenever something like this happens, you’re dealing a death blow for the justice system, and women’s rights, and increasing the chances that real rapes will go unreported from the victim’s fear of being labelled a liar and whore. I left last night without posting because I was quite upset.  I’ve read a lot of things on this board over the past week or so that have hurt my feelings so much or made me so angry that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Granted, they were things of much less import in the grand scheme of things than this one, but I’m always left a bit speechless when people say things with no apparent consideration for the known feelings and opinions of others, something I try very hard not to do, wherever I am.  Perhaps I take things too seriously, and this board- rightly so, and well done Kickette- isn’t particularly about serious, so I decided to pick my battles and just stay away until ‘things’ had moved on.  But today, I’m greatly relieved to see that someone else decided it was worth it to voice a difference of opinion.  Well done.

  35. ches says:

    The player they arrested was Jonny Evans.

    There are quite a few rape cases involving footballers… Ron, Van Persie, Gillespie, etc. If this woman is really making it up, she’s ruining her own reputation, Jonny’s reputation and making it harder for people to believe REAL rape victims.

    But what Brandy said seems quite possible, and I am sorta leaning that way as well.

    Evans looks so cute and innocent, find it really hard to believe he could rape someone. But hey, looks can be deceiving…

    Lucky Ron was at the FIFA World Player ceremony. He’d most probably have been named as the suspect given his recent hooker orgy. LOL.

  36. freddiegirl says:

    I am always shocked when I read threads like these at the tendency for women to blame other women in this scenario.  I don’t care what the women are up for or not….no means no.  Granted, women should realize what they’re up againsnt going to a ‘testerone flats’ party like this but Amelie is right; what if it went wrong and she didn’t want to be part of a chain; how would any of you feel in that situation????

  37. Cate says:

    Just because you’re not dragged into a back alley doesn’t mean it’s not rape.

  38. rei says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo attended the ceremony of FIFA. (There was both Sir Bobby, too.)
    He was lucky.

    They should gather women and stop having a party. A similar thing will happen next year. The image of the club will fall more and more.

  39. freddiegirl says:

    Actually Robin said what I wanted to perfectly…..
    And she’s right; I too, have heard stuff that would make anygirl run to the hills screaming.

  40. brandy says:

    I think it is great that you all are giving her the benefit of the doubt in that she actually said “no” and that she gave him an indication of her non-consent. I know women who have been brutally raped and have heard the details of their story, which is why it angers me when I hear these accusations in the media concerning celebrities. It is always the same story: he says she was consenting, she said she wasn’t, gets a pay out and sells her story and gets her 5 minutes of fame. I can’t really recall one mediatized legit-seeming case that bore any semblance to the “real” rape cases/stories that are close to me. Which is why I said all I did above. It bothers me that these attention seekers are giving themselves the same title of “rape victim”, I think it diminishes the severity of the situation when it really does happen.

    Are these guys assholes for publically organizing a no-WAG, all booze and stripper/hoochie party in a rented out hotel that was closed to all outsiders and forms of communication. Hell yes! (see Lola above – EXACTLY!)

    Does any woman deserve to be raped because of where she is, what she is wearing and any other bad decisions she’s made to get herself in that situation? Hello no!

    But do I believe that there are media attention seekers and pay out seekers who are willing to say anything to get what they want. For sure.

    I guess the investigation will bring to light which situation this really is. Remember, we are all just hypothesizing here on what happened in that hotel. All of us. She may be legit, she may not. I hope the truth comes to light, and if the player(s) are guilty, they should be punished, and equally, if they are innocent, they should be exonerated of all charges.

  41. aja says:

    reading some of these posts, i have to wonder whether some people here ever go anywhere or do anything.  do you cover yourselves from head to foot?  do you never go to parties or night clubs? 

    if what the woman was wearing were the issue, then countries that force women to conceal themselves and stay indoors would have no problems with violence against women.  and yet, that is not the case.  to draw an analogy, recently, a young woman in a middle eastern country who was gang raped was herself sentenced to be whipped.  for being in a car with men with whom she was not related. 

    women have to be responsible for themselves, but so do men. and really, what if this woman was raped, and she turned out to be one of your friends or loved ones? 

    bella, your comment is so true.  if a woman’s necklace is stolen, we don’t say, well, you shouldn’t have been wearing that necklace.  so if a woman is raped, why do we immediately blame her clothing, her choice of entertainment.

    and this is exactly why rape victims so often do not report their attacks.  which also means rape and other crimes against women will continue to be a problem in our society. and even beyond no means no – what if she is too scared, to alone, too intoxicated to say no?  women and their bodies are not just there for the taking.

    i can’t make any judgments about this particular case, but i will say that women need to do a better job of sticking up for each other’s rights.

  42. Lola says:

    Firstly, I have to say that Rio Ferdinand is a fantastic player but he’s always seemed like an idiot off it and the way he is always in the face of the person who has scored is so annoying. I don’t understand why he organised a party and hired these girls as:

    Edwin van der Sar – married with 2 children
    Gary Neville – married
    Patrice Evra – married with a son
    Owen Hargreaves – girlfriend
    Rio Ferdinand – girlfriend and son
    Wes Brown – girlfriend and 2 children
    Cristiano Ronaldo – don’t know
    Anderson – don’t know
    Louis Saha – married with 2 children
    Wayne Rooney – Coleen McLoughlin
    Ryan Giggs – married with 2 children
    Ben Foster – girlfriend
    Park Ji-Sung – don’t know
    Nemanja Vidic – married with a son
    Michael Carrick – married
    Nani – don’t know
    Paul Scholes – married with 3 children
    Gerard Piqu

  43. cheryl bites says:

    *Puts head in hands* Oh, Christ, we all knew this was going to happen, and we didn’t do anything.

  44. Amelie says:

    yeah sure, they’re idiots even for going, they should have known what was on the cards, you can’t cry about it afterwards etc…. of course we can say that but we really should as we just don’t know. what if she was up for sex with one of them, then 3 of his mates come in and demand a turn? horrible i know but this shit happens. and they all think “oh she knows the score” and she’s thinking “this was NOT what i agreed to…“
    what then?

  45. lisa says:


    “skeezers can't be choosers” 

    brandy that line was absolute classic.

  46. lisa says:

    well well, funny thing Cristiano wasn’t there and there still managed to be a rape claim. man u really making bad press.

  47. brandy says:

    I mean, did anyone really believe that THIS party was going to end well?!?!?!

    I vote Rio be scratched from the running of Best Dressed. He has on velour people. VELOUR! That is such a deal breaker!

    As far as the rape goes, I am going to go out on a limb, and I’m sure be crucified by everyone here:
    Honey. Darling. You signed up for this Merry Debauched Christmas party that was advertised as ballers sans WAGs and slutty hoochies (this is where you come in). Were you really expecting to hand out other than full sex?! What? Did you think that it was going to involve pink champers, gentlemanly behaviour and then putting you in a chauffeured limo getting you home safely with virginity still in tact? Puh-leez! You know you wore your shortest and tightest skirt in the dead of a Manchester winter with your double D’s out all over the place not to mention your 6 inch hooker shoes. Own up to it darling. So you got the ugly one instead of the hottie. Skeezers can’t be choosers and you know there was no rape involved, you just want your pay out/5 min of fame. For shame.

    As for the players, my Man U who I love, I’m going to not like you as much for the next few days, then I’ll get over it and try again to get on the guest list for next Christmas’ debauchery!

  48. Cate says:

    Jesus Christ, people. Thank God louisquatorze and Amelie said something, I think I was about to bust a blood vessle.

    So, because she was at a wild party, she shouldn’t be complaining about what was coming to her? Do you even know who she was? Was she even a party goer? And even if she was, I wouldn’t miss my chance to party with ballers. Doesn’t mean I want to have sex with any of them.

    Whether or not she is crying wolf is inconsequential to the point. A rape is not the woman’s fault, no matter where she was or what she was wearing. To say that it was is disgusting and destroys about fifty years of women’s rights work. I know I’m not supposed to make personal attacks but what the hell is wrong with you people?


  49. tammyv says:

    OH MY GOD, NO SOMETHING WENT HORRIBLY WRONG??  Never saw that one coming. 

    What I want to know if that in the US, we knew this was a diaster, if you are a WSG how the F*ck do you allow your man to attend this?  IDIOTS!

  50. tammyv says:

    That is a LOT of shiney… dear god, why are people taking fashions tips from the Lamps

  51. So wait, men aren’t responsible for what they do, and it’s okay to rape someone because they were somewhere with a bad reputation? Great to know…

  52. Robin says:

    Wow – Shocker.

  53. lose that girl says:

    Is this photo from last night’s <ahem> festivities?

    Too right…too shiny.

    The whole evening was a recipe for disaster. I hate to say that I’m not surprised.

  54. Amelie says:

    very predictable. horrible. poor girl.

    are many of the man u team single?

    theres a lot of bad shiny jacket action in that picture.

  55. carly says:

    I’m starting to get really tired of these allegated attacks!!
    Papers: give us new stories!

  56. kaya says:

    Well, I certainly hope it’s just a girl looking for money. Sure the sluts are just dumb for going, but the ultimate fault goes to the party organizers for trying to host this kind of event. I hope they lose their asses.
    What 4th refers to is what I think happened to Kobe Bryant. I certainly didn’t feel bad for him, either. *Both* the boys and the girls know the name of the game these days. I feel all parties deserved to be banished to an impoverished island to find some perspective.
    Who’s the fatty in the middle?
    I like the velvet/lour.

  57. The Fourth Official says:

    It’s possible that the woman who claims “rape” is gunning for a financial settlement to shut up and go away.  Happens.

  58. carly says:

    Lolz – because he was at the FIFA gala in Swizerland, where the greatest players in the world were. ah!

  59. izel says:

    one shot too many, and bamb you i rape.

  60. Gina says:

    I always joke that I like them “tall, dark and stupid” but jeezo pete!

    Anyway, Rio matey, here’s a few things that might help you escape the hairdryer. 

    1. Roo’s bachelor party moved to Dec, as June holiday packages to Fiji are nonrefundable.
    2. Kaka unavailable to lead weekly bible study.
    3. Official national squad function (Manchester Branch) welcoming Fabio Capello.
    4. Wasn’t me; it’s Anton who rocks the velour.

  61. lolz says:

    I’m curious,why wasn’t ronaldo at the bash?

  62. ella says:

    Chances of the allegations turning out to be fake?

  63. Becca says:

    Both Your Comments Were Said Very Well Brandy And So True.
    Everyone Knows When There A Party Where WAGs Or Mobile Phones Aint Allowed Somethings Gonna Happen.
    These Girls Shouldnt Have Gone If They Didnt Know That.
    Gettin 5 Minutes Of Fame Bevcuase of A Rape Claim.. Pathetic.

  64. The Fourth Official says:

    I would have paid a million bucks to see Giggsy do his Elvis thing.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="tongue laugh" style="border:0;" />

    My security thingee is wrong19.  LOL!

    I’m Brandy – I’ll sulk for 24 hours about horrible guy stuff, and then I’ll love them all again.

  65. aja says:

    i tend to agree, amelie.

  66. brandy says:

    Good point Amelie.
    But at what point does it become you folding under peer pressure (i.e. giving in to his demanding mates) and standing up for yourself and what you want? As bad as they are, I seriously doubt they threatened her with any kind of brutality or weapons. They are not that stupid. If there were any threats, I’m sure it was nothing more than “that wouldn’t be cool if you didn’t agree”… She caved and then regretted it the next day. If you are over 18, you are your own responsibility and should be woman enough to say “no” if you don’t want to do something. In this hypothetical situation we are creating, she just didn’t want to be the girl who wasn’t “down” when everyone was there judging her, and the morning after she regrets it. Sorry, but tough titties. Literally!

  67. kickette says:

    C-Ron was at the FIFA awards losing to Kaka… we’ll be posting on that later.

  68. Jordan says:

    Could this really be?

    “The entire first-team squad, apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, had been out around town celebrating their annual Christmas party.“

    Why oh why didn’t Ronaldo attend? I had come to understand that organized hookers were pretty much his thing…

    Guess his child-star girlfriend back in Portugal put her itty-bitty foot down to this one?

  69. c9 says:

    Exactly what we expected. Have to agree with Brandy and Lisa, well said Brandy! wink  I can’t believe anyone wold come out of that party thinking they were special hmmm