July 28th, 2006

the big question

The buzz is on: Victoria Beckham has made her mind up to bring a new baby into the world in 2007 and you know how goal oriented this gal can be. This fills us with a strange celeb-luv sort of ennui.

Yes, we know that 99.9% of their photos are staged, or the paps are called ahead of time and told their exact location and time of arrival.

Yes, we know about the “sham marriage” libel case.

And the affairs, and the brand that is Beckham.

So why do we see these photos and keep hoping/believing it’s for real?

Here at kickette.com, we’re onside with the romance. It’s that whole fake-it-til-you-make-it thing. Rumours are that Victoria is eating, smiling and seems happier than she has in months… Plus, how hard can it be to pretend you want to sleep with your husband when he’s as foine as David?

We’ve got to believe the marriage is for real. It’s the dream, right? Perhaps not three C-sections and living your entire life in front of the camera, but everything else? Hell, yeah. And that’s gotta count for something.

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3 Responses to “the big question”

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  3. uneditedmara says:

    One thing that I have to give credit, they know how to use the media .. PROPERLY. No vagina flashes or throwing over-the-top diva demands.

    If this marriage DOES turn out to be a fakey, hell, I’d take it over the other marriages that are fake but churn out nothing for either partners.