March 29th, 2007

The Bored Files: Tomas Rosicky

It’s a slow news day and everyone is either annoying us or is very unattractive.

For example:

We’ve always been believers in the Deny To Infinity methodology for infidelity, meaning: if you get caught, deny until the day you die.  Deny to the point of actually believing your own denial, thus making it much more authentic.  However, there are certain cases where our strategy may not be successful.

Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky has been cold busted partying with half a dozen prostitutes by his girlfriend, Czech model Radka Kocurova.  Apparently she has seen photographic evidence of this over-populated incident.

We would tell you more about this story, but as we said above: unattractive/annoying. If you want to see what Tomas looks like, Google him, cuz we sure as hell aren’t gonna do it.

Link: Rosicky Girl Hooker Party Rage

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One Response to “The Bored Files: Tomas Rosicky”

  1. ballack's missing hair says:

    tomas over girl-boy CR7 any day.