October 3rd, 2008

The Elite XI: Delish Defenders


We’re nearing the home stretch in the quest to create the ultimate fantasy football team, Kickettes.

This round we’re looking at the back four, the big boys who serve and protect, who muscle, elbow and occasionally groin kick in the name of glory, the thunderous-thighed who like to rough it up. 

As you can imagine, this is definitely one of our fav positions on the pitch.  And interestingly, the number of hot defenders out there to choose from is staggering.  Here are just a few that we love – there are many, many more.  Who do you think deserves a spot in the hottest team in the world? We’re going with a 4-4-2 formation, btw. 

We’ll be announcing the official Elite Eleven in a few weeks.  Happy objectifying!

Link: Sizzling Strikers
Link: Man Candy in the Midfield

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125 Responses to “The Elite XI: Delish Defenders”

  1. I have my own bizarre request that I'm sure no one will agree with, but Philippe Mexes!!! God, I'm obsessed.

  2. MrsCasillas says:

    my one and only Defender: RAMOS
    he is f** sexy *-*

  3. redscarf says:

    mmm Lucas Neill. Definitely Canna, John Terry, Sergio Ramos, Rafa Marquez.

  4. bundesliga says:

    John Terry, most definitely.

  5. truly_thata says:

    Ramos, Metzelder, Canna, and Maldini (Nesta as sub)

  6. Matilda says:

    The Ramos, Canna, Miguel Torres and I'd say Carles Puyol 'cause he makes me laugh but since this is for hotties only I think I won't :D

  7. aristeia says:

    Omg, Nic… Mexes is delish! He's totally in my back 4! That's not a bizarre request at all, sister. Okay, so of course Canna must be there. Okay, I feel horribly guilty w/o any Pool players, but I can't deny my lust for Mexes, Canna, Maldini and Ramos. Okay, I'm editing my request… I can't believe I forgot Bocanegra! Final say: Mexes, Canna, Bocanegra and Daniel Agger. Maldini, Ramos, Zambrotta & Carra for team 2. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY HOT DEFENDERS??? UGH.

  8. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    The Ramos, Metze, Arbeloa and Agger.

  9. Emily (Giggsy's Gal) says:

    My back four: Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra and Wes Brown. If pushed to nominate a non-United alternate, I vote for Marco Cassetti at right back. [cowers in shame in the corner]

  10. jh09 says:

    metzelder, ramos, terry, cannavaro. yaay.

  11. texas says:

    Carlos Bocanegra

  12. alessandra says:

    AnnaB just spoke on my behalf. Rofl. Though I’d also add Agger into my batch.

  13. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    ooh kickette you just made my day by putting a Lucas pic up! My back 4 is obviously Lucas Neill, Maldini, Cannavaro and … actually I'm undecided on the last spot and will get back to you…

  14. louisquatorze says:

    Lilian Thuram. Except he’s retired. But still, Lilian Thuram.

  15. Aianna (Mrs. Jiménez Silva) says:

    Sergio Ramos! And Nemanja Vidic.

  16. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Has to be Vidic… getting hot just thinking about it. Also Rio – that body. I think Evra is cute and if you have ever been lucky enough to see him shirtless they you know why he has my vote, Danny Simpson is cute and for subs I have Gerard Pique (oh why did you leave the EPL?) and Wes as long as he keeps the head shaved. Also as sub I would have Steven Taylor, and JT

  17. QUE VIVA ESPANA says:

    SERGIO RAMOS!!!!!!!!! Agger and Charles Puyol :)

  18. Tres Bien says:

    For sure, for sure, for sure… Left-back: Paolo Maldini Centre-backs: Sandro NESTA and Fabio Cannavaro Right-back: The Ramos

  19. mrscudicini says:

    Defenders are my FAV!!! JT and Carra for sure at centerback (but, oh, Distin…too many!) Cannavararo yum…uh…damn. My brain shut off thinking about JT…

  20. Ivana says:

    Nemanja VIDIC!!! And Paolo of course.

  21. Mrs. Podolski says:

    Great group of hotties exspecially Canna and Maldini.

  22. Stephanie?sBojan says:

    Fabio Cannavaro for the win! Not only is he hot, but majorly talented and he deserves it like none other. He’s basically been petitioning for it by taking many risque pics over the past years! He just wants it sooo bad! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

  23. DC says:

    Cannavaro, Agger, Metze and Nesta.

  24. Beth says:

    ok so The Ramos, Agger, Canna and Miguel Torres….i think! Although Lucas Neil is good looking too. Its such a tough choice, and i haven’t even taken in to account the positions they play!

  25. Anna (Frau Manuel Neuer) says:

    lahm, metze, jt, arne!! and i’m really leaving out people.

  26. Dee13 (mrs m metze) says:

    aaahh finally, my absolute favourite position… loooove the defenders… i’m afraid i love too many to pick just a few…! :) my boy metzelder (duh!), arne friedrich, clemens fritz, jim brennan… :)

  27. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Aaahhh!! There are far too many good defenders to pick from!!!! Okay… I'll say… Metzelder, Fritz, Maldini, and Ramos.

  28. Bobby says:

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  29. Nikki says:

    Dani Agger of cource he’s so hot and great defender also amazing skills and can be used in diff positions and makes great runs runs forward. And carra not that hot but amazing defender an very strong .

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  31. laptop cases says:

    Vidic.  Yep, no surprise there. Nemanja, all the way.

    Other worthies for the centre of defense include Rio Ferdinand (for the body that just won’t quit!), Cannavaro, and Maldini.

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  33. Hmm… tough tough decision – too many hot defenders to choose from. But if it based solely on prettiness:
    Maldini, El Ramos, Metze, Javi Garcia (best in mid but he’s learning to play in central defense)

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  35. DebC says:

    Bocanegra, Ramos, & Carragher. Fine men indeed & great defensive players.

  36. Effie says:

    Cannavaro, Maldini, Nesta.

  37. Robin says:

    It’s got to be 100% Italian, ladies.  Get your minds out of the Premiership.

    Left back: Maldini
    Centre backs: Nesta; Cannavaro
    Right back: Zambrotta (welcome back to Serie A!)

  38. anna says:

    SERGIO RAMOS – CANNAVARO – Carlos Bocanegra – that mean lookin SOB Martin Skrtil

  39. Elise says:

    The Ramos of course as a RB! Canna and Metzelder in the middle and Miguel Torres as LB, or maybe Marcelo

  40. Dom says:

    Maldini is a MUST, he’s in the Hot HOF for a reason! <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" /> Nice pic BTW. Cannavaro, Bocanegra, and Nesta would round it out for me.

    I wondered in general and then I saw this. What is it about Ramos? I don’t *get* it. Is it my age? I just don’t find him attractive *at all*.

  41. Arsenal, my team, has none to speak of so I can’t exactly be biased at this point. But Ruben de la Red and Raul Albiol are definitely two of my faves!

  42. ish says:

    AGGER. Why is he so neglected on Kickette??

  43. hayley says:

    lucas neill for sure
    and the american Bobby Boswell.

  44. yayaya says:



  45. fabioislove says:

    fabio cannavaro belongs on that team for sure!
    he is SO GOOD LOOKING!!

  46. roro says:

    lol even monica bellucci loves FABIO because of his “beauty” according to her. hahah

  47. roro says:

    like cesc in the midfield, FABI CANNAVARO should be here. The man’s face is just perfect.

  48. popo says:

    not only is he amazingly skilled and talented, but he is HOT! he fits the positin perfectly!!

  49. Meredith says:

    Bocanegra, Metzelder, Agger, and probably an Italian.

  50. boo says:

    the ramos, agger, canna, stephen warnock (and skrtel, miguel torres, degen, pique etc.)

  51. suzie says:

    oh it has to be an all italian backline, cos no one does it better than the italians-defending that is.So for me it’s ZAMBROTTA, NESTA, CANNAVARO and MALDINI. I’m feeling faint just typing it.

  52. Jo says:

    Vidic.  Yep, no surprise there. Nemanja, all the way.

    Other worthies for the centre of defense include Rio Ferdinand (for the body that just won’t quit!), Cannavaro, and Maldini.

    Fullbacks: Wes Brown and…sorry, I’ve blanked.  Must go to Italian/German threads to refresh my memory.

  53. Michele says:

    Sergio, Miguel Torres, Canna and Agger

  54. ^^K^^ says:

    I’ve got to say Cannavaro (best ass in the business <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" /> ), Metzelder (such sex appeal!), Ramos (don’t know what it is about him that tells me he’d be an awesome lover :D ) and Nemanja Vidic mmmm :D

  55. phid says:

    Let’s not forget the face, dimples, arms, chest, abs, and thighs of the glorious Carlos Bocanegra

  56. xlxcx says:

    John Terry, I’d defend his balls any day

  57. becksgirl says:

    Cannavaro, NESTA, maldini, metzelder

  58. wyldhoney says:


  59. sens2034 says:

    Oh god, please not Ramos. he has got to be one of the ugliest people in the world and I don’t understand how anyone can think he’s attractive. My vote is for Vidic, Wes Brown, Terry and Carragher.

  60. wtf says:


    And Maldini of course.

  61. Hannelies says:

    The Ramos. That’s the one this team can’t do without! And then we have Canna and Maldini. <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  62. Kelly says:

    Since the Ramos will probably get enough votes from others, I’m going with GERARD PIQUE.

  63. JenFica says:

    THE RAMOS, Vedran Corluka, Steven Taylor, Miguel Veloso.

  64. Irene says:

    FABIO ALL THE WAY!  Oh, and Maldini too, he’s a hottie (and his name is Paolo, so how much better can that get).  Can you tell I have a thing for Italians?!

  65. Rusty says:

    umm…Clemens Fritz? <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

    Daniel Agger too.

    Arne Friedrich, Metze, Maldini, Cannavaro…

    keyword: others51. Hee!

  66. Sofie says:

    Sergio Ramos, Miguel Torres, Canna, Agger

  67. Kahtilyn13 says:

    OMG I agree with the Fourth Official. Vidic should be in the Elite Eleven. He is absolutely gorgeous and a total man!!!! He could tackle me any day! Too bad hes married!

  68. FABIOLOVE says:

    cannavaro is no doubt is the hottest out there <3333</p>

  69. Yayfabio says:

    the ramos def. second

  70. VillaHatTrick says:

    Vidic, absolutely, hands down.

  71. Ali says:

    left-back: Gaël Clichy (so cute) centre-backs: Curtis Davies (isn't well-known, but believe me he's hot) & Gerard Piqué (shouldn't have left Man Utd) right-back: I really can't choose between The Ramos, Cicinho & Dani Alves

  72. joey cole's gir says:

    Sergio Ramos, JT, Cannavaro, Ashley Cole

  73. Bex says:

    vidic and agger all the way and to make up the back 4, danny simpson and evra

  74. janxy says:

    sergio. horsecock. ramos.

  75. Moonie says:

    Sendy, Skrtel, Ricardo Carvalho and Minty (Miguel Torres)

  76. striker says:

    daniel agger!!!

  77. striker says:

    Heath Pearce(!!!!), Carlos Bocanegra, Daniel Agger, Metze Bench: Cannavaro, Miguel Torres, Ramos

  78. Smurfette says:

    The Ramos, Cannavaro, Metzelder, Agger

  79. AnnaBlume says:

    As long as Christoph Metzelder and Fabio Cannavaro are there, I'm fine with your selection.

  80. xx?MiSSz.CasiLLaS?xx says:

    Ramos and cannavaro of course ;D

  81. xXFernandoXx says:

    Nesta, Cannavaro and JT! Even though he isn't that good, i'd put Minty in there as well :)

  82. Becca says:

    JOHN TERRY!!! Agger, and vidic. there my tops.

  83. LynxKitten says:


  84. P says:

    The Ramos, Canna, Agger, Metzelder

  85. katiemarie says:

    Agger and Carragher definitely should be on there

  86. Nina (Mrs Gerrard) says:

    Agger, Maldini (those georgeous eyes), Canna, Lahm

  87. HoneyBee says:

    Stephanie-those pics are to hot!Wow! Fabio Cannavaro,,Massimo Oddo,Alessandro Nesta,Miguel Torres We should also be able to include few substitutes-it would be a shame for some of these hotties to be left out.

  88. The Fourth Official says:

    Whoops, sorry about that first pic being blocked somewhat by a totally necessary but annoying ad.

  89. AJ says:

    I could get on board with Cannavaro. Bocanegra, total hottie. Sylvain Distin is freaking gorgeous. Aussie Lucas Neil is ruggedly hot. But, as I have to pick one for EACH position I have to go Wes Brown RB (boy has he gotten cute and yes, head must be shaved), Vidic CB (a most DEFINITE), Rio CB (his face isn't the cutest but his body is out of this world), and Evra LB(short but gorgeous face and body).

  90. c9 says:

    Canna (solely for the ass), Vidic, Evra (have you seen what's under that shirt???!!!), Rio (what a body)!!! Subs: Wes, Bocanegra & Pique, my cute spanish man :P

  91. Blair says:

    Jamie Carragher, John Terry, Lucas Neill, Daniel Agger

  92. mrs jt ;) says:

    JT JT JT :D

  93. Pau de Silva (aka Sa says:

    Alessandro Nesta,Rafa MÁRQUEZ!! mmmm oh Iker…. John Terry and Corluka =) that wasnt hard…

  94. Pau de Silva (aka Sa says:

    Alessandro Nesta,Rafa M?RQUEZ!! mmmm oh Iker…. John Terry and Corluka =) that wasnt hard…

  95. Laura Dagger says:

    Hmmm a hot defender? Let me think… Gawd this is hard, help me out girls.. Oh erm yeah DANIEL AGGER. The Ramos of course, perhaps Degen and Canna? I may come back to edit..

  96. Pavi (Mrs Metzelder) says:

    Christoph Metzelder, The Ramos, Martin Skrtel, Nemanja Vidic

  97. TammyV says:

    The Romas, Cannavaro, Boca, Steven Taylor (NUFC)

  98. Sarah says:

    Bocanegra, Boswell, Corluka, and I'm gonna throw Gael Clichy in there because I think he's tot adorable.

  99. justlikexabi says:

    hmmm…. 1. Lahm-Agger-skrtel-Arne 2. Stein-Agger-Arne-Lahm.

  100. Elise says:

    JOHN TERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (now there was a non-suprise for you Kickette! lol) I'm good with whoever else you want to put in there. As long as John is there, I'm happy. :)

  101. Kelly says:

    ramos and his karate chop kicks!

  102. LadyLivrpool says:

    Daniel Agger of course!

  103. PutaMadre says:

    Clemens Fritz – yummeeey!

  104. Moury says:


  105. mimi0731 says:

    Cannavaro, Maldini, The Ramos, & Bocanegra

  106. eRe says:

    JT! Maldini * sighs* and Ramos *smirks* . Basta *thumbs up*

  107. Nic says:

    Fabio of course. And hands down Maldini. I have my own bizarre request that I’m sure no one will agree with, but Philippe Mexes!!! God, I’m obsessed. But if not him, then the Ramos. And I’d be willing to give a spot to Lucas Neill… I’d be willing to give him some other things too! :)

  108. SpaceCowgirl says:

    OMFG, Steph! That first pic! *dies*

  109. SpaceCowgirl says:

    Canna, Metze, Agger and I’ll throw in Bobby Boswell just for fun!

  110. Louise says:

    All Italian because no one does hot defenders like them–Cannavaro (#1 always), Nesta, Zambrotta, and Maldini. Wouldn’t mind seeing Paolo Cannavaro in there either.

  111. blue_skyz says:

    Hmm… tough tough decision – too many hot defenders to choose from. But if it based solely on prettiness:
    Maldini, El Ramos, Metze, Javi Garcia (best in mid but he’s learning to play in central defense)
    On the bench: Puyol, Cannavaro, and the Aussie blokes Lucas Neill and Brett Emerton (could play in mid as well).

  112. one_love=cesc_fabregas says:

    1. The Ramos 2. Per Mertesacker 3. Cannavaro 4. Maldini

  113. klyn312 says:

    just as a clarification my back 4: Vidic, Brown, Evra, and I am gonna throw griffin in there just for my weird salt and pepper hair, common boy, guilty pleasure, why not.

  114. klyn312 says:

    FTC- all I have to say is , get outta my head sista!! you read my mind- I was going to say the EXACT same thing about Wes and the shaven head clause!! and for the record, Vida is defo the Capitan of my fantasy team- meow!

  115. Venice says:

    Vedran Corluka. Of course :-D
    And he can play anywhere across the back four so the position is not a problem at all.

  116. Deanna says:

    It goes without saying that I vote for Rio, Vida, Wes and Pat. Also, I think Johnny Evans is damn cute, he’d make a good back up. Gerard Pique, not bad either.

    If forced to pick someone non-United, I’d go for Danny Agger. Love the tattoos! And Maldini has to be in there somewhere too.

  117. Laura Dagger says:

    Hmmm a hot defender? Let me think… Gawd this is hard, help me out girls.. Oh erm yeah DANIEL AGGER. The Ramos of course, perhaps Degen and Canna? I may come back to edit..

  118. Pavi (Mrs Metzelder) says:

    Christoph Metzelder, The Ramos, Martin Skrtel, Nemanja Vidic

  119. TammyV says:

    The Romas, Cannavaro, Boca, Steven Taylor (NUFC)

  120. justlikexabi says:

    9 ladies picked Agger so far yay!! Daniel!!

  121. LoveLamps says:

    JT, THE RAMOS, Cannavaro, Ricardo Carvalho and Vidic on the bench. :)

  122. Erin says:

    Danny Agger for certain! The man is fine fine fine! I also think Jamie Carragher is a super cutie. I hate him, but Cashley Cole is objectively quite hot. Can’t think of a 4th that I really love, but Fabio Aurelio is pretty yummy, so I’ll go with him.

  123. lose that girl says:

    Hmmmm….no pix of the United back four? I say it’s a conspiracy. ;)

    Okay, go ahead …read my mind. I nominate Ferdinand, Vidic, Brown and Evra. Like I had to post it!

    lose that girl blog