August 8th, 2007

The Finest Five: Who Belongs?

Kickette’s Finest Five list has always been a controversial one with our readers.

We take a lot of heat for Becks’ place at the top of the list, even though he is going nowhere else.

We may never recover from being told point blank that one of our favs, Freddie Ljungberg should be taken off the list because he is “old.  and BALD.“ That shook us to our very core, it did.

No one, inclucing ourselves, understands our attraction to the arrogant acid-wash denim wearing Cisse, and our love of Mutu leaves most lukewarm.

A casual question about Cristiano Ronaldo (currently in second place) resulted in a comment section battle royale…

Is it time for an overhaul of the Finest Five list? Who is in your finest five list?

Try not to exhaust yourselves, this can be taxing work.

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114 Responses to “The Finest Five: Who Belongs?”

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  2. Frau Philipp ;D S??? says:

    Yes ! Philipp nr.1 :D Ich liebe Dich ;**

  3. LauraVidicRafael says:

    NEMANJA VIDIC(MAN UTD) shouk definitely be there!!!!!

  4. Salem says:

    fernando torres

  5. Mira says:

    My Top 5 are… 1). Cristiano Ronaldo, 2). Cesc Fabregas , 3). Robin van Persie , 4). Lukas Podolski , 5) Philip Lahm. David Beckham must be missing ‘coz I bored him and I think he’s too old to vote for the finest five…

  6. rvpstar says:

    1. Frank Lampard (Chelsea) 2. Craig Gordon (Sunderland) 3. Robin van Persie (Arsenal) 4. Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal) 5. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) Honourable Mentions: 1. Roque Santa Cruz (Blackburn) 2. Owen Hargreaves (Man Utd) 3. Gareth Bale (Spurs) 4. Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) 5. Fernando Torres (Liverpool) Cristiano Ronaldo is missing because I'm bored of him.

  7. Sky Blue Princess says:

    To just chose 5 hot players would be silly, Most of the Coventry squad [Including our 31 year old captain] are hottays escpecially Danny Fox and Kev Thornton. Also Jamie Carraghers and Steven Gerrard [Hes like god], Theo Walcot, Joe Hart, David Bentley, Lamps, John Terry lets be honest i could be here forever, But the one person who is deffinatly NOT anywehre near hot Is Christiano Ronaldo, Can he not go back to his own country already?!

  8. Freya says:

    Oh God…what a hard decision!? My Finest Five have to be: 1)Fernando Torres-he is just so cute and loveable and he has a great bum! 2)Owen Hargreaves-especially after last nights final…how hot did he look? He should go for the windswept and interesting look more often! 3)Cristiano Ronaldo-another United player who looked fab last night and how cute was he when he cried? I just wanted to give him a big ole hug! 4)Xabi Alonso-what can i say? He always looks beautiful! 5)Iker Casillas-never a bad moment for that guy! So yeah…being brutal that is my finest five although Frank Lampard and Cesc Fabergas came in close 6th and 7th!

  9. Sara says:

    1. Olof Mellberg
    2. Olof Mellberg
    3. Olof Mellberg
    4. Olof Mellberg
    5. Freddie ljungberg

  10. Laura says:

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo – no question
    2. Iker Casillas
    3. Luca Toni
    4. and 5. don’t know and don’t care

  11. brandy says:

    Anna – I TOTALLY have your back on your Ewwww list! I don’t get the attraction factor on those fuglies AT ALL! Come on ladies – this list has NOTHING to do with Footie skills or loyalties! It’s all about face and bod…

    After careful consideration, here is my finalized top 5:

    5. Becks
    4. Manuele Blasi (on the right)
    3. Cristiano Ronaldo
    2.Iker Casillas

    And my all time number 1:
    It makes me SO happy to look at him… yummy!

  12. Robin says:

    I saw an interview with Owen Hargreaves yesterday ManUTV (have I mentioned that I love Sentanta Sports?) and he has quite a German accent going. I wonder what he’ll sound like after living in Manchester!

  13. Jessica says:

    1. Owen Hargreaves
    2. Owen Hargreaves
    3. Owen Hargreaves
    4. Carlos Bocanegra
    5. Cesc Fabregas

  14. Robin says:

    Jamie Redknapp – I know he doesn’t play any more but he’s gorgeous.

    Cate – CHELSKI?????? YOU LIKE CHELSKI???? Bleah. Now MY heart is broken. Least you could have done is choose Fulham as your second.

    Ally – Miguel Angel Moya. Thank you!!!! That’s him. I saw Real Mallorca play (god I love Sentanta Sports) and he was amazing (looking).

    He is DEFINITELY in my top 7.

  15. Chilli says:

    My 5:
    1. David Villa
    2. Fernando Torres
    3. Luis Garcia
    4. Cesc Fabregas
    5. Adrian Gonzalez

  16. Ems says:

    All time hotties:

    Xabi Alonso (forever my number 1)
    Fernando Torres (young but hot)
    Zinedine Zidane (so very sexy)
    Thierry Henry (you will be missed)
    Steven Gerrard (those legs!)

    I just don’t get the Frank Lampard thing.I realy do find him most unattractive.

    More importantly, last year Mr.Alonso took his shirt off after the Spain lost to France in the World Cup. Does anyone know where I can get a photo of that?

  17. Ally says:

    Oh, and in reply to Cate – you will never find a Man U fan who hates Wayne Rooney more than I do. And that hatred has nothing to do with the fact that he’s Scouse. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  18. Ally says:

    Robin – are you thinking of Canizares (Valencia)? There’s also a reserve (not the starting one with the awful corn rows) goalkeeper for Atletico Madrid and the keeper for Mallorca, both of whom are absolutely gorgeous.

    I seriously can’t understand why women find Xabi Alonso attractive. I am fully appreciative of the Spanish national team and their attractive members, but both him and Sergio Ramos aren’t high up on that list at all. Both just hideous men. 

    I love Zidane too, but I wouldn’t think of him as hot!

  19. RedRedWine says:

    How do some people even think of Frank Lampard as hot is beyond me!!! He is nowhere near the hotness of Petr Cech. Even JT looks way better. And Kasey Keller?? Eeewww!!

    My list of hotness personified:

    1. Steven Gerrard (he’s the captain, nuff said)
    2. Kaka (he’s so freaking awesome that i even forgave his team for beating Liverpool in the Champions League final)
    3. Carlo Cudicini (note to Jose: please sell this man to a team who will play him every week. Pretty please!)
    4. Roque Santa Cruz (welcome to the league and into our living rooms)
    5. Owen Hargreaves (hate so see him play for ManYoo, but at least we can actually see him now)

  20. britt says:

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo
    2. Fernando Torres
    3. Alan Smith
    4. Kaka
    5. Fabio Cannavaro

  21. dani says:

    my ugly 5….


  22. pris says:

    my top five:

    1. becks (always.)
    2. roque santa cruz (SERIOUSLY. probably the most naturally gorgeous man ever made.)
    3. cristiano ronaldo (a bit of cockiness does a man good – plus he’s a bloody brilliant player)
    4. carlo cudicini (i’ll say this for frank lampard and the chelsea boys – they’ve got taste; remember that one video?)
    5. kaka (saint kaka. how can you not love him?)

  23. Becca x says:

    Noo Nooo Nooo Brandy!!  Lol

    People Added To My List Now x

    My Finest __ ( Dnoo How Many There Will Be) Are:
    1. Frank Lampard
    2.Daniel De Ridder
    3.Alan Smith
    4.John Terry
    5.Michael Carrick
    6.Steven Gerrard
    7.Chris Eagles
    8.Morten Gamst Pedersen
    9.Michael Owen
    10.Fernando Torres
    11.Joe Hart
    12. Carlo Cudicini

    I Find It Hard To Choose But They Are My Top  
    Consider Them All .. If Not You Are Crazieee!!

    May Add More Soon :p

  24. Charlotte x says:

    I Got A Finest Liost But Theres More Than 5 :p

    1. Alan Smith (Fit!!!!)
    2. Steven Gerrard
    3. Kaka
    4. Fernando Torres
    5. Daniel De Ridder
    6. Cristiano Ronaldo (Did NoOne see Him Playing The Other Day?? His Body :o )
    7. Michael Carrick
    8. Ben Alnwick
    9. Joe Cole
    10. Michael Owen
    11.John Terry
    12. James Milner
    13. Mortem Gamst Pederson
    14. Frank Lampard (Even Tho He Has A BIG Lip!!)

  25. Charlotte says:

    Robin.. Are you Actually Joking?
    Hes Bout 100.. And Zidane.. Omg.. I Cant Believe You And Who Ever Said Jens Lehmann Is Fit Is Really Doing My Head In. Hes Soooo Ugly.. Try Looking At These GoalKeppers x
    -Ben Alnwick
    -Joe Hart

    So If You want Some GoalKeepers.. AtLeast make Them Fit!! Lol x

    Charlotte xx

  26. ches says:

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd)
    2. Morten Gamst Pedersen (Blackburn)
    3. Michael Owen (Newcastle Utd)
    4. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid)
    5. Fernando Torres (Liverpool)


    Alan Smith (Newcastle Utd)
    Jonathan Evans (Man Utd)
    Hidetoshi Nakata (Ex-Japan national – retired)
    Michael Ballack (Chelsea)
    Andriy Shevchenko (Chelsea)

  27. ballack's missi says:

    i fail at HTML.

  28. ballack's missi says:

    anna, you are love.

    [url=&#8220 <a href="http://;“;“<br />
    This[/url] got me all hot and bothered.

  29. Sarah_x says:

    I Really Cant Believe Wht Some Of you Are Saying About The Players;;
    Lampard is No Obese Or He Would Be Able To Play Football..
    Stevie G Clearly Does Have Class..
    Whos Cres If Joe ColeIs Brain Dead, Hes Fit So brains Dont Mater smile

    Theres Too Many Fit Players in The Worldd smile

    Maybee You Should Make It Top 10000 Then We Could Name them All :D

    I Saw Someone Really Fit On The TV Tht Plays For Shefield But I Dont Know His Name raspberry

    Byee Kickettes x

  30. Sarah x says:

    ANNA!!.. Who Do Yo Think You Are?
    Callin JT and Frank Lampard Ugly And I Mean Have You seen Fernando Torres Lately.. CLEARLY NOT!!

  31. Cathy says:

    It’s harder than I thought to pick out the finest five, but it would probably be like this:
    1. Roque Santa Cruz
    2. Kaka
    3. Fernando Torres
    4. Iker Casillas
    5. Daniel de Ridder

  32. Cate says:



    I’ll add my finest five later, but for now I’d like to point out to Miss Man U (Ally) that her golden Wayne Rooney is in fact a scouser and if we (and he) get our way Gabriel Heinze is about to become one too.

    Robin: I am heart-broken. Though I can’t bitch, because if Liverpool should suddenly get relegated, Chelsea would be my Premiership team.

  33. Anna says:

    Oh wow, I’m such a page hog – holy long! Sorry girls. And ugh links – copy and paste, I guess

    How could I possibly forget Bobby Boswell…so gorg.
    And Zidane!

    P.S. Why have I never noticed how hot this Iker dude is before. He is hella hot!

  34. Anna says:

    So many hotties so little time…


    5. Jens Lehmann
    Ballack’s Missing Hair got it right – we need more hot goal keepers and yes, Jens Lehmann may be crazy but he is oh so lovely. I’m not embarrased to say it – ever since WC 2006 it’s been on and poppin’ with that boy. How can you resist that curly hair and those (slightly menacing and neurotic looking) blue eyes. Show the man some love, girls.
    I know it doesn’t count but I don’t think anyone can argue with Jens back in the day

    4. Carlo Cudicini
    Again with the goalkeepers. He’s burning that camera up with all that sexy.

    3. Carlos Bocanegra
    Former MLS hottie until he left for Fulham (Fulham seems to like the Americans). And Julia, I think I hate you – that’s how jealous I am.

    2. Thierry Henry
    My first soccer crush…I will always love you. Even if you are being a bit douchy as of late.

    1. David Beckham
    Exhibit A:

    It might even be time to start a hall of fame of hotties? Beckham is in a league of his own at this point. These other fellas can’t really compete with the brand that is Beckham.

    Honourable mentions:

    Cisse – There is something about this man that I love. I think it was him limping across the stage at the WC final last summer that clinched it. He was LIMPING with a CANE and still looked hot. That deserves recognition, people. Oh yeah, and he has pretty thighs.

    Brian McBride – Was better when he was younger but he’s still hot in my books.

    Freddy Yum-berg – I knew the underwear ads before I knew who he was, I think. Enough said.

    Vidic – the only thing Man U has left.

    Jermaine Jenas – prone to looking a bit jailbait-ish and goofy but still totallly adorable.

    Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie – Who are we kidding, these kids alone can’t make up for the collective loss of hotness points that Arsenal has suffered from the departure of both Freddy and Thierry but these two are still mighty nice to look at.

    Didier Drogba – It’s a love hate thing. I hate his hair. When he has it in braids (or if he would just chop it off already) he is mega-hot. Plus the accent…and that smoldering slightly hateful ‘I’m gotta getcha’ look he gives the other players…so sexy. I wish this ad was longer—

    Ewww at:
    1. Fernando Torres. Please people, he looks like a girl. When is that ever good? Not feeling his vibe at all. He’s playing for my team next season so let’s hope he chops off the mullet-hawk he has going, at least.
    2. Lampard. Nice Thighs, I’ll give him that. But he has hips that Beyonce envies and that just isn’t right.
    3. JT. No, No, NO. As a player I love the man but seriously people…the hair, the eybrows…nothing is working out.
    5. Landon Donovan – Arrogance, an odd premature balding pattern in addition to being like 5’3. That is never a good combo.

    MLS hotties

    Taylor Twellman

    Andrea Lombardo

    Jim Brennan

    Ty Harden – Aside from being a total cutie, did anyone see that just-in-time clearance he made on Sunday? Seriously.

    Nate Jacqua – A bit of an ass, by all accounts. But still cute

    Juan Pablo Angel – Spreading the sexy all over NY and the MLS.

    Santino Quaranta –

  35. Crar says:

    If I take off my LIVERPOOL!TEAM glasses and just do this on looks, no attitude, personality, whispers of numerous STDs and romps with porn stars, my top 5 would be:

    1. Roque Santa Cruz
    2. Kaka
    3. Adrian Mutu (I 100% agree on his choice he is gorgeous)
    4. Sheva
    5. Nuno Gomes

  36. Abby says:

    XABI ALONSO. the prettiest thing to ever walk the earth (:

  37. Sarah_x says:

    Heyy x

    My Finest 5;;
    John Terry
    Frank Lampard
    Michael Carrick
    Joe Cole
    Alan Smith

    But Daniel De Ridder Is Fitt Too <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />
    Love Them 6 Soo Much <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />

  38. Charlotte x says:

    Im Sure they would put some goalkeepers but thinkomgjens lehmann is fit is an embaressment..

  39. Tammyv says:

    I was not a huge Sheva’s a hottie until I saw him in person in LA during their tour, now I am converted

  40. Ally says:

    Ooh and I agree with Michaela – Jose Mourinho is really, really hot, in his arrogant, designer suits sort of way. Andriy Shevchenko is also adorable. As is Nemanja Vidic.

  41. ballack's missi says:

    i hereby nominate jens lehmann and will immediately go all-cantona on anyone who commits the sacrilege of thinking otherwise.

    won’t kickette please think of the hot goalkeepers?

  42. tammyv says:


    She tried to hit it with Lamps too, he both turned her down and mocked her

  43. tammyv says:

    My NOT List:

    1.) Stevie G – He makes me want to hurt something. I see no appeal in him for anything ever.

    2.) Christino Ronaldo – he is plastic prettier then me

    3.)  Kaka – he is pretty but he looks 12 and that just seems creepy


    1.) Petr Cech – by far the HOTTEST Goalkeeper probably ever to play the game.

    2.)  Jose – I am totally down with Jose on the list and hittin’ it

    3.) Jamie Carragher – the only Liverpool player I love

    4.) Alan Smith – He got a whole lot sexier when he put on the Newcastle Kit

    5.) Iker – Becks needs his hot friends with him, because god knows Gary Neville is not getting the job done

  44. Alicia says:

    Let’s not even deny it. Cristiano still deserves to be #1 – sure, he has his offdays, but there’s something still incredibly sexy about that body and his fantastic smile. (Thank God he got those braces done.)

    All in all:

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo
    2. Fernando Torres
    3. Nemanja Vidic (super long eyelashes, clear periwinkle eyes – what more do you need?)
    4. Theo Walcott (jailbait, but who cares? lots of talent, too!!)
    5. Lucas Podolski (the man Paris Hilton wanted to date – he turned her down, the smart one.)

  45. Ally says:

    Everything is wrong with being Scouse when you’re a Manchester United fan. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

    And really though, not a single one of the English boys – bar Becks and Owen – does it for me. Lampard is obese. $tevie G has no class, and is Scouse. Joe Cole looks brain dead. Wayne Rooney = Shrek.

    Xabi Alonso also looks like someone punched him in the nose WAY too many times. Just not cute at all.

    Not trying to be bitter or mean, just my opinion. I’m okay with whatever Kickette chooses as long as Cristiano is still there! He’s not just amazingly hot, he is an amazing player. Surely that counts for bonus!

  46. Michaela says:


    And can we stick to guys that don’t have kids?

    Wait, does Jose Mourinho have kids? I know he technically is just the coach but I’d let him hit.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

    Cristiano takes up 1-5 for me though. He’s actually the reason I started watching football in the first place. That’s sad but hey, now I really love the sport.

    But if I had to choose other guys, I’d pick:
    Freddie Lumberg
    Theo Walcott (something about him is adorable)

    I can’t think of any more. I’m very picky.

  47. Jen says:

    Kasey Kellar? Brad Friedel? Seriously? If you’re going to pick a bald keeper, it ought to be Pepe Reina, surely.

    But my #1 is Xabi Alonso. He’s so purty. Even with the brutal new haircut.

  48. kickette says:

    LOL, Brandy, we are in love with you.

    We love the ferocity of our Kickettes!

    Iker… yum!

  49. Charlotte says:

    Brandy.. UI Cant Even Believe You Said Alan Smith Was Scrawny!! (Omg What A Word!!) And Gerrard.. Omg.. I Actually Think Your Blind..

  50. brandy says:

    OMG!!! I can’t believe I forgot Iker!!!!
    Forgive me – Iker is sooooo on my list!!!

    Add Gerrard to my NOT list too.

    And who the hell is JT?! If it is John Terry I am going to be upset. He is a big NOT! He is 26 and looks 32…

  51. brandy says:

    Good lord, what some people find attractive BOGGLES my mind!

    How about a little NOT-ness first:
    1. Lamps. If he wasn’t rich he would never have gotten laid beyond high school. He was the cute one all the girls had crushes on until they realised he didn’t turn into a man with puberty. He has googly eyes too. And is a skank (regardless of what people say: what you do in Vegas counts!)
    2. Thierry Henry. Egg shaped head. And he is an @$$.
    3. All the scrawny blond boys: Torres, Alan Smith, etc – I’d kick them out of bed fo’ sho’!

    1. Becks. Um, helloooooo – W spread with the wifey! HOOOOOT!
    2. Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s nothin’ tragic that the start of the Prem and a good dermatologist can’t fix.
    3. Mutu. Beyond HOT!

    Freddie: he has that sometimes hot, sometimes not camera angle thing. I dunno. Tough call.

    Zambrotta? He’s got that hot Italian thing goin’ on, and WOW on the body factor. Thanks D & G for opening my eyes!
    Blasi – also of D & G fame. Never noticed him on the pitch, but my goodness did his side view really catch my attention in the shower scene…

    Yeah, so I’m a little categorical today – deal with it!

  52. Ally says:

    Only five is hard… but I’ll manage. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

    1) Cristiano Ronaldo
    2) Iker Casillas
    3) Paolo Maldini
    4) Fernando Torres
    5) Kaka’

    Owen Hargreaves JUST missed. Just barely. And while Becks is gorgeous, I feel as though he should be a given on your list (though not mine.) Most of the English players don’t do it for me – too fat, too Scouse, etc.

  53. Robin says:

    AUGH – XABI. How could I have forgotten Xabi? Can I just nominate the entire Liverpool squad as one with the captain being at the top of the pyramid?

  54. Robin says:

    Mmmmm – only 5?

    Steven Gerrard – there’s just something about him that makes me swoon. He is just over the top smoochable.

    Becks – totally and completely – he’s a golden boy for sure.

    Carlos Bocanegra – I couldn’t agree more Tammy – he’s just pretty.

    Kasey Keller – if I’m going to choose a bald man it’s either going to be him or Brad Friedel. Americans must just do bald keepers really *really* well.

    God my last choice is really difficult. I think Sheva is tasty but he plays for Chelsea. I think some of the Italians are dreamy but I don’t admire their diving and the same with the Spanish or the Portugese (though Simao is quite cute). I leave my last choice blank for now.

  55. sandra says:

    hello, i agree with both of you and cristiano ronaldo has lost his power.

    but to be honest i’m more for chelsea and liverpool-boys so it isn’t strange that i preform guys like:
    4.Alan Smith(one of my best friends really like alan smith so i can push a little bit for him too)

    there is sooo many hot players and tomorrow i’ve got a new list so…

  56. Tres Bien says:

    I LOVE how we’ve started to get international here!  I can’t believe I missed some of these hotties when I posted earlier and more so I missed fuglies when the Hall of Ugly started.

    Here’s an idea, since someone brought it up… besides the current Top 5, how about the ‘Finest 5 Ever/Hall of Fame?‘  In it, Becks (to be forever enshrined) and Paolo Maldini…

  57. carly says:

    I don’t knooooww
    I can’t do Top5s, I’m sorry.

  58. ballack's missi says:

    bobby boswell is a hot dork. love him, tammyv!

  59. Charlotte x says:

    Heloo x
    You Already Know My number One :p
    1.Alan Smith
    2.Steven Gerrard
    3.Fernando Torres
    5.Daniel De Ridder (Or However ou Speel It <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />)


  60. Robin says:

    I am really glad someone else said Zidane. What can I say, Kasey Keller, Zidane, there’s just something about a strong bald man. They’re using their testosterone other places youknowwhatahmsayin.

    I’m not yet seeing the name of the Spanish GK who made my jaw drop. Argh – I can’t believe I forgot him. He was beyond gorgeous.

  61. TammyV says:

    Oh God, where is Becks? OK, he has to split second with Lamps…DAMN, Lamps will jsut have to deal

  62. TAMMYV says:

    My Top Five:

    1.) JT – seriously not as hot as cute, badboy with a sensative heart of gold thing going on..

    2.) Lamps – Have you seen his thighs?  and the goofy facial expressions and the eyes

    3.) Carlos Bocanegra – America’s Hottest Footballer, period.  God his jsut pretty(

    4a.)  Michael Owen – Does he still play football? Hmm… something to ponder.  But he is pretty to look at though.

    4b.) Kieron Dyer – saw the sex tape. ‘nuff said.

    5.) Bobby Boswell – DC United’s poster boys and Virgina’s entry in the Comso Bacholar of the year.  He did a charity event where he was half-naked and dipped in chocolate. (  Here is his video:

  63. Shannon says:

    no particular order

    Cristiano Rolando
    Alan Smith
    Iker Casilla
    Hernan Crespo
    Gabriel Heinze

  64. Rachel says:

    To be honest, I’ll have several Top 5.

    most good looking players



    3.Iker Casillas

    4.Roque Santa Cruz

    5.Jose Mourinho

    My favorite players

    1. Ryan Giggs

    2. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    3. Zinedine Zidane

    4. Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima

    5. Peter Schmeichel

    Most lovely youngsters

    1. Chris Eagles

    2. Robin van Persie

    3. Theo Walcott

    4. Francesc Fabregas

    5. Lionel Andr

  65. RedGirl says:

    My top five would be:

    Alan Smith (SO HOOOOOT!)
    Luca Toni
    Fernando Torres
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    No particular order

  66. LoveLamps says:

    Wait a minute – I forgot Jose!  LOVE HIM and his hot old manness!!

  67. LoveLamps says:

    Is this a question?

    1 – LAMPS
    2 – LAMPS
    3 – LAMPS
    4 – LAMPS
    5 – LAMPS

    Ok, seriously though, here are my top five:

    1 – LAMPS
    2- MUTU
    3 – Cesc FABREGAS
    4 – Owen HARGREAVES
    5 – Joe COLE

  68. Kate says:

    Ah!  Xabi Alonso is so handsome!  Please post a better picture than the one that’s up on the page!

    Here, I will help! (though it’s an older one, he’s absolutely gorgeous in it)…

  69. Julia says:

    I dated him in college <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  70. Bella says:

    1) OBVIOUSLY still Becks, though after seeing today’s training shots “still” seems a bit impermanent, so I will train that to STARTING with Becks

    2) Can I just say LPFC until I can get those guys a little better organized? Did you ever notice how Gerrard says mmm between words sometimes instead of just pausing? I might be more clear-headed after Saturday.

    3) I liked seeing Bobby Boswell in the first post because I just heard of him today for the very first time and he is cute, hilarious, and seems constantly to be doing things for everyone and everyone—like having a Becks aftermatch party tonight!

    4) Raul

    5) Figo

    I wanted to add the smolderers, since so much else has been covered

  71. April says:

    Oh yaaaaaay! I’m seeing Carlos Bocanegra’s name pop up! Representing the US of A, whoo!

    And Julia, what do you mean by ‘experience’? You lucky gal.

  72. maryb11 says:

    uh Julia?  That whole kissing Carlos Bocanegra thing?  We’re going to need details.  SERIOUS, explicit details.  Thanks.  He is foine.

  73. Louise says:

    You have to have at least one Italian on this list.  Some to choose from, in order:

    1. Fabio Cannavaro
    2. Alessandro Nesta
    3. Gianluca Zambrotta
    4. Massimo Oddo
    5. Luca Toni

    Oh, and if there is a Hall of Fame of some sort, Paolo Maldini belongs in it.

    I also have to echo the Iker love, and perhaps add Sergio Ramos.  The boy has an amazing body.

  74. Lu says:

    1- Joe Cole
    2- Carlo Cudicini
    3- Sheva
    4- Gilardino
    5- JT

    tongue wink

  75. r says:

    Ok, one last one. I cant believe I forgot to include this. Mmm, Iker.…

  76. Rosie says:

    1) Xabi Alonso
    2) Christoph Metzelder
    3) Iker Casillas
    4) Michael Ballack
    5) Kak

  77. r says:

    Oh, I am so happy Iker’s name is being thrown around. I would have his Spanish babies in a heartbeat.……….


    Plus, he loves his Becks alot.………

    Really okay with who’s on the list as long as Becks stays. He’s untouchable, right?

  78. highlifer says:

    Am I the only person who is totally in love with Dimitar Berbatov? He’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

  79. Julia says:

    1. Stevie G.

    2. JT

    3. Joe Cole

    4. Lampard

    5. Carlos Bocanegra… and he’s an amazing kisser too (yes, I know from experience)

  80. Erin says:

    1. Stevie Gerrard – Hot and talented and nothing wrong with Scouse.  I’m married to one, and I’m American!
    2. Xabi Alonso
    3. Fernando Torres
    4. John Arne Riise (For the body alone!)
    5. Becks – always and forever

    I know this appears to be Liverpool bias, but I can’t help it.  The guys are just hot!  Lamps, Ronaldo, Terry et al just do nothing for me.

  81. Tina says:

    you should deff. start the fugly 5.<img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="cool smirk" style="border:0;" />

    1. ronaldinho
    2. tevez
    3. roooooney
    5. peter crouch. :]

  82. brandy says:

    LOL Becca! No, no, not brain dead, just have 20/20 vision! RAWR!!!
    I’m just more into Latin Flair than into Pub Bloke is all <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  83. tammyv says:

    Paulo Ferreira

    Fabio Cannovaro

    Great choices ladies!

  84. Helena says:

    1. Freddie Yum-Berg
    2.Olof Mellberg
    3. Fabio Cannovaro
    4. Becks
    5. Kaka

    Ronaldo for the King of Ugly

  85. Gal Friday says:

    Finest Five?

    1) Becks
    2) Carlos Bocanegra
    3) Stevie G
    4) Shevy
    5) Joe Cole

    And yay, Ole, for being the cutest Super Sub.

  86. DANI says:

    my five are :
    1. stevie g
    2. xabi alonso
    3. jt
    4. fernando torres
    5. robin van persie

  87. Becca x says:

    Brandy…. 1 Question Are Yu Brain Dead?
    Because By Lookin At Your Comment .. You Are!

    My Finest __ ( Dnoo How Many There Will Be) Are:
    1. Frank Lampard
    2.Daniel De Ridder
    3.Alan Smith
    4.John Terry
    5.Michael Carrick
    6.Steven Gerrard
    7.Chris Eagles
    8.Morten Gamst Pedersen
    9.Michael Owen

    I Find It Hard To Choose But They Are My Top 5 + 4 smile
    Consider Them All .. If Not You Are Crazieee!!

  88. Tammyv says:

    My LA Connection – I live here and have season Beckh, err Galaxy tickets (god they are painful to watch without him to focus on)

    While the boys were here for Chelsea v. Beckham week, I want to all the events that I could. The beckham introduction, the open practice for both teams, all of the games.  I have a ton of pics (mainly Becks, JT, Lamps)

    here is the link if you all want to see, a few have been posted here already:

  89. Robin says:

    Brandy – LOL
    I could not agree with you more! There are many who no amounts of rose champagne or Louis Vuitton luggage would make attractive!

  90. Cherry says:

    1. Fernando Torres
    2. Steven Gerrard
    3. Beckham
    4. Michael Owen
    5. Alan Smith

  91. April says:

    My top 5

    1. Fernando Torres (Liverpool/Spain) Current #1 and most likely will get bumped down when I find another hottie. I’m so fickle.
    2. Xabi Alonso (Liverpool/Spain) Ah Xabi. Up here mostly for his hair.
    3. Bobby Convey (Reading FC/USA). I know, I know. Not exactly model hot, but I love him and he will always remain in my top 5. photo shoot
    4. Jonathan Spector (West Ham/USA). I adore him. Interview. Something about him, rawr.
    5. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool/England). I have no idea why I think he’s hot. Really, I don’t.

    Honorable mentions!!!

    Lukas Podolski. (Bayern Munich/Germany)
    Carlos Bocanegra (Fulham/USA)
    Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen/USA) PIC

  92. Michaela says:

    LOL @ Ally. You know EXACTLY what I mean then? And I love when he pouts. That pout. ahh. Daydreaming til I see him on TV the next time.

  93. brandy says:

    Oh, the HALL OF UGLY is unfortunately a LONG one…

    1. YES, Tevez
    2. Rooney
    3. Ronaldinho
    just to keep the ball rolling…

    Yikes Kickettes! Steer clear of all Beer Goggle inducing beverages when in their presence! The Fear Factor is so high on some of them I don’t even think that typical WAG amenities like cars, purses, etc could ease the pain…

  94. Tres Bien says:

    You need to infiltrate the Italian ranks for the Top 5… Luca Toni, Cannavaro, TOTTI.

    Tammyv- I agree with you about Sheva; his hotness exponentially rose in person.  I also didn’t see it before, but Lamps exudes sexiness.  Did you see them at the game or in parts unknown?

    Speaking of which, any quick gabs about Chelsea when they were in LA?

    Top 5:
    1) Becks (just because he is Golden Balls)
    2) Luca Toni
    3) Fabio Cannavaro
    4) Kaka
    5) Totti

    Lamps, Daniel de Ridder (knew there was hotness at Celta de Vigo), Mutu, Iker, Postiga…I really could go on with this.  Ronaldo used to be on this list but he received a dose of ugly earlier this year and I’m not sure he’s recovered yet.  Didn’t look like it during the Shield so he’s still off for now.

    Hall of Ugly (won’t be too mean):
    1) Carlos Tevez
    2) Kahn
    3) ??????

    Feel free to add to that one….

  95. Dannii says:

    1 gerrard
    2 hmmmm…,

    okey, maybe a bit less easy than I thought…

    2…christiano ronaldo
    3 f. torres
    4 becks
    5 and solskj

  96. Charlotte x says:

    I Think Michael Carrick is Fit too =]]
    Haha x

  97. tina says:

    Top 5. (no order)

    1. michael ballack- HE IS ONE OF THE BEST looking lads at chelsea besides Cech, Cole, Sheva & Mourinho :]

    2. lukas podolski

    3. luca toni – plays at bayern munich

    4. daniel de ridder or w/e

    5. cristiano ronaldo.- even thou he is a pretty boy. and a borderline metrosexual

    honorable mentions.

    andriy shevchenko- even his wife is the fugliest woman i have ever seen.
    joe cole- amazing eyes

    you should take david beckham off the list because he is OVERRATED and i cant stand him. raspberry
    cisse- no.
    freddie- noo
    crazy jens- he’s better than oliver kahn, but no NO NO.
    lamps- NOOO.

  98. Jax says:

    Joe Cole, definitely—but the shaved head and occasionally girly squeal on the pitch is making him less desirable.

    Ronaldo is totally fit.

    No to JT, Fat Frank et al.

  99. Robin says:

    Nice watch in that photo – sheesh where has he been all my life?
    And no it’s not Victor. I think the guy I’m thinking of played for a smaller club.

  100. brandy says:

    Robin, that would be Iker Casillas. He is of ULTIMATE hotness:…

    I really hope you are not thinking of Victor Valdez -  he’s really just a poor girl’s Iker.

  101. Jackson says:

    Kicketter, you need to do an Ugliest Top 5 too. And let’s face it, most of it would involved Man United players, to reflect the general tone of that clubs support and soul. Rooney, Gary Neville, Va Der Sar, smacked baboons backsides of faces to a man.

  102. Robin says:

    I must confess to being not unlike footie girl:

    I like Liverpool and Man U (I know I know and no I don’t care) though Liverpool is always number 1 in my heart and I can’t STAND Chelsea (though Jose is rather hot – ah I’m shallow).

    There’s a Spanish GK who made my jaw drop he was so gorgeous and now I can’t remember who he was. Darn.

  103. Charlotte x says:

    What Dya Mean.. The Children??

  104. :):) says:

    Luis Garcia, Luis Garcia, Luis Garcia
    Roque Santa Cruz

  105. ballack's missi says:

    i just can’t go all-cantona on you, charlotte. i have to think of the children, bla bla.

  106. Tea says:

    In no order really…

    -Daniel de Ridder
    -Gianluca Zambrotta
    -Cesc Fabregas
    -Robin Van Persie

  107. Maci Kint says:

    my top 5 (no order): 1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Adrian Mutu 3. Iker Casillas 4. Cesc Fabregas 5. David Silva. for some reason in football blonde guys just don't do it for me, neither Becks nor Freddie. i have to say i really do like David Trezeguet too, but i seem to be the only one, so never mind… ;)

  108. Dee13 (mrs m metze) says:

    i can understand why the finest five are who they are, they just aren't my cup of tea though… 1. Michael Ballack (love him forever) 2. Jim Brennan (cutie, Toronto FC represent!) 3. Robert Pires (loved him for a long time) 4. Carlo Cudicini (hot keeper) 5. Arne Friedrich (something about him…)

  109. Indisa says:


  110. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    1)Fernando Torres 2)David Villa 3)Xabi Alonso 4) David Silva 5)Ikerc Casillas/Cesc Fabregas…i have just realised my Finest Five are all Spanish! :)

  111. Fer_Lahm says:

    1.- philipp lahm 2.- frank lampard 3.- luca toni 4.- iker casillas 5.- cesc fabregas

  112. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbeloa) says: