November 23rd, 2006

the infidelity files: zinedine zidane?

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Oh, the Zizou: he of little hair but of infinite fineness. What has he been getting up to?

Allegations, chit chat and nudge-nudge-wink-winks are flying around cyberspace about Mr. Zidane’s possible relationship with the soul singer Nadiya.

Nope, we’ve never heard of her either.

But she does happen to fall into the super-gorge category, though.

The two apparently got busted by magazine Voici coming out of a Paris apartment within minutes of each other – Z was “in disguise”.

So that’s a little shady. Or perhaps, they just share a manicurist.

We’re on the case & trying to dig up what we can, but getting information on this one isn’t proving easy. The French have some messed up laws about people’s private lives remaining private, so media info has been limited. And guess what? In France, they speak French. We do not. But we’re working on that too.

Nadiya has vehemently denied the allegations, (of course), but many in the bg say there’s no smoke without fire. Talk is, she’s not the first.

Part of Zidane’s charm has been his doting husband/father angle, so if anything comes out further on this it would be a huge, huge story. Imagine if someone like David Beckham was caught out having an affair with … oh, wait a minute.

Link: Zidane, The Pop Star And Rumours
Link: Nadiya’s Official Website

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