October 25th, 2007

The Other Football: Jason Taylor is in Town

Pinky swear, this is the first and last post we do on the ‘other’ football, but we’re sure you will appreciate our taking exception to the rule.

Kickettes in London, did anyone see the sights at Trafalgar Square this week? Apparently, there was an eight metre tall animated replica of the Miami Dolphin player Jason Taylor – just rolling through the city, animatroned, looking fine and rather large. 

We think he looks a bit like Stan Collymore, minus all the crazy.

The NFL is holding a regular season game or some such promotional nonsense at Wembley on Sunday. As we’ve seen from David Beckham’s 8 million miles flown for his country/the Galaxy over the summer, this should be great for the players’ body clocks.

In any case, we’re totally down with the Dolphins, even if they’re like the Bolton Wanderers of the league.

Oh, and by the way, Jason Taylor is a very well loved football player in the States.  How well loved? Well, let’s see… he was once asked to autograph someone’s baby. 

Infants have all the luck.

Link: London Calling

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3 Responses to “The Other Football: Jason Taylor is in Town”

  1. aja says:

    i agree, jason taylor is pretty much the only good thing about the dolphins.  though kickette, didn’t you post about reggie bush before? i mean, becks was in it, but isn’t this technically the 2nd time you’ve posted about american football?

  2. tammyv says:

    Jason Taylor is the only good thing about the dolphins…he is damn pretty

  3. SuzyQ says:

    Yum! I approve, even it I don’t have a clue about American footy smile