June 7th, 2007

The Quote of The Day: Steve McClaren


“You can see it. You know it and I know it: he’s immense.“

Steve McClaren speaking about David Beckham’s performance in the England/Estonia European qualifier on Wednesday eve.

Let us add to this quote by saying, “Mr. McClaren, you know it and we know it: you’re shite. If you ever drop our boy Becks from any team ever again we’ll put a stiletto in your ignorant bad managing behind.“

Oh, and let us reiterate a few choice words, Kickettes: hot vindicated jungle booty.  And, “he’s immense.“ 

Victoria you lucky beeyatch.

Link: Beckham Brilliant For England

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4 Responses to “The Quote of The Day: Steve McClaren”

  1. Jenna says:

    Can you stiletto Macca anyway? Pretty please?

    (And I heard about the Kieran Richardson/Kelly Rowland thing too. Supposedly they have been going out for a couple of months since meeting backstage at one of her shows. Someone posted it on Oh No They Didn’t quoting Vibe Confidential.)

  2. Shuggo Scott says:

    Hiya, what i have to say has nothing to do with this topic but i thought i would let you no that apparently theres a new WAG.

    Apparently Kelly Rowland is going out with Kieran Richardson, does anyone no if this is true?

  3. Cate says:

    McClaren’s a dumb shit. The FA needs to fucking drop him and find a manager that knows what he’s doing. England isn’t going to qualify for Euro 2008, and I hope that’s a big fucking wake-up call that England, so called “Football King” needs to take its head out of its ass and shape up or the ITALIANS are going to be the ones calling the shots in the Footballing world. And seeing what’s happening in Italy, we don’t want that.

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