August 22nd, 2007

Elen Rives: The Ring Returns

image: xposure


After six weeks of exile, Elen Rives’ engagement ring has clawed its way back onto her hand and into our jealous hearts.

It would seem all has been forgotten (or begged /pleaded /mortgaged), and Elen and Frank Lampard are back on course to get married next year.

Thank God for small mercies; Elen can resume shopping in peace, with the personal safety and security a rock the size of jupiter can bring.

Your thoughts on the matter, Kickettes?  Would you take him back after everything that has happened?  Would the love of country house, cash, babies and the Lamps make it impossible to go? 

You know where we stand on the matter… don’t let the door hit you on the way out, dahlink.

Link: Rings Are Looking Up

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25 Responses to “Elen Rives: The Ring Returns”

  1. Lozza says:

    has anyone else noticed that all this started while Frank was having contract problems

    maybe elen spread this story so if he couldnt get a good contract she had a good way of dumpin him

    hmmm. its adding up lol

  2. Tres Bien says:

    She was a waitress at Chinawhite?  Haha, I was wondering where she worked at prior to the cushy life. 

    We all knew she wasn’t leaving him.  Where was she going to go- back to Barca?  Right.

  3. Danika says:

    Somebody said that she worked before and that she can do it again.I don’t think that she would want to go back to work as a waitress at Chinawhite after she was a client their….and she is Spanish and so I don’t thing that a judge will give 2 little British girl to her.She didn’t need to think to much, but she wanted to give him a lesson(after all if he didn’t dump her after the Jordanin episod he wouldn’t leave after this)She wanted to have all the carts.

  4. Sarah says:

    Just reading the headline and glancing at the photo, I totally thought that was a Lord of The Rings reference based on Elen’s resemblance to Gollum.

  5. tammyv says:

    Lets be honest, if they broke-up, he would still be those girls’ father and would still make sure that they (and she) were provided for in proper fashion.

  6. carly says:

    Let’s not overreact here, ladies…
    Okay, so she hasn’t got the money if she dumps him but she’s still a person, for God’s sake. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if she moved on. She is a beautiful woman, she is a mother, she has two lovely daughters, she has apparently worked before so she could earn a living and she’s also been married before…
    Money and clothes aren’t everything in the world, you know. I wouldn’t trade my self-esteem and my pride for that!

  7. Becca x says:

    CJ – I Agree With You,, She Looks Alot Better In THis Picture.
    LoveLamps – I Was Hoping This Would Be The End Of There Relationship.. But I Didnt Think It Qould Be Because Of The Two Kids..

    There Was No Doubt In My Mind That She Wouldnt Take Him Back. He Is All She Has. Without Him Who Is She??

  8. Cate says:

    Money and clothes aren’t everything in the world, you know. I wouldn’t trade my self-esteem and my pride for that!

    Exactly! And I was hoping she’d make that desicion. Apparently not.

  9. Becca x says:

    Well I Never Had Doubt In My Mind That Everything Would Get Back To Normal Soon… I Mean its Not Just About Elen And Frank.. They Have Kids To Think About Too.

  10. Tammyv says:

    England/UK does not have legally recoginzed common law marriages.  Don’tr ask why I had to know this… (*bad memories*)

    However, it was a standard requirement that the couple present themselves to the world as husband/wife. He does not ever claim to be married (without the paperwork).  He is always clear to say “my girlfriend, Elen,“ even including his latest blog about the Germany v. England match.

  11. Robin says:

    I just remembered that Sven Goran Erickson is paying money to that Italian lady he dated for years since they broke up. Maybe in England ‘common law wife’ laws apply more than they do in the states.

  12. Gal Friday says:

    So have there ever been “palimony” cases in UK as there are in US? Because then she could dump the chump AND keep half the cash. That’s my vote, anyway.

  13. CJ says:

    she actually looks okay in this picture, usually she’s over made-up and looks like a plastic, stretched out barbie doll…not a very flattering look for any woman, WAG or not.

    and of course she was going to take him back, as long as the money keeps on coming in lamps can get away with cheating time and time again, so pathetic.

  14. tammyv says:

    I have to say that Elen looks really pretty there.  Nothing over the top and tacky, just very well put-together casual look.

    As for forgiven, I am guessing his two tarts = her forgetten husband.  Ahh, baller’s it luv’rly

  15. Robin says:

    Was there ever any doubt she’d take him back? Without him she’s just another single woman with 2 small children. She has no skills, no money of her own, I’d be surprised if she could hold a job. Given that, did anyone really think she wouldn’t take him back? As long as he isn’t caught with a sheep I’m assuming all will always forgiven.

  16. Anna says:

    Anyone know what their pre-nup is like?

  17. Cate says:

    Oh, I didn’t want Frank. I wanted her to be a strong woman and dump the cheating bastard.

    Of course, I was being a bit delusional.

  18. Robin says:

    What would she do without him? Plus what are the custody laws in England like? I mean if she walks what does she do? Where does she go? She’s nothing without him (ok nothing is harsh but you know what I mean – she ain’t leaving and starting a company or becoming a CEO or something) plus she seems to like that taste of fame she got. And actually by not wearing her ring she was pretty much guaranteed to be in the papers wasn’t she?

  19. LoveLamps says:

    Cate, I feel your pain.  I too was hoping beyond hope that this was the beginning of the end.  I can be a great step-mum to those two darling babies!

  20. Cate says:

    I’m disappointed.

    Laugh if you will, but I was holding out hope.

  21. uneditedmara says:

    And the Oscar goes to .. Elen Rives.

    Was there ever a doubt that she’d take him back? Come on, people. This was her chance to get rid of that pond scum. The whole world knows of his Sin City comings and goings. No woman could turn their head away from that .. ‘cept with the promise of a cash-filled pool.

  22. Carolina says:

    Well…it’s good to know they are back on track. But, I was thinking… what happened? what did Lampard do to win his keys back? raspberry
    Anyway, good luck for them and she’s looking really nice without much make-up

  23. carly says:

    I’m still wondering about the no-ring/situation – was she actually not wearing it because she was mad at him and now she’s not so much?
    Why would you tell the world how your relationship with your fianc

  24. Sarah;; says:

    Elens Goin To Be Giving Frank Like A Million ‘Last Chances’, We All Knew She Would Take Him Back Because Without Him,, She Is Nothing! Frank Can Get Away With Anything,, She Wants Money And As Long As Shes With Frank, Its Gonna Keep Comin!
    I Agree,, This Is A Better Look For Elen Than What She Usually Looks Like x