December 7th, 2006

The Shit List: Lookalikes

We hate the Beckham’s lookalikes with a passion one can only describe as passionate.

Link: David Beckham Irked To Be Cleaning

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5 Responses to “The Shit List: Lookalikes”

  1. dissertation says:

    Why Beckham twins need? They do not have their personal lives? One gets the impression only true

  2. y11 says:

    I really do not truly have much to say in response

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  4. friv2friv4 says:

    like to picture!
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  5. Tyra says:

    These people are by far the most HILARIOUS souls on the planet. To reach to a point in life where you stop looking for a job (and one’s OWN life) and become someone’s lookalike to the point of you actually believing that/acting like your doing a good job, it’s just…PRICELESS!
    Pathetic has found a new meaning (and form).