September 13th, 2007

The Thursday Random: Links

Random C-Ron statements:  He says he’s a gentleman.  He says he will be singing on his sister’s album.  Oh, and he thinks Angelina Jolie is hot.

Jens fans, we know you’re out there.  Weigh in please: is he really this unpopular?

We buy it in bulk every year, it’s our family tradition.  The Beckham calendar shots are out.  Cute, but… do they seem a little porn-y to you?

Speaking of, a case is presented for the benefits of the Italian league’s recent decision to allow a porn channel to broadcast Fiorentina’s first round UEFA cup match.  No, seriously. This is a good thing, apparently.

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images: splash and onyd

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14 Responses to “The Thursday Random: Links”

  1. ahmet says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  2. Michaela says:

    For Alex to have married so much money, you’d think she’d atleast hire a stylist.


  3. Michaela says:


    I’d been gone for awhile and hadn’t seen your posting…sorry for that email then!


  4. ballack's missing hair says:

    becca, that can be explained by the link in tammyv’s post. wink

  5. Becca x says:

    What Do You Mean about Say Hi To Lamps? I Dont Understand.. Some Please Explain raspberry

  6. Robin says:

    I am SO over skinny jeans.

  7. ballack's missing hair says:

    it sounds like a bit of international wires crossed. i’m betting he was trying for some humor that got lost in translation. also, criticizing the press? QUE HORROR! is that, like, an eighth sin or something?

    ‘course, he could lessen the machismo a bit. but seriously? if i read in the daily papers how i was ‘dropped’ and how my skills are deteriorating, i’d be pretty pissy, too.

    media are brickbats.

    and somebody say hi to lamps…

  8. tammyv says:

    Seriously, this is always the first thing that I think of when I see Jens or hear his name.  God it is fantastically bitchy!  It has the feel of a third grade lunchroom!

  9. Anna says:

    Is Lampard serious?: He didn’t say ‘hi’ to me!
    Boo hoo.

  10. Cherry says:

    Am I the only person that realizes that Becks has been wearing those invisible braces? He is getting his teeth straight. Looks much better. Can’t wait to see the end results. Just lovely.

  11. TammyV says:

    The Becks photos are from the same photoshoot as his website.. they are a little icky there too.

    My favorite Jens story, seriously which ones sounds like a bigger brat:,,2002390000-200…

  12. Anna says:

    Jens = sex. Bizarre warm-ups and all. Unpopular? Underrated perhaps.

    Sometimes I wish someone would erase Alex from the world. My attempts to understand her outfits have been futile. However, some are not as bad as others (this one included). The blue jumper in St. Tropez (I think?) was a true classic though.

    And why are those Becks pics reminding me of MJ ads? Am I the only one?

  13. KrIsS says:

    sweet…love you…you are the best :X