March 12th, 2009

The TTO: Massimo Oddo v Michael Rensing


Happy thigh-day everyone.

This week we’re continuing our new team-focused version of the Thursday Thigh Off by heading over to the Bundesliga to examine some worthy competitors from the German market of man muscle. Bayern Munich, hallo there.

Who will emerge victorious, and who will be left alone and shamed with nothing but a pair of under-armour to get them through the cold and lonely nights?  It’s up to you.


Massimo is a 32-year-old right-back just shy of 6 feet tall.  As we’re sure you will recall, Mr. Oddo is very comfortable posing in his skivvies for contractual obligations as often as needs to be. He joined the mighty Bayern on a one-year loan last August and has been flexing up a storm ever since.



Michael is 24-years-old and he holds down the goalkeeper spot for the FCB.  He’s 6’2”, his girlfriend Saskia is an underwear model, he likes to wear lederhosen and get drenched in beer. What more do you need to know?


Who do you think deserves the victory?

imageCongrats to last week’s winner in the Man Utd thigh series, Nemanja Vidic. Well done, you hard, macho piece of manly goodness.  Commiserations to Patrice Evra: you put up a good fight, but your thighs just didn’t have the winning touch. Your abs are splendid, though. Silver lining and all that.

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56 Responses to “The TTO: Massimo Oddo v Michael Rensing”

  1. Meer. says:

    Massimo, those are some fine thighs!

  2. Pavi (Mrs Metzelder) says:

    I'm going for Rensing!

  3. Pavi (Mrs Metzelder) says:

    I’m going for Rensing!

  4. nicki says:

    Going with rensing. I second Dani, mmmm keepers.

  5. Mar102082 says:

    i am going with massimo on this one for sure… his thigh are hot… and oh my that second picture made my thursday….

  6. Dani.Mrs José says:

    i got for Rensing because i have a thing for keepers !

  7. Zatil says:

    Massimo all the way!! Italian thighs rule!! :P

  8. torres4ever says:


  9. torres4ever says:


  10. bocamuffin_NYC says:

    massimo all the way!!!!

  11. Pingu says:


  12. carly says:

    I vote for Rensing. GK should be naked more often.

  13. Eternal Dreamer says:


  14. Eternal Dreamer says:


  15. carly says:

    I vote for Rensing. GK should be naked more often.

  16. justlikexabi says:

    Bayern vs Bayern, I'll go with Rensing :D

  17. Avenath says:

    Ooooooh….Massimo wins this hands down…i know it's supposed to be for thighs, but the first pix of him is so Chris Cornell…yes, i am biased…

  18. ikumiLFC says:

    Rensing for sure <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />))))

  19. Visitor says:

    This is a tough one but I’m going with Rensing.

  20. Rusty, Frau Fritz says:


  21. mirano says:

    of course i vote for rensing!

  22. Meg says:

    My vote definitely goes to Oddo

  23. Jo says:

    My vote goes to Rensing.

  24. The Fourth Official says:

    Massimo. Great thigh. Plus his name is just cool. Congratulations, Vida, you hunk of Serbian granite.

  25. Rebecca says:

    Rensing! I have a request for next week: Casillas! We (or well, maybe I) need more Iker Action around here, you can never get enough of him…

  26. HiL says:

    Oddo! Incredible thighs. I've never noticed it before to be honest! :0 Thanks Kickette for opening my eyes:P (His B&W pic is really good! wow..) Congrats to Vida! gotta love him.

  27. chelseagal_joeycoles says:

    michael rensing atw!!

  28. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    I'm going to be completely arbitrary and go for Massimo. I'm in an Italian mood.

  29. Aianna (Mrs. Jim&eac says:

    Massimo for me!

  30. agent fierce says:

    definitely rensing

  31. bundesliga says:

    I have to go with Massimo.

  32. jt_crazy says:

    no one of them, but I have to chose so I say MASSIMO, it's the age what counts here :P

  33. 'TorresNubianQu says:

    not my cup of tea but if i has to choose it would be the goal keeper and knew vidic would win he is after a fine piece of ass mmmm!!

  34. Mrs Mark Hudson says:

    Michael Rensing hands down!

  35. Moonie says:

    Mmmm definitely 'Eyebrows' – you can't beat goalie thighs :)

  36. Dreamgirl says:

    Gotta be Massimo for me.

  37. Dee13 (mrs m metze) says:

    mmmm i'll take rensing, bitte und danke… ;)

  38. LynxKitten says:


  39. Anna (Frau Manuel Ne says:

    Rensing! Eyebrows ftw!!

  40. Boston Red says:

    Well now. My vote goes to Massimo, but not based on the thighs. Check out the bulge being grabbed by that Sporting player in the second photo! Hello!

  41. LoveLamps says:

    This is a tough one but I'm going with Rensing.

  42. Erin says:

    While I am quite enjoying that bulge grabbing photo for other reasons, on the basis of thighs alone, I'm going to have to go with Rensing.

  43. alessandra says:

    holy shhhhhhhhhhhhhit, this one IS a toughie! rensing is SUCH a cutie. sigh and the underarmour…woo~ *fans self* though i must say massimo’s maximo bulge is luring me to the dark italian stallion side.

  44. mrscudicini says:

    Gonna have to go with Rensing- goalie thighs are my fave…obviously

  45. striker says:

    That is a tough one. I think I’m going to go with Rensing. He looks cute in that white shirt.

  46. Blondie says:


  47. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Massimo, its the bulge that caught my eye in the 2nd pic too!

  48. autumnmaple101 says:


  49. aristeia says:

    Mmmmm Massimo. Definitely. Delicious from head to toe, but in this thigh match I was fair and stared long and… uh, hard… at both pairs of thighs. Still going w/ Massimo.

    Definitely didn’t mind staring at Michael’s thighs though.

  50. Becca says:

    Rensing Deffinatley! :D x

  51. boo says:

    oddo! hands down! he’s a hottie since his days at lazio

  52. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    The goalie for me.

  53. TammyV says:


  54. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    The goalie for me.

  55. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    That’s a mega-hard one! Massimo’s are great but.. I gotta go for my German boy Michael Rensing. Eyebrows gets it.

  56. lose that girl says:

    Massimo!!!! Massive!!

    I’d rather pick Vida again but I realize that’s against the rules.

    lose that girl blog