April 24th, 2007

Freddie Ljungberg: Hottie or Nottie?

Freddie Ljungberg is dealing with some jacked up injury status, but he still was able to haul ass to the Spiderman 3 premiere in London on Monday.

We’re big fans of the Yum-berg, but we fear he is beginning to lose his looks.  Didn’t he used to rock that shaved head with a little more panache, a little less robotic bolt headed serial killer? What is this world coming to?


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25 Responses to “Freddie Ljungberg: Hottie or Nottie?”

  1. J_Bravo says:

    Freddie always kept his ‘serial killer’ looks from the beginning itself. The middle picture alos did please me a lot. I always am a big fan of him. Hope he brings out some better projects in the future. Thanks for sharing this anyway. Keep posting in future also. car seat covers for girls

  2. auto says:

    Am very much concerned in the way you expressed it rather than the issue goin on.

  3. Great list for novice as well as for professionals too

  4. very_dirty_thoughts says:

    raspberry hmmmm, you should at least give some warning before innocent eyes go to that site…
    ahem, um, speechless indeed. LOL
    well at least i know what i will dream of tonight… cool grin

  5. paruresis says:

    nottie! I dont like his cheekbones hehe

  6. kelly says:

    No this is how it goes

    1. Raul
    2. Freddy ljunburg
    3. Becks
    4. cristiano ronaldo
    5. wee shaun malony so cutee x x x x

  7. paris says:



  8. freddiegirl says:

    My fav footballer ever…been a fan since 2002.  Yes, he’s starting to look his age and he looks more bald than ‘shaved-headed’.  But that wonderful smile still works.  Swedish psycho works for me.  Olof….no, Sara….just no.

  9. Becca x says:

    How can yo even say he is ‘Hot’! Bcause He is So Totally Not!!
    HeIs Not Even Anywhere Nea The Top 5!Moe Like The Bottom x
    Becca x

  10. me says:

    henry dosent have the vava voom lyk freddie and cristiano

  11. no_mere_mortal says:

    oh! have you seen the two’s fist fight a few years ago?

  12. Sara says:

    Freddie still rocks in the looks department, although the best looking Swedish footballer me these days is Olof Mellberg. That man is such a hottie…Pictures and gossip on the divine Olof perleese!!!!

  13. Sara says:

    I certainly have seen the infamous Freddie/Olof fight! It was one of the most sexiest moments in football!! <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

    My top 5 who’s hot:

    1. Olof Mellberg
    2. Freddie Yum Berg
    3. Becks
    4. Fabio Cannovaro
    5. Thierry Henry

  14. me says:

    this is how it goes

    1,cristiano ronaldo
    2,ricardo kaka
    3,freddie ljunberg
    4,adrian mutu
    5,cesc fabregas

  15. horsenbuggy says:

    Not hot?  Here’s how it goes:

    1. Becks
    2. Kaka
    3. Freddie

  16. me says:

    hes well fit he has a sexy ass in ck boxers tongue wink

  17. no_mere_mortal says:

    i wouldn’t mind running into him in a dark alley…

  18. sara says:

    ok. i am seriously beginning to wonder about the mental health of some of the ppl on this site! he is so not even slightly hot! omg

  19. nicole says:

    nah…he’s not that hot…what is everyone going on about?

  20. uneditedmara says:

    I would mind Freddie tying me up .. and doing things to me .. :|

  21. Abby says:

    Still hot. I spent a very long time looking at the picture to be sure. Important to do research properly, you see.

  22. kickette says:

    yeah, who are we kidding, Swedish psychotic turns us on.  we know it, the world knows it.

  23. horsenbuggy says:

    Look into those blue blue eyes and you’ll forget every thought of serial killers…  Um, what was I saying?  I think I started writing this comment 45 minutes ago, but got sidetracked by that photo.

  24. Jenna says:

    Nope. Still love him, psychotic Swedish serial killer looks and all.