September 21st, 2006

the WTF files: cinematic beckhams

So apparently, Katie Holmes will be playing Victoria Beckham in an upcoming biopic about David Beckham’s life.

*pause for deep cleansing breaths*

Up until now, we’ve been happily putting our fingers in our ears when stories fly about the Beckhams’ friendship with TomKat, even after David’s very recent tabloid comments that he had a long heart to heart with Tom when he was dropped from the England squad.

We successfully ignored the photos of Victoria shoe shopping with Katie and carrying around a Scientology Indoctrination handbook. But this, we cannot ignore.

One small mercy: Tom Cruise will not be playing the role of David, due to “marked physical differences”.

Link: Holmes to Play Victoria Beckham

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2 Responses to “the WTF files: cinematic beckhams”

  1. casey jo says:

    christian bale could be a good beckham… but no one can compare to the real thing. long live becks!

  2. “Marked physical differences?“  I’ll say.  Even back in the “Top Gun” days, Val Kilmer would have been a much better match for Becks. 

    But who could play him today?  There are not many creatures as glorious as David Beckham.  Actors simply are not tall enough.  But maybe Christian Bale?  Matthew McConnahey..however you spell his name?  Jonathan Cake? (Not exactly pretty enough, but big enough and great body.)