September 5th, 2006

The WTF Files: William Gallas

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One must always welcome and support diva behaviour if not for the entertainment factor, let alone for something to yak about at the water cooler. But William Gallas of Chelsea has taken high maintenance to an entirely new level, and not in a good way.

Gallas has just been sent off to Arsenal as part of a deal that (finally and unsurprisingly) brought Ashley cole to Chelsea, and the club has released a very interesting statement.

Claiming they want to make their supporters “aware of the full facts regarding William Gallas and the lack of respect he showed to the fans, manager and the club,“ the statement details some fairly stank behaviour on Gallas’s part.

Miserable about being at Chelsea, Gallas vowed to score own goals if sent out on the pitch or get himself sent off. Chelsea also claim he refused to play in last season’s FA cup semi-final against Liverpool.

Link: Gallas Accused of Threatening…

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