February 17th, 2012

Thiago Alcántara: Sizzling In Sportswear

Thiago Alcantara in DT Lux

While he still gives us the warm and fuzzies, we would have preferred going the Valdes route with Thiago’s photo shoot. Image via DT Lux.

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14 Responses to “Thiago Alcántara: Sizzling In Sportswear”

  1. FAKE says:

    I love him so much, hes so fucking hot, his eyes <3 I want to marry him

  2. Angela says:

    i have had the biggest crush on him for like a year and i'm a devoted real madrid fan

  3. wonderland says:

    him & his brother rafinha(my future husband, lawl) are gorgeouuuus, good genes are running in their family ;)

  4. Zahara says:

    oh good god

  5. JA7 says:


  6. nayet21 says:

    LOL. I find him really gorgeous, but as a madridista this is not ok, right? =)

  7. Jayy says:

    Oooh he's got that sexy smouldering look hasnt he? ;) rawr!

  8. earidurt says:

    OMG…where has he been all my life? Absolutely gorgeous.
    Now the stalking has commenced….found out he is born on my birthday. :) It's meant to be!!!! Lol……the only challenge I foresee is that he plays for Barca. -_-

  9. Gladys says:

    Three words: STONE. COLD. FOX.

    (Oh, and he's one of those midfielder smarties, too.)

    • Kristina says:

      We love those midfielder smarties don't we? He's acting like he's been given press conferences for 15 years already. I really hope he will be included in the Spanish squad this summer. The more Thiago, the better!

  10. Kristina says:

    Finally! This boy makes me tingle all over. Sparkly eyes and a twist of bad boy. Plus he seems to be a really nice and mature guy on and off the pitch. Thank you for kicking my friday off in such a splendid manner, Kickette! Cheers!