May 12th, 2011

Thursday Thigh-Off 2.0: Sergio Ramos v. Benoit Cheyrou

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TTO footballers thighs

It’s always nice when multi-tasking players like Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) and Benoit Cheyrou (Olympique de Marseille) take hold of the Thursday Thigh-Off responsibilities for us, insisting we’re too pretty and dainty to bother lifting a finger. Very considerate of them.

Of course, with the immense quadly goodness on display today, picking a winner may be harder than attempting a drive by of the Printemps shoe department during your lunch hour. We suggest you pour yourself a drink, take the phone off the hook and get a note pad to make your comparisons.


The Ramos™

Spain national team

Images: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images.

thigh competition La Liga soccer playerLet’s start with the man who only needs one name. He incites your raging hormones at the drop of a red card. We lost count of how many nose jobs he’s had. He’s supposedly a single man now. And his third leg is almost as big as Gerard Pique’s lochness monster.

The Ramos™ is crazy talented, and he’s provided us with many thightastic moments over the years. One has to applaud the gene pool that created a group of muscles that live so harmoniously together in Sergio’s world.  We’re clapping for them now.

We have many fantasies about life altering encounters with our fave ‘ballers, but we’ll know we’ve arrived when we find ourselves alone, in a dark room, standing next to a shirtless Sergio.

Don’t worry, a camera is included in our master plan.



Benoit Cheyrou

Thursday thighs

Images: AP Photo/Claude Paris; Michael Steele/Getty Images.

What do you need to know about Benoit Cheyrou other than you can’t pronounce his name?

A lot, actually.

Besides being a ripe and ready cutie, this midfielder specializes in high-flying, superior flesh and bone arrangement. Hailing from the man muscle market that is France, if his surname sounds familiar it’s because he’s the younger brother of former LFC footballer Bruno Cheyrou. Snaps to their parents for successfully rearing two tightly-flexed and fit Benoit body ballerKickette competitionfootballers.

Benoit doesn’t dabble in the fine art of follicular failures quite like The Ramos™ – which is a plus – but he does cut a fearsome figure in the war on calcium.


Enough with the rambling.  Let’s get to the voting. When you’re ready, tell us who you think takes the title this week.


Congratulations to last week’s (just go with it) winner, Mario Gomez. Maynor, luv, don’t despair. You’ve still got years of thigh goodies to bring to the pitch. Let the sizzling elder statesman have his moment before his knees give out.


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69 Responses to “Thursday Thigh-Off 2.0: Sergio Ramos v. Benoit Cheyrou”

  1. So beautiful posts,all I like,hope to be better then,and enjoy yourself,good luck in your life.Thanks for your ideas to something.

  2. mel says:

    HALLOOOOOOOO Kickette!!!! When will the winner of this tto be announced???

  3. Kayles says:

    Bang tidy Ramos!!!

  4. Jackie Patanio says:

    It's not a contest , Sergio Ramos always wins

  5. essjay says:

    One word. Ramos!
    There's actually no contest here, sorry Kickettes. Ramos ALWAYS wins. He's just amazing. Don't even need to think about it twice….
    ~heads back to photos of his thighs~

  6. Zahara says:

    Sergio Ramos…..but of course

  7. Aggie says:

    More Ramos please. He's like a sexy pony. I wanna feed him sugar cubes.

  8. torontonian.madrista says:

    Sergio Ramos all the waaaayy <3

  9. JA7 says:

    Two words: Sergio Ramos.

  10. chay says:

    wow, really? i never knew this.

  11. MadameGourcuff says:

    sergio wins, no contest

  12. gin_in_teacups says:

    I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. This is like asking if you'd rather have a new handbag from Chloe or from Target. Sergio is incomparable.

  13. Jackie says:

    The Ramos ALWAYS wins it’s not contest.

  14. not matter what type of contest it is, The Ramos will ALWAYS win.

  15. Moonzii says:


  16. S4Jill says:

    Aaah the Ramos, as delicious as usual. I am a little concerned why he now sports a plaster on his ring finger when playing, protecting something????

  17. @DebStimson says:

    Kickette, you missed one of the best thigh pictures of this season.

    Kudos to Unamadrista for this gem:…

  18. Bubbles says:

    speaking of ramos guess who you can expect to be pushing a stroller down madrid in the next couple of months

  19. @vinivia says:

    did sergio really get a nose job???

    • Winnie Mata says:

      he's had either two or three, most likely three.
      the first was when he broke his nose during a Madrid derby
      and then he broke it again after he'd had it fixed,
      and the third time i read he just didn't like the way
      it was sitting after the second one, and so he fixed it.

  20. ErikaP says:

    If a baller is Spanish, done. there is no argument. men from spain are perfection. Look at nando and cescy!!!!

  21. Vic says:

    Sergio, Hands down

  22. Leya_S says:

    Is it weird that I like desperately want to massage Sergio's thighs?

    • Sheck says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA! Need to catch my breath after that hilarious comment! Well, maybe just because you wrote "desperately", otherwise perfectly understandable!

  23. IheartSpain says:

    everyone must stop now and check out the Pique loch ness monster. unbelievable. gasps for air, clutches chest.

  24. Says_who says:

    The sight of Sergio's thighs made my mouth water almost instantly! The Ramos takes this one. However, Benoit Cheyrou is quite the looker.

  25. xoWinnie says:

    Sergio Ramos is just a total win. always.
    bishes just need to move on and stop trying at this point ;)

  26. Jen says:

    I want me some fine French thighs please!!! Although Ramos has some tasty ones, I find that Cheyrou has the whole package tied up quite nicely…….he is HOT!!!

    • chay says:

      jen, i think you and i are the only ones who think this! haha as much as i love spaniards (not including serg, sorry), let's get a frog in the picture! Anyhow, that just means more for you and me: i get cheyrou's left thigh–you can take the right! :-D

  27. @mezz98 says:

    gulp! Sergio. Of course.

  28. azuretash says:

    This was a non-contest from the beginning! Gotta love Sergio.

  29. @vrock112 says:

    I think i stared at my keyboard trying to form a complete sentence…Ramos wins thighs errr i mean hands down! Who am i kidding, i take either! __So glad i saw this at the end of my work day because i probably would still be staring at these pictures :)

  30. kat says:

    Sergio Ramos definately has some awesome thighs…torso, hair, biceps, triceps, face and about everything else so sergio ramos is the obvious winner in this competition!!!!!!



  31. xbabyshakesx says:

    any baller thigh will do for me =]

  32. wellingtonbootz says:


  33. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Is this even a contest? RAMOS

  34. Stefania says:

    Sergio Ramos is so HOT and SEXY!!!!!!!!!

  35. meh says:


  36. Kristine says:

    Sergio Infinity!

  37. RealMadrid fan says:


    • AC_USA says:

      Wow I love Iker but tis from Sara is just a bit to much! I am not a fan of Irina or Ronaldo for that matter, but she could at least be polite and say hi! This is a no no Sara!

    • chay says:

      Honestly, as bitchy as it seems, we don't know what the real dynamics of the situation are. If sara truly dislikes CRon (he is just a person, everyone, and he is definitely bitchy himself), then that's the way it is. I'm sure all of us have disliked someone our boyfriend was friends with.

      I don't know about anyone else, but i know i can't force myself to be something that i'm not. Which it seems in this case for sara, to be someone who likes CRon.

      Now, who knows about her relationship with irina, but probably since she is associated with CRon, sara probably has a hard time with her as well.

      • AC_USA says:

        I completley get what you are saying, I do! But she is a celebrity. That being said she is supposed to be a role model for everyone else. So to see something like this from her, for some reason is not okay with me! Thats just me though ! :)

  38. ikeresmihombre says:

    no contest. Ramos…. drool :)

  39. RealMadrid fan says:

    RAMOS <<<3333

  40. eve says:


  41. Anita says:

    i am not a fan of Sergio, but,man, look at those thighs ;)

  42. AC_USA says:

    Only Zlatan can beat Ramos :) No one else :) Ramos for sure :)

    • Kristine says:

      Zlatan is the only baller who can give Ramos a run,in any category for me

    • Marika says:

      Zlatan is in his own level in every category. But back to this competition – Ramos.

  43. MeSergio&SaraIker says:

    The RAMOS of course!!! ;) )

  44. Chefdi says:

    Gotta love a yummy French guy but oh yeah, it's Sergio for certain … always love a little gasping for air during my day ~ thanks SO much!

  45. Amy says:

    it will never not be sergio ramos. never.