December 17th, 2009

Thursday Thighs: Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry

Barcelona’s Thierry Henry extends the olive branch (and olives) to footy fans in the hopes of moving past the hand-ball incident. November 30, 2009.

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29 Responses to “Thursday Thighs: Thierry Henry”

  1. MALINA says:


  2. hercolanium says:

    I think that Thierry Henry is disgusting for what he did, I’m not Irish but they were the better team and they deserved to win tat match, I wish that France will lose all their matches by an own goal from Thierry Henry’s hand

  3. MEH says:

    IMO Ireland is making way too big a deal out of this, it's football, it happened, get over it.

    It's not like they were going to win the world cup anyway.

  4. Terri says:

    Yeah, as a stupid American, I could care less either way. Frankly, he didn't have to show me his hottentots, but I DO appreciate the gesture.

  5. Sorry Thierry, It's too little, too late.

  6. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Uhhhh. No. Appreciate the view, don’t appreciate the action.

    He’s a brilliant player but he messed up royally. And I don’t think anyone will be over that for a long time.

  7. Kelly says:

    Love you Titi!

  8. Toni says:

    Black olives?

  9. tammyv says:

    So is this his new tactic to avoid those pesky moments when you have to cheat to win? Grabbing on tight to avoid using his hands?

  10. kaya says:

    I used to really like Henry and while he's still a good looking guy (and I will acknowledge his attempt to rehabilitate his image to me… =) ), his handball reaffirmed to me that none of these guys are "heroes" in the end. Not that I ever thought there really were any, but I thought Henry would be "different" if any were… he comes across as thoughtful in the few interviews I've heard him in.

    For me, it's part of the charm of being a USMNT fan… we wouldn't get the benefit of the doubt in these situations, so I can pretend our boys would be beyond reproach.

    Who am I kidding? Any of you who believe your team wouldn't have done the same are deluded. I'm sure I've seen [your favorite team here] cheat their way to victory, too.

    There are always penople who will hate the French no matter what, and people who will love the French no matter what… I really don't understand either group. The French themselves were quite unhappy with the way they got to the WC (save their FA), but I still can't see why Henry has been so singled out for hatred in this thing.

  11. I don’t care if he strips naked and runs through the streets of Dublin throwing wads of Euros at the crowds while screaming “Je suis un maudit tricheur!” He will never be forgiven and the sight of him makes me ill.

  12. Boston Red says:

    Still not OK.

  13. klyn312 says:

    he is going to have to lose the shorts (at the very least) to even BEGIN to make up for that.

  14. Didi says:

    Arbeloa`s thighs are nice!

  15. Innocenza says:

    I see a very accurate demonstration of the term "hand-ball" about to be played out…

  16. Baby Freya says:

    Sorry, I only see Arby in the background…

  17. truly_thata says:

    OK, he have 2 balls, still there and wait for being use. :P

  18. Mila says:

    He is hanging onto his shorts real tight so he doesn't have the temptation to handle the ball. :P

  19. Sarah says:

    Oh Titi, I will always love you.

  20. Aisha says:

    Bonjour, sexy. Loving the… package :) I never hated him. Who really want the ROI in the World Cup, anyway?

    • Gigi Neville-Brown says:

      A lot of well-deserving Irish fans, actually. And those of us who aren't Irish, who despise cheaters!

      • Indiana says:

        i do feel sorry for the irish but using your arguments, i imagine that you wouldnt want to see rooney go to the world cup either, you know.. him being a cheat n´all…

        • Gigi Neville-Brown says:

          I don’t think that there is a team out there who doesn’t have a player who hasn’t cheated. In this instance, however, I am referring to the player in question, Henry, and the ignorant statement that was made on behalf of an entire population, the wonderful and generous Irish, who were most definitely cheated out of an amazing opportunity. And no, I am not Irish.

    • What a ridiculous embarrassing statement.

    • Mila says:

      Um. Wow. What a retarded comment. >:-(

    • klyn312 says:

      um- ME for one.

    • tammyv says:

      Me for one, and fans of wanting a World Cup with the best players, and teams who proved in the pitch… not in a advertising pitch meeting

      • A rather ridiculours statement, there are plenty of us who aren't Ireland fans perhaps, but we do believe in fair play and honesty and integrity and we're the same people who'd have liked to see Ireland go through just for that.

        And not have a team go through, just because their captain didn't have the guts to take the right road.

  21. SweetVito says:

    At this point, while staring at the photo, I've forgotten anything bad he's ever done.