April 6th, 2011

Tim Howard: Supporting the Everton Ladies

USMNT goalkeeper Timmy Howark hot

Given the mayhem that ensued when he did this, it’s probably better that Timmy Howard covers up for Everton Ladies celebration of the new FA Women’s Super League. Image of Tim and Everton keeper Rachel Brown via everton fc.

The last time a Kickette staff member attempted to set foot on grass without a safety harness and/or assistant, she suffered an excruciating panic attack due to heel sinkage and had to be resuscitated by a nubile young park keeper who just happened to be standing by. We get allergies, you see.

However, these disabilities do not preclude us from admiring the prowess of female soccer players, who, with their on pitch endeavours not only put our ‘athletic’ inclinations to shame but may have perfected the most ingenious technique of meeting hot ‘ballers yet.

If you just happened to be passing Liverpool County FA HQ yesterday, you would have probably run into the delicious hunk of manmeat that is goalkeeper Tim Howard (top), who was in attendance to celebrate Everton Ladies entry into the newly launched Women’s Super League.

He had this to say to the Everton FC website:

Women’s football is fantastic and I think all you have to do is look at the result from the national side last week – they beat my home country!

There are so many little girls going out and watching their idols play – it’s a family friendly game and it’s really good to see.

The fact that they are not forced to go in goal and don the gloves and the shirt – they are excited to do it and dive around and get muddy – that’s what I do everyday!

Oh, and you do it so well, Tim.

Inappropriate leching aside, we think this is great news and will be keeping half an eye on the WSL when it kicks off with a storming Arsenal Ladies vs. Chelsea Ladies fixture on Wednesday 13th April. The match will also be screened live on ESPN UK. Will you be watching, peeps?

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16 Responses to “Tim Howard: Supporting the Everton Ladies”

  1. Alex says:

    Love you, Timmy! You're such a gorgeous example of an American athlete and, better yet, footballer.

    It's so important that the men show support for the women's game. They need to be ambassadors for us and spread the word that we can kick ass too.

  2. Suze says:

    Fine lookin' man with fine football skills supporting the women in the sport – awesome all around!

    Seriously, I'm happy to see the women's sport get attention. Can't wait for the women's World Cup in Germany this summer!

  3. Yanks4ever says:

    Yet another reason to crush on Tim Howard. Sigh.

  4. SoccerRocks says:

    WHOO! More Americans! Timmy is a fantastic guy, and seeing this makes him even more fantastic. The only thing that would make this more brilliant was if he brought his daughter to see the Everton Women play soccer. Plus, it would just be adorable. So wonderful! Love you, Tim!

  5. Amy says:

    Yay! Tim Howard being awesome!

    My only quibble with this is the repeated use of the word "ladies". While I would be thrilled with Arsenal Ass Kicking Bitches, the least they could do is say "Women." As is, it sounds like they will break mid-match for tea.

  6. JA7 says:

    now that's what u call a REAL MAN.

  7. Elisa says:

    He just got epically more perfect. That attractive, that good at football, AND he supports women in sports? Perfect. Man.

  8. Ellie says:

    A teacher at my school plays for Everton Ladies (her names Gwenan). I shall have to tell her how jealous I am tomorrow…

  9. gin_in_teacups says:

    Don't like Everton. LOOOOOOOVE Tim Howard.

  10. Bri says:

    "The fact that they are not forced to go in goal and don the gloves and the shirt they are excited to do it and dive around and get muddy thats what I do everyday!"

    Of course Tim! It's the only way to play! It isn't any big news that female keeps like to get down and dirty as well. Or any female players at all for that matter. That's half the reason I decided keeping was the post for me so many years ago…such an adrenaline rush scrounging around, you really have to hold your own.

    Anyways, it is really nice to see women players being acknowledged, we can live the game too. Congrats to the new Everton team. Makes me sad when I look at the WPS here, it did ok for a while but now it has really tanked. (All that Mia Hamm/Brandi Chastain hype died down) The poor Boston Breakers gals play on the most miserable pitch, it is actually a "football" field. Oh well, you get it girls!

  11. naylovee says:

    This is why I love Tim Howard! You go Tim Howard! 4 for you!

  12. I was wondering about the ladies teams and their developement. I'm happy to see that they are being supported more. I have a daughter who lives, breathes, and eats soccer so I'm excited to know fans are gravitating a little towards womens soccer. We need fans to fill the stands though so hopefully more people will go see them play.

  13. Tracey says:

    I'm a scouser and 100% red but dear God I'd venture to the dark side for a little bit of Tim! THAT ESPN photo still haunts me x

  14. Lily says:

    This is beautiful we need the mens teams to support the ladies teams more..

    I hope one day we can have ladies club teams! I've seen a few in Spain such as Sevilla but it's very rare.

    Super! :)