January 13th, 2011

Tottenham Hotspur: Manbag Musings

Gareth Bale. Metrosexual manbag man. And loving it.

We realise that environmental concerns preclude the use of plastic carrier bags for the transference of grooming product from home to training ground. Indeed, we have fully supported the rise of the manbag over the past few years, especially the ones emblazoned with cute images of pretty babies. They’re awesome.

But from our vantage point in the bushes outside the Spurs training ground the other day, we couldn’t help but wonder whether the craze has gone too far. Virtually every player we glimpsed from our prickly nest was sporting the must have accessory, with varying degrees of self-awareness, we might add.

Once we had convinced the security guards to call off their dogs, the question on our minds (apart from how to get blood out of cotton blend) was whether immediate access to one’s shower gel is actually an attractive trait in a man. Do we advocate this need for ‘instant grooming’ or is a bit of ‘eau de rugged male’ actually a bit of a turn on?

Tell us. They (and we) might learn something about ourselves.

Peter Crouch. An extra big manbag for an extra big man.  Ahem.

We see you, Carlo Cudicini. You might try and run, but you can’t hide. Your manbag isn’t big enough, for a start.

Aaron Lennon clearly missed the environmental memo and goes with both manbag and plastic carrier bag. He don’t care a damn, bish.

For a guy whose exposed his peen on television, a man bag with a strap is not a problem. Anyone else? We’re not so sure.

And finally, Tom Huddlestone goes for the ever reliable knee socks/man bag combo. Honestly? We’re not feeling it. Sorry.

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49 Responses to “Tottenham Hotspur: Manbag Musings”

  1. wow says:

    gareth bale
    what a complete babe
    i think i actually love him
    soooo fit

  2. rainstarmcgee says:

    i suddenly find man bags sexy

  3. IrishBlue says:

    Michael Dawson look simply delicious in that pic….

  4. GaiaBale says:

    What to say. Showstopping Gareth Bale pairing Louis Vuitton’s belt and handbag. And you know, he’d steal the show either.
    Daws looks remarkable in this shoot though.
    HOTspurs is the way.

  5. Fishlips says:

    Gareth + jeans = perfection. Those long legs…

  6. mamaly says:

    Good to see Carlo Cudicini looking great again

  7. Catie says:

    I'm more into the "eau de rugged male" group myself, but Gareth is looking miiiiiighty fine!

  8. simone says:

    Michael dawson the best looking guy here GAreth bale space monkeys seen that movie

  9. Guest says:

    When you first posted Gareth as a sizzle query, I was like meh, s'alright. But in civies, in profile, it wurrks.

  10. LilyG says:

    Wow. My love for Gareth Bale has grown from adoration to obssession.
    And Dawson?!? WHAT?!?! A whole new light, a whole new light.
    Now onto the actual topic.
    As an American, a lot of my friends think that this is extremely wrong.

    I love it. In the weird, creepy way that I love Gareth Bale (That little sexpot);)
    Aaron? Another yes. Carlo? Damn boy, I have a whole new respect for the junk in your trunk. Peter? Sorrry snookums, you just look like a white, homeless basketball player. Tom? At least your butt looks nice.

  11. Winnie Mata says:

    oh god! not him too! is it mandatory for players to have manbags once they reach a certain level of fame!? jesus!

  12. aps says:

    Kickette you really need to solve the mystery of what's in those manbags. Everytime you post a story about it I get even more curious. Get on it ladies!

  13. MrsC says:

    OMG IS MAI Carlo!!! Bb doesn’t need a big bag to prove anything. And tighter jeans, bb. Show off that luscious ass!


  14. CescForever says:

    finally they are starting to realise the bags aren't just for us ladies!!

  15. LittleJ says:

    I have a strange attraction for Gareth Bale. Though he is a Spud… he looks good and dresses well :s

  16. phil says:

    When did the Dopp kit become a "manbag" ? A manbag would have the dopp kit in it…

  17. borgetti7 says:

    Just Gareth Bale…

  18. Whitney says:

    It's just something about these Spurs boys that makes me want to scream out in angony because I want to hug all of them and and squeeze and squeeze until they pop….I'm calming down now and taking a deep breath.
    Gareth looks yummy in those jeans. He is becoming sexier and sexier. I wonder if he knows that we discuss his bulge? I would love to have Crouchy's long arms wrapped around me. Carlo has a little junk in the trunk. I can see Dawson's nipple (yummy). Lennon and Huddlestone look like they havn't shaved in a while (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE). Thank You Kickette!

  19. Lissete says:

    Maybe it's because I'm American and I don't see too many men using these, but it just looks so off to me. How many things does a man need to carry to have a man bag? All you need is your phone and wallet. If I saw a guy here carrying one of those, I would want to point and laugh. I wouldn't actually do it, but I would really want to ;P

    • Ana says:

      I concur! But I, too, am American… What is in there anyways? If it's grooming products, couldn't they keep a set at the club, or do they not have lockers? Who only knows… Hypothetically, if I was a man and it was a necessary to carry a manbag, I'd go with the second to last one… just sayin'.

      • Amy says:

        You could do what I do and just call it a "shaving kit". :-) I agree that it looks a bit silly but I think once one dude decides it's okay to tote one along then before you know it the whole league's in on it. Actually, that makes me think of something else….if those neckwarmer thingies are considered unmanly by some then how come everybody's got a "shaving kit" and THAT'S okay?!

    • snowy says:

      I agree. They look ridiculous! I wouldn't let my husband go to the gym with one of those, he'd be laughed out of the place (not that he'd carry one to start with). I've always wondered, don't the clubs lay on the body wash etc, they really have to drag their own in?

  20. ALianzLim says:

    anyone else notice carlo's behind? wow!

  21. arsenal says:

    Rather these then CR's school boy bag..

  22. LuvinBale says:

    Holy Moly!!! When I popped over to Kickette today and the first thing I see is Baby Bale!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Kickette!!!
    The I see Daws and Huddlestone! Oh my I may have to sit down and have a drink. My boys look good!
    This is all just a little to much for me to handle need to have a lie down. *passes out*

    Come on you Spurs!!!!! And David Beckham!!

  23. SoccerLoverrr says:

    Gareeeeeeeeeeeeethhh!!! ur sucha QT PIEEEE!!!

  24. ani says:

    I want Bale's shoes!!!!

  25. MissSarrah says:

    Oh god, footballers and fashion.
    The Aaron Lennon caption made me choke on my coffee. Thanks. He clearly doesn't give a damn and he'll blooming well accesorise a Louis Vuitton bag with a placcie bag and the contents of LeBron's wardrobe and he doesn't care what anyone says. Go Aaron! Freedom of fashion!

    Clearly, Spurs have a love of the manbag and now with Becks in the vicinity, they can get access to the latest range.
    I'm surprised that Gareth found a pair of jeans that he hasn't yet put through the shredder. Why do footballers think those ripped jeans are a good idea? They're so not, you just look idiotic and it's so 2003.
    Also, I apologise for the stilited nature of my comment, it's that pic of Dawson. I keep scrolling up to see it *swoons* I've never looked at him in that way, I will now.

    Ahem. Anyway naturally, Michael and Gareth pretty much win this manbag style off. Only because the competition is so dire.

    • aps says:

      Agree with u re: Dawson. Ive never looked at him that way either but he looks hot in that pic.

  26. Ailin says:

    I'm lovin Gareth Bale!
    He is makin the manbag look goooooood!!

  27. Elisa says:

    The patterned belt with the graphic tee is a bit much for me, but otherwise, Gareth is the only one who really pulls this off in my opinion. Peter, your grandma called. She wants her cardigan back.

    I personally don't know what I would do if I couldn't lug around my handbag full of miscellaneous necessities, so I guess I can't judge these guys for needing a manbag. I still prefer a man who just carries his wallet and keys in his jeans pocket, but I suppose I could come around if he agreed to buy me a Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag every time he purchased one for himself…

  28. ThatWelshOne says:

    I've come over a bit funny after seeing the picture of Michael Dawson above…*swoon*

    • LuvinBale says:

      I absolutley adore him!!! Do you know if he is married or has a GF? He keeps his private lifew very quiet. He looks HAWWWWWT in that picture!

  29. Summer says:

    Gareth, Gareth, Gareth, Gareth, Gareth, Gareth, Gareth, Gareth, Gareth, Gareth, GARETHHHHHHHHHH once more, my answer will always be Gareth. He's so lovely and cute xD…

    • Amy says:

      I know how you feel. I've been trying not to notice him and that approach always fails. He IS cute. And look how everything he's wearing matches!

  30. Missy Manchester says:

    Gareth Bale and Michael Dawson are the best-dressed of the lot.

    Peter Crouch needs to add some bulk to his wardrobe.

  31. Soho says:

    is it me or does Gareth Bale looks like Cristiano there with the faux-hawk, tight jeans, *insert designer name* belt and man bag :D

  32. Ellie says:

    Gareth Bale, I love you. Doing the country proud!
    And, I like the manbag… I find it attractive X0D

  33. Fareen says:

    If Peter Crouch was my grandpa I'd be a very delighted girl….
    when I say that I mean what's with that cotton of a thing he has on?!? Does him no good I say…
    and a manbag is always cute and sometimes hot depends on who has it ;) a bottle of shampoo in there would be nice to steal…

  34. blake2108 says:

    Gareth looks so stunning. Just love him to pieces.

    I wish I was his manbag.

    • blitzenTO says:

      Gotta say, Gareth looks great in that pic, especially his hair! Finally found a style that works for him!

    • Leya_S says:

      1. Haha, blake, the minute I saw the lead picture, I immediately clicked the "comments" tab in great anticipation of an inevitable top-rated comment posted by you about Gareth.

      2. He does look extra fab, and I'm totally in love with his Chucks.

    • Summer says:

      Yes, I've done the same thought…And immediately when I saw Gareth's picture I thought about you Blake. But I'm lucky because I will go with my friend to see him at S. Siro, when Tottenham will be against Milan in Champions League..I'm so so so happy and really excited! .;)

    • SoccerLoverrr says:

      @ blake..i knew u wud be the first one to comment about gareth! :)