March 3rd, 2010

Track Jacket Style-Off: Cristiano v. Kaka

Let’s keep this one simple as today’s pretty much a write-off, what with the day jobs and the pre-WC game drinking and what not:

Who wore the World-Cup-track-jacket-on-a-stool-with-a-smile better: Cristiano for Nike or Kaka for Adidas?

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98 Responses to “Track Jacket Style-Off: Cristiano v. Kaka”

  1. Girl says:

    OMGosh….Who can decide? Theyr both lovely but Ronaldo's jacket seems nicer. But Kaka has a deathly smile. But I love Cristiano! Both!

  2. Regiii says:

    I choose Kaka without a doubt… First coz i’m Brazilian and the jacket is awesome!!! Second coz Kaka will always be the best for me… Just keep in mind there’s room for both in my heart!!!! :)

  3. Meer. says:

    They both look shitty – way too much clothing!

    Ok, seriously? There can be only one: Cris.

  4. rose pot(er) says:

    i think Ricky is much handsomer than Ronnie

    just go on this video and u will see kaka wins

    King Kaka

    • Molly says:

      Thank you for the great video!!! I love model (and footballer) Ricky Kaka, he’s so hot. More companies should get him to model for them.

  5. zuanna says:

    kaka FTW!!!

  6. kaka's lady (i wish) says:

    Kaka wins tollay
    HIS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. NinyaC says:

    Oh look, it's my two husbands!

    Kaka's my first love but I just looove the Portugal jacket so much, accompanied with CR's smile so I'll go with Cris.

    P.S. They seem to be looking at each other.

  8. Cristina says:

    Haha is this a joke??

    Kaka is the most perfect man there has ever been, he is just flawless in every aspect

    Cristiano is erm… ugly

    Cris isn't even good enough to clean Kaka's shoes


  9. nonny says:


  10. Raina says:

    Is this supposed to be a joke?? LOL! The only people in Cristiano's league are beckham, maldini, cannavaro. Poor Kaka can't come close, I love him on the pitch, but he's like Cris' goofy cousin.

    So obviously, CRISTIANO looks better in the jacket, in his kit, in his underwear, etc……:-)

  11. clara1 says:


    • Susie says:

      Yes, because if Cristiano was actually gay that would be such a threat to Kaka and all his other team mates….

      Tad bit homophobic, arent we?

  12. daffany says:


  13. Debbie says:

    kaka hands down.

  14. livv4footy says:

    cristiano. forever. and ever and ever x infinity

  15. CannaLove says:


  16. Kate says:

    I like CR9's jacket more BUT Kaka has the better smile so he wins, I guess! Cris is def looking better these days than he was though, I think Kaka's a good influence on him ;)

  17. paris layla says:

    hahahhahaha lol yea i did not think about poor preety caroline but im sure shes happy for ricky but now i bet she gets less atention

    kaka win this battle doh

    kaka so sexy

  18. lillypop says:

    i must say both r gr8 players

    but kaka has it all for me

    rons all right but kaka beats him in looks

  19. SARA says:






  20. Ronnie and ricky says:

    aww their friendship is so sweet

    kaka is the best out of the two


    • KATHEY says:


  21. kaka crazy says:

    Kaka wins his he is soooooo cute and adorable

    crs jaket is nice but kaka is much cuter!!!!

  22. ICEQUEEN says:

    kaka is so CUTE AND HOTTTTT


  23. bam says:

    Think Ronaldo's jacket is nicer but Kaka looks better overall…Kaka always looks better! ;)

  24. Zo.acm says:

    Kaka's jacket is a bit too bright (even though I love the Selecao kit) and the colour doesn't do much for him, but he still manages to look better. Always. Ronaldo's jacket is nicer perhaps, but I just cant take him seriously with that hair!

  25. lidoli says:

    Cristiano is THE HOTTEST! Hands down!!!

    I LOVE the jacket!!! wonder if it's for sale????

  26. Irish Blue says:

    Cris looks soo much better in this pic… was painful to admit that….

  27. BarcelonaFAN says:

    Hate to admit but CRon wore it better. :S

  28. FootieCutie says:

    i can't believe i'm sayin this :O ,, but C.ron looks better

  29. Aud says:

    CRon hands down. He is so adorable in this pic. I think my allegiances in the World Cup just switched to Portugal!!!

  30. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    I think both look good!!! Both have a different level of cuteness. lol

    They sweet. I cant believe im actually saying that i kinda like C Ron!!!

    He's got a good smile….. ;)

  31. rain_s_child says:

    cris, of course!

  32. RONALIZA says:

    Cron of course…he has the cutest smile in the world…simply..HE IS THE BEST IN EVERYTHING.(GRACIAS girls for lovely comment).

  33. SarahBeth says:

    That picture of CR9 is too much, how can he be that beautiful? I want to pounce on him! LOL!

  34. Samantha says:

    Are you serious?? Cristiano, no contest. No one even comes close to him, he is in a category all his own. And his jacket looks way better too!!

  35. RONALIZA says:

    thank you so much kickette for Cron's picture…that's why i love this website.

  36. bethyb123 says:

    Haha C-ron! He's an Adonis…couldn't look bad in anything! I hope he does like American other than Paris Hilton- eck! Te adoro, Ronaldo! Venha pros states p passar suas ferias este verao PLEASE!

  37. Dexter says:

    I think C-Ron is just gorgeous….. he wins hands down…. Kaka irritates me….

  38. Lissette says:

    def C-Ron, kaka's cuta and all but, C-ron's smile is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! plus c-rons single meaning i still have a chance ;)

  39. Annie says:

    Cristiano hands down!!!!

  40. Priyanka says:

    Kaka. His smile seems genuine.

  41. Molly says:

    I love Kaka and his Brazilian cuteness. His jacket is great with the bright colors. The butterfly looking thing in the front is a bit weird though.
    But then I love Cristiano and his arrogrance :) . I find it so sexy and hot. And his jacket is nice and normal lol.
    I’m just going to call it a tie and to take both of them :) .
    P.S. So true about the Oprah thing too, Tammyv.

    • Molly says:


    • Y says:

      Tell me, what is arrogant about c.ron?? Everyone keeps using this word to describe him; I’m yet to see it. To be arrogant is to have an anti-social personality disorder, to never see the errors of your ways, to believe that you are better than everyone one else just because you are you…the word is so misused with this guy.

      • Susie says:

        Amen! I would stand up and applaud that comment except Im too bloody lazy. ;)

        There are football players far more arrogant than him (John Terry, Ballack, Zidane, etc…) but for some reason, people only try to impose this criticism on Cristiano.

        By all means, dislike him if you must, but atleast make judgement calls that make sense.

        Would it make all the naysayers feel better if he apologised profuselly, every single day of life, for having talent and being committed to his sport, instead of spending his time scandalizing club, country and family?

      • MrsNesta says:

        Y – By all means stick up for C-ron if you feel he is being unfairly treated, but you seem to be suggesting that if you are arrogant it is because you have an anti-social personality disorder……I think arrogance (unwarranted or overbearing pride showed in a superior manner) is something that we could all be fools to in certain circumstances (this is not saying that we all have) and anti-social personality disorder is a very serious and long term condition where the disruptive behaviour of the person is likely to cause harm to themselves and others.

    • Molly says:

      Wow dont be so sensitive people its not like I don’t love him, I really do and I’m not saying that he is worst than other footballers (especially John Terry). I think Frank Lampard is a bit arrogant too but I love him. And I’m not even saying that arrogrance is a bad thing. If I were Cristiano I would probably be too. Or maybe I shouldn’t use the word arrogrant at all… would a bit on the vain side be better?

      • Ella says:

        I got what you were saying, Molly. Sometimes confidence can come off as cocky or arrogant and I think that's what CRon is – very confident in himself and his athletic abilities. He's certainly not the only one on the pitch who believes in himself. Either way, Cris is amazing and I think we all agree about that!

  42. Carlie says:

    Kaka! Though yellow is not the best color for him, he always looks lovely!

  43. FootballerChick43 - says:

    As much as it pains me… CRon. The colors work better on his skin.

    Wow. I just chose CRon over Kaka. How did THAT happen?

  44. Rosey says:

    Ronny of course…oh and his jacket is better too :-)

    • aliceeeee says:

      doesn't he just look oh so fit in that jacket aww amazin… kaka is crazy, is it meant to look like a butterfly… he is quite cute he looks more innocent that Cron….

      Cron's the bad boy & and kaka's the good boy in thier bromance at the moment… as anyone else noticed the bromance they have goin on… lol :D

      Love Ya Cron xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Rosey says:

        Their bromance is LOL :-) . I really don’t get how they work..I mean most bromances come from having much in common and the only thing they have in common is footie. IDK *shrugs*

  45. Baby Freya says:

    Cristiano – because he looks less awkward than Kaka

  46. tammyv says:

    Is C-Ron audtioning for the Oprah job since she is out? That is her look exactly.

    • Stiliani says:

      OMG, if i could have a full hour of Cron on tv everyday, i'd be the happiest girl on the planet. Brilliant idea!

  47. Aliceeeee says:

    OMG :O i am in love with Ronaldo and his jacket is the best i really like the colours, kaka’s jacket is disgusting yellow and green what the hell… that’s just wrong. :( i also love kaka, i just love Cron so must more :D :D
    Doesn’t Ronaldo just look so beautiful in that picture, pure amazing. i think he is irresistible, soOoOoOo so hot and fit… OOh he is soo cute when he is laughing…..Awww ;) :)

    • tree_girl! says:

      Omg alice maybe you love him a bit too must…. bt your riite he is soo hot,to be fair i love him too :)

  48. shay says:

    CRon all the way! Kaka is awfully cute though.

  49. Danielle says:

    Ronaldo’s looks like a better fit so he might rock it better, but Kaka’s jacket is edgier and more stylish.

  50. MrsNesta says:

    I think c-ron looks better :) (and I'm surprised by that cos I've never been one to fancy him but think he's growing on me).

    But was slightly distracted by the position of Kaka's microphone :) (think he would be soooo much more interesting if he was still a virgin!) :)

  51. Johanna says:

    I don’t like the color combination of the Portugal jacket. White, red and green, really? Kaka is hottest, but Ronaldo gets one point for the cute smile

  52. Erin says:

    Given that Cron turns my stomach, I’ll go with Kaka every time!

  53. Lilipop says:

    totally out of topic: I just wanted to say that I have not often been as happy to be French as I am tonight:

    France-Spain is starting, nowwwwwwwwwww!

    Freckles, check!

    Lashes, check!

    Iker's beard, check!

    Sagna's hair, … no comment

    Have a nice evening, ladies, mine will be awesome, even if Spain wins

  54. I think Kaka wins this one. He looks so adorably like a little boy.

  55. Zatti says:

    Cris is so cute! love the jacket too!

    kaka is just annoying….

    • newibe says:

      annoying HOW in the freking world is kaka annoying

      kaka is so much BETTER than cr7


      BUT annyoing where the heck did u get from were u on crake or something

      Kaka HOTT AND CUTE

  56. Susie says:

    C-Ron wins, although I like it when the red and green of the team colors are a lot darker and remind me less of Christmas decorations (like when Fatima Lopes was designing the gear, a few years back)

    I love the Brazilian team colors too but Kaka's jacket looks like is being taken over by a weird fungus. I didnt realise it was a butterfly till someone mentioned it in a post.

  57. GloriaJeans says:



  58. Inés says:

    Defo Ronaldo! Kaka looks ridiculous

  59. footbalista says:

    OMG Kickette- must you ask? RONALDO hands down!! ;) <3

  60. margheritina says:

    For sure, it´s CRon!

  61. mamaly says:

    Cristiano , new girlfriend ?????

  62. miss_alice_Cron says:

    I just love ronaldo :D i think he wore the World-Cup-track-jacket-on-a-stool-with-a-smile better, he's just really sexy… everything about him is hot…

    he looks really relaxed and kaka looks really worried.. he looks kinda funny :(

    Cron is the hottest :)

  63. cutie_pie says:

    Ronaldo, ronaldo, ronaldo he is the best :)

    look at his hair and his smile, i just melt when i look at him………….

  64. aaalice says:

    Cron all the way :)

    he is so cute, i think he is the best looking Baller ever ;) xxx

  65. staceybbz says:

    Ronaldo is far hotter…………….. he is a fittie :)

    Love him GRRR :p

  66. Lucy says:

    Kaká hands down!

  67. Ella says:

    Cristiano!!!! One MILLION percent Cristiano.

  68. Aisha says:

    I'll go with my true love, Cris. But they are both gorgeous men, so it's not that much of a big deal.

  69. Missy Manchester says:

    Both of them look like they're on one of those blind date TV game shows.

    My vote is for kaka…I like how he's holding his mic. :D

    • Jo says:

      :) I choose Bachelor No. 1.

    • flirty girl! says:

      i think i will pick number 1 also, god he's cute……………

      Btw am from America and he loves american girls………..

      love you Cron…. what a cool name xXxXxXx

      • Missy Manchester says:

        Ummm….C-Ron loves American girls like Paris Hilton. *shudders* That fact alone makes me vote for Kaka!

  70. truly_thata says:

    Kaka, I love Brazilian bright color. XD

  71. senora ramos says:

    tie. i can't decide. i love my team. so many hotties.

    mmm, well, i like that c ron is laughing, he looks cute and approachable, so. slight advantage.

    no tie.