January 3rd, 2012

Transfer Totty: An Early Window Shopping Update

Federico Macheda has been confounding our corneas again, this time with a lime green/blue hoop combo. Nice! Image: Scott Heavey/Getty Images.

The January transfer window has been flung open once again and after the excitement of last year, we thought a reasonably thorough look at the early hip dip movers and rump shakers was needed.

Federico Macheda: Manchester United to QPR (loan, top)

Given his fashion fails of the past, it comes as no surprise to us that Federico Macheda has exchanged Manchester United’s attempt at on-trend colourblocking for the minefield that is horizontal stripes. The twenty-year-old has struggled for first team football at United, and will spend the rest of the season under the watchful eye of Neil Warnock at QPR. He made his first appearance in the blue hoops vs. Norwich yesterday.

Did he pull it off, Kickettes? Or should he just stick to Gucci?

Marco Borriello: AS Roma to Juventus (loan)

Here’s Marco ‘enjoying’ the ATP Open tennis in Rome last May. Please note: only hotness of this magnitude or hair of this height will cause us to abandon our ‘publishing our old photos is lame’ policy. Pass the gel, would you? Image: ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images.

In other news, it was confirmed mere moments ago (in our world, probably about four hours ago in everyone else’s) that Roma’s Marco Borriello has signed a six month loan deal with Juventus. Juve have an option to make the deal permanent, but we won’t be in a position to offer our advice to them until we’ve seen Borri in the Old Lady’s black n’white kit.

We await the advance photographs with interest.

David Beckham: LA Galaxy to Paris St Germain (off)

It was there on a plate for David Beckham, but he turned it down for his fam. Image: Bauer Griffin.

Lastly in our highly unreliable round-up, David Beckham has decided that family is more important than francs by opting to stay with LA Galaxy, over a highly lucrative deal with Paris St Germain. Speculation has surrounded the midfielder as his contract with the Galaxy ran down, but according to sources, “Beckham’s wife, Victoria, and four children feel settled in California and are happy to stay”.

He has now been offered a rolling one-year-deal with LA Galaxy and would be eligible to play in Team GB’s Olympic squad. How nice!

More transfer news coming ‘atcha when we can be bothered!

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13 Responses to “Transfer Totty: An Early Window Shopping Update”

  1. black widow says:

    praying to every deity in the universe that granero, albiol and kaka stay put … :(

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      They are, Mourinho said it he doesn't want anyone to leave or come in this winter transfer, Pardeza our club representative ensured us Granero is staying, apparently for Granero to leave, the offer has to be accepted by both the club but first him! It is all up to him if he wants to leave or stay.
      Honestly Mou MUST PLAY HIM MORE! For me what is bothering me of this season so far, why is Granero being on bench or even worse sent to the stands :(

      • black widow says:

        he's this season's peter lion and i don't like it one bit. i know we're spoilt for choice in terms of the depth of our field, but we have so few homegrown players that it kills me to see him benched so often. i hope he chooses to stay (but sadly i don't blame him if he doesn't, even though i'll be heartbroken).

        iker said on FB yesterday that kaka told them he was staying … hope that's true!

        and if there is any god in the universe, (s)he will not separate the great bromance that is albiol/arbeloa! they need a name … albiloa? arbiol? :)

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          No, I don't think he is Peter Lion, Granero is praised by Mourinho always,it is not that he is not committed like Lion was, but his position is being occuiped by Xabi's, it is very hard to fill in for Xabi. Now, with Sahin who is supposed to be the replacement real replacement for him, Granero stands no chance, I don't feel like there is something going on between him and Mourinho, it is just about maybe Mou thinks xabi is such a great player, important player as it showed by playing almost all of our games this season, maybe he just didn't think he is up to par with him or he didn't impress enough, in the contrary of Callei for example who is just made an impression so hard on Mourinho that he started the last two games, still get praises even after that horrible first half yesterday ( if you saw the game).
          I like the Arbiol we should get it going :) . I knooow, please I don't want seperate twins too, but again he is not leaving too, I don't thinnk Arbeloa will allow it :p, Kaka said it over and over too, he is not leaving, Iker is trying to be adorable no? by saying kaka told him so, he is sooo cute!

          • black widow says:

            sorry, i didn't mean he was peter lion in terms of commitment, i meant it in terms of him not getting any minutes. like i said, we're spoilt for choice and have a really deep bench, and when your starting XI comprises players like xabi, it's hard to get a look-in at the best of times, but as you say and i quite agree, with sahin now, granero stands even less chance than he did before.

            you're right — if albiol leaves, arbeloa will probably voluntarily transfer to wherever he goes, heh! long live arbiol! ;)

  2. Agnes Wonka says:

    I miss Federico Macheda in Man.Utd :(

    • littlegreenpea says:

      so do I… why it made sense to get rid of him when we have so many injury problems to our strikers, I have no clue, but hopefully this move will mean more playing time for Kiko and, hopefully, more tv time. I wish him luck at QPR…

  3. Kay20 says:

    Wow. Can't believe Beckham turned down PSG, but as an LA fan, I'll take it. Bring on CONCACAF Champions League!

    • littlegreenpea says:

      did you know that samuel eto'o was considering a move to the MLS?? We would happily accept him, but I think it's to early in his career, to be quite honest….

  4. Gigi says:

    Excited enough to see Borri in black and white, but I just can't wait to see him in pink. If there's anyone who can make that candy pink look manly hot, it's him (ok, maybe Matri too).

  5. MrsLBaines says:

    Yay Becks!

  6. Alexandria says:

    Borriello looks like a really hot Clarke Kent, he's just waiting for trouble to start! We all know there's a big 'S' under his shirt…for sexy.