August 18th, 2011

Transfer Totty: Carlos Bocanegra Signs For Rangers FC

Image taken 10 July 2011 during batting practice for the Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game.

After a few years in France, Boca the beefcake is returning to Britain. Can we get a ‘hellz yeah?!’

In a three year deal that sees him leaving Ligue 1′s St Etienne for the 2011 Scottish Premier League champion side, Rangers FC…yada, yada, yada. We’re positive there’s more details to share, but we can’t be arsed right now to do so.

See, often times when writing these stories for our loyal Kickette Army soldiers and soldierettes, we face a dilemma. Should we use our brains to give you witty commentary ? Or rely on our overactive sex drives to say what you’re all really thinking. Problem is, though, we never have enough blood to run both at once.

So instead of finishing off this post, won’t you join us in jumpy claps, Kickettes?


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28 Responses to “Transfer Totty: Carlos Bocanegra Signs For Rangers FC”

  1. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    My day just keep getting better and better by the post..!! First Marco then Boca .. whos next?? then man is damnn hot. No wonder he is with Marco in the Finnest Five he deserve it very very much! They both do!

    This pic screams im-hot-im-just-playing-dumb-and-i-know-you-know-it…. and it just makes me have butterflies all over my body…

  2. Steph says:

    I knew having a season ticket for Rangers would pay off at some point :)

  3. Tashinka says:

    That pic made me squee for two reasons. First, because he's wearing a KC Royals patch on his shirt. And second, because he's so adorkable (sorry, I know we usually call a certain party that)!!! Sockanegra…

  4. sarrible says:

    So now when I fantasize about him he’ll be wearing a kilt rather than that stupid beret. I’m fine with that.

  5. [...] THE LINK WHERE A FOOTY BLOG POSTS A PICTURE OF A GUY PLAYING SOFTBALL. Because it’s ‘Los, who is now playing in Scotland. Hey, at least he has his shirt on. // Kickette [...]

  6. Lauren says:

    Aw come on, Kickette! When I heard Boca was moving back to Europe, I expected a plethora of sexy pics to drool over. I mean, he's cute as a homerun derby king, but surely you have some hot Boca photos stashed away somewhere?

  7. Murron says:

    Even though i fancy Cesc he kindda lost points after cheating on Carla with a golddiggin woman at 37! But right now i'm like "Cesc who" what is it they say "out of sight out of mind"! But DAM BOCA HOTTTTTTTTT!. Going to tell my dad that i think we should have more daddy daughter bondding time. Might evan get me a sesson ticket! ; )

  8. RAFAela says:

    Scottish Leage for ever!! BocaBoca you are so sexy-sexy!

  9. mbgurl says:

    i saw him yesterday live in Ljudski vrt when Rangers were playing with Maribor for Europa League.. you should also mention our boys from Maribor kickette, some of them are fineeee ;)

  10. Pam says:

    Sexy-Sexy-Sexy man. I will be definitely be watching scottish football now.

  11. Ali says:

    I couldn't get past the picture. I think I stared at it for 10 minutes. Boca is FIIIINEEEE!

  12. Carolina says:

    How can Kickettes living in America catch Rangers matches??

  13. Susan says:

    Wonder what Los would look like in a kilt?

  14. Lostres says:

    Oh Boca. Even in those ridiculous knee high black socks sexy drips off of you. When will you ever bring it back across that great big pond that separates us? This relationship we have right now is costing me a fortune in ESPN 3, 4, 10, whatever not to mention the cost of a restraining order violation these days. At least we will always have the World Cup…

  15. littlegreenpea says:

    I wish he could come back to the united states. Then I would love him even more. Especially since I can't see french ligue 1 and scottish premiere league where I live…. :(

  16. Green 4 says:

    Why Rangers Carlos, Why.?!! From a very dissapointed Celtic fan :( :( :(

  17. gin_in_teacups says:

    Yesssssss! Boca will be an hour away from me. Brilliant! Of course this now means paying attention to Scottish football.

  18. Gladys says:

    I second all the sexy comments, despite that ridiculous softball outfit he's wearing above (sorry, I know it's for charity but still). Congrats to you Rangers fans and Glaswegians, in general. Lucky lucky you!!! And best of luck to Boca.

  19. Sara P says:

    Hot Damn that man is SEXY!!! I am excited to see him make the move. I only get to see him on tv when he is playing for the US….I am hoping that this move will find him in my home more often! <—–see what I did there? I meant via my tv but in person works fine too!!!

  20. JA7 says:

    This man is one of the finest creatures walking planet earth. I want to jump his bones.