August 8th, 2012

Transfer Totty: Luis & Delfina Suarez Re-Sign For Liverpool

Image: Facebook.

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12 Responses to “Transfer Totty: Luis & Delfina Suarez Re-Sign For Liverpool”

  1. Honey Jen says:

    The little girl is so cute, I hope that my child cute as she

  2. FootyGirl says:

    Awww. I love the way he seems to take her everywhere with him. Bless.

    P.S: I can't believe the DAgger might be sold. I think seeing him leave will be even harder than when Torres left.

  3. footballandme says:

    Delfina – " I, Delfina Suarez pledge my future to Liverpool FC for the next 4 years with the weekly payment of: Cookies and Milk, Snuggles before bedtime and 3litres of chocolate ice-cream"

  4. German_Girl says:

    That kid is so cute! Love her hair. :)

    • German_Girl says:

      Liverpool fans must be so chuffed he's signed another contract. Especially given the reception he gets wherever he plays – not even John Terry gets booed that much.

      • Red_Girl says:

        Very chuffed, sweetie. Just hope we don't sell Agger. Rumour is he doesn't want to go to City, so I love the inked Dane even more now.

        • German_Girl says:

          I can't see him going to City. He's been with Liverpool for such a long time now and he doesn't seem like the kind of person/player who would join any club just to win trophies. :)

        • anon says:

          omg have you seen his new YNWA, will be gutted if Liverpool sell him!

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