December 29th, 2009

True Confessions: Marco Borriello Says Sex Matters

The motherf'ing man

Nothing like a few choice words from Milan’s resident don-dada Marco Borriello to liven up the scene around here.

In the new issue of Italian Vanity Fair Marco admits that he’s a sucker for beautiful women and that he’s not down with unnecessary bedroom nonsense:

Sex is very important because I am passionate…. I’m lucky to know that if I want it, I can have at any time. But I like traditional things, nothing kinky… Being nice, wealthy and well-known, I find it normal to aim high…[it's] not my fault if 95% of Italy’s most beautiful girls aspire to be famous in show business…

Hmm. His ego must have joined Ronaldo’s on a permanent holiday.  Regardless, that’s insanely hot. Because, of course Marco can have it any time. It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again: that’s a “double bag it and pray” situation few would say no to.

What other gems come bursting forth from the pages of this keep-it-frame-it feature story?

Well, Marco discusses his 17 years of awkward suffering without his prized female possessions – apparently, he was a big ole geek.

I was not thinking [about women]. Besides…I was running around in overalls and wore thick glasses like the bottoms of bottles ["coke-bottle glasses"] I was not very developed …

We can say with 99.9% certainty, he definitely developed. Yay for contact lenses and such.

Marco also takes credit for helping his most famous girlfriend, Belen Rodriguez (of yacht and ocean sex-scene fame) move from WAG to…well, a showgirl.

“When I met Belen she was an unknown model. Being with me gave her more visibility, but then again, her talent also helped her create a career as a showgirl herself.”

Lastly, throwing a well-placed jab at his former lover’s current fiancee Fabrizio Corona, Marco admits that Belen was his first/greatest love but there’s no ill will because he stays fly, no lie:

“I’m not jealous of Corona because what he has now, I’ve already had.”

You go, boy.

Links/Source: From many, many Italian outlets

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49 Responses to “True Confessions: Marco Borriello Says Sex Matters”

  1. Michelle says:


  2. Is it just me or does anybody else find his arrogance incredibly off-putting?

    • Ana:) says:

      Yes, very!!
      As lovely to look at as he may be, his attitude sucks! I don’t like that kind of thing either. Such a shame! lol

    • Lotte says:

      Absolutely! A guy could by as hot as can be, but the moment he opens his mouth and out comes stupid remarks like that, it all just disappears into thin air.

  3. Avenath says:

    “His ego must have joined Ronaldo’s on a permanent holiday”…spot on there, Kickette…

  4. juventina says:

    i love you marco! LOL! this is hilarious! he is gorgeous!

    "His ego must have joined Ronaldo’s on a permanent holiday" – Yes but the difference is that Marco actually has the looks to back up the ego. Ronaldo on the other hand…well i'm not even gonna touch that…

    OHMYGOD the amount of money i would pay to see Marco in his dorky years!!!!! hahahaha! i NEED to find me a copy of this magazine!

    • Sana says:

      Ronaldo never commented about his ex girlfriends
      becouse he would never say “When I met Belen she was an unknown model. Being with me gave her more visibility, but then again, her talent also helped her create a career as a showgirl herself.” lol
      Who the fuck is this MARCO to say somthing like that
      and Ronaldo looks better than this Arrogant EGO nobody football player
      seriously i dident know who the fuck he was until i saw this and read this.
      i dont get you girls from kickett that you cant understand that ronaldo is a nice person if you know him everybody that know him sad it so it must be true.And you can compare this nobody with Ronaldo that is a world class player unlike MARCO who never reach somthing in this career.

      • Chill, Sana. We love C-Ron. We mock, but we adore him – as any long time reader on the site will know, he was on our F5 list for YEARS. Thanks for your feedback. x

      • juventina says:

        first of all, ronaldo slept with paris hilton – real classy.

        second, how do you know how nice he is? people tell the press a lot of things that aren't true, so when you meet him you let me know.

        next, i'm not surprised you don't know who marco is because clearly you are too busy fangirling ronaldo to even pay attention to any other leagues. if you watched serie a you would know that marco plays for AC Milan and that he has been having an amazing season and will probably receive a call up for Italy's national team

        So before you start calling marco arrogant, maybe you should check your ignorance at the door.

        When Marco said he made Belen who she is today, he was right. No one knew who she was before him so perhaps you should check your facts before you start running your mouth about people you claim to not even know.

        • lamis says:

          Honestly juventina!You keep telling that to yourself every night before you go to bed…CRISTIANO RONALDO world player 2008 but who is marco again? And btw he is nothing compared to ronaldo,looks wise or football wise! Actually ANYTHING wise! Ronaldo is a great player,and a great person as what his team mates and people who met him said.Vids on youtube can prove that…So yeah if marco is the best you could like then…that's just sad.Him talking about his ex like that is really offencive,to all women!Sana gurl,your my hero !

          • juventina says:

            Hahahaha! Alright I will keep telling myself that because at least I'm honest. I can guarantee that if you haven't heard of this "nobody" footballer then you wouldn't know what kind of person he is other than from what you read here. Trust me, if you think Ronaldo is the greatest gift to women then you are surely mistaken. But, like you said, whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night. His comments were not offensive and if you thought they were I feel sorry for your sense of humour. I don't know if you realize that this is the translated version and that often times things gets lost in translation. Thus, the entire part you find offensive could have and probably was taken out of context, but again ignorance is bliss.

          • Sana says:

            @ LAMIS

            You are my girl

            Someone that understand that Ronaldo is not a Arrogant person.

            I really like you girl. You just have finish JUVENTINA totally lol

            she must be a MARCO fan

            I wonder what MARCO would be if he have the FAME and ATTENTION that Cris got.

            He would probably say that he is GOD.

            • rosanero says:

              Ehem…If I may butt in for a minute. Why do you keep writing his name MARCO? We are not shouting here.

              Secondly, chill. Everyone is allowed to their opinions. And if I recall you are the one that started this…you could have just ignored her comment. It seems to me like you were looking to pick a fight.

              Third, fyi Marco is important…he may not be as well known as Cristiano, but he loves Milan and we love him. Just like Cristiano he deserves respect…he's a human being.

              Fourth, if you knew the history between him and Belen then you would understand where he's coming form. She cheated on him on National Television on a reality show. He was taken for a fool, he's probably still hurting…cut the guy some slack.

              Lastly, he didn't lie that he made Belen famous…she was a nobody before him. She became famous because she was dating him. So check your facts before you speak on something you clearly know nothing about. Also you claim to say you don't want to compare Cristiano and Marco but you are the one saying Cristiano vs Marco this and that. Plus…that translation is wayyyy off. I speak Italian and read the interview in full and that's not the tone he used.

        • Sana says:

          @ juventina
          Ronaldo never slept with Paris Hilton
          everybody things that and yeah i think i have heard about this MARCO and he plays now for AC but he really SUCKS sorry!
          And i dont need to know Ronaldo personaly to know who he is.
          I dont have any problem with MARCO he is a hottie but very stupid.
          And i dont want anybody to compare him with Cris he is a very different person than Marco.

          • rosanero says:

            Before I go did you actually ask Cristiano if he slept with Paris Hilton? Then how would you know if it's true or not?

            • Sana says:

              Baby let just say

              I know my MAN CR

              he dident slept with her.

              • SoMysterious says:

                What you don't know is how to speak english properly…If you spent half the amount of time you do learning about CR on your vocab and grammar, your english would be WAAAAAAY better.

          • juventina says:

            ok ok so first of all you haven't gotten rid of me that easily. you are right about one thing – I am a Marco fan. And I don't like Ronaldo at all.

            Next, if everyone thinks that he slept with Paris Hilton then doesn't that make it true? You said a few comments before that everyone says Ronaldo is nice so it must be true. So now you are contradicting yourself.

            Now I'm confused because you stated several times in these comments that you have never heard of Marco and have no idea who he is. Now you are saying you MAY know who he is and that he sucks. My guess is, you have never seen him play because if you had you would know that to be false because he doesn't suck at all.

            If you don't have any problem with Marco then why do you keep talking about him like he is a piece of garbage on the street? And if you don't want anyone to compare him to ronaldo then why did you start this in the first place?

            • Sana says:

              @ juventina

              You are they person that replayed on my comment

              And i am not looking for any troble here.

              And also for your info. I dident really know who Mr.Borriello is.

              Mybe i might saw him ones in Eurosport but thats all.

              I can understand you.

              You know better who Marco is and mybe you are also right that the media always change people words.

              And as a Maro Borriello Fan you wore kind of angry what i wrote.

              I dont want any fight.

              ps. You should learn how Cris really is on youtube ect. and i will try to know who Marco is.

              Thats the only way to settle this ISSUE!!

          • Liz says:

            @Sana, if you cared to watch any of Marco’s footage, you will know that he is a brilliant player and has been nominated as the future of Italian football by people who know a lot more about the sport than you.

            Wow, are you Cristiano’s mother or something?

            • juventina says:

              Thank you, Liz!! Finally someone else who knows Marco's talent! My goodness a Juventina should NOT have to be one of 3 people to defend him ahahaha

            • rosanero says:

              Thank you so much for the backup, Liz! Marco deserves more backup than from two people. I totally agree with you, he is a brilliant player and at least deserves to be treated like a human being…not some piece of trash.

            • Sana says:

              LOL “yes i am his mother”
              no, seriously!
              Is this your business?
              I dont think so.
              Go and care about your own Problem.
              And nor at Juventinas.

  5. GourcuffLover says:

    WOOOWW Ugly and a Jerk.

  6. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    I would say that I find him attractive, but I don’t think there’s enough room for this post and his ego here.

    Jeeeez. What an ego.

    • Elise says:

      LOL!!! You crack me up FC43! Not enough room indeed! I don't even think the language differences can mitigate that ego. I'd say 'no', and I'd find it really easy to do so! lol

  7. Ella says:

    Yikes, he’s awfully pompous. Attractive, but pompous.

    • diana says:

      why pompous, girls? he said he's nice, walthy and well-known, he didnt say he's perfect. but you have to admit, if he wants it he gets it, its quite simply :)

  8. Lulu says:

    "what he has now, I’ve already had" (I hope he's not talking about STDs…)

  9. leli says:

    He has a huge Ego but we can forget him with that face, he is delicious, i will not know how to said no to that.

  10. Sara says:

    I'll pass, I didn't find him attractive to begin with and his comments are just a turn off.

  11. jasmine says:

    wow!ego much!

  12. Venice says:

    Hehe… how very Italian of him to say that :-D

  13. Sana says:

    I dont even know who this guy is!

    And what did he think he is? God?

    He should come down from his EGO trip. Even Cristiano doesn´t behave like that becouse he is a GENTELMAN unlike this "MARCO"

    Although is hot but Stupid.

    • juventina says:

      you think ronaldo is a gentleman?! wow. thats one way of describing him i guess…. =/

      you can have cristiano "i look like i haven't showered in 15 years" ronaldo, i think I'll stick with Marco "I'm sexy and I know it" Borriello :)

  14. tammyv says:


  15. Mel says:

    He can have me anytime….. He is sex on legs! Mmmmmm, soooo hot. Perhaps hotter than The Ramos Ö Gosh!!!

  16. Thea says:

    Think he comes accross like a complete T@#ser!

  17. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    lol… at least he's honest about it… Verrrrrry honest. Unabashedly so. I definitely wouldn't turn him down. Mmmm Marco.

  18. Zo.acm says:

    I'm not sure what to think. His honesty kind of throws you off… it's not like he's said anything wrong, maybe the way he's saying it? But then it's translated… eh, let it be. He looks good.

  19. Liz says:

    OMG he is so drop dead gorgeous. Oh, puoi avermi quando vuoi Marco. Sono pronta per te!

  20. Neazurra says:

    love the last quote :) so honest ^^