June 7th, 2011

Tuesday Torso: Pepe, Portugal

Kickette weekly fit

Image Credit: Denis Doyle/Getty Images Europe.

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24 Responses to “Tuesday Torso: Pepe, Portugal”

  1. Gladys says:

    I've got a soft spot for Ozil, too (and it's not just the Nutella ads ;) ). His incredible goal for Germany is on futbolita today:

  2. bri_saldana says:

    Ok…yes kickette, I agree; yum to Pepe. But as an LFC fan (no, no; die hard) this shot is a wretched tease for those who lust after Raul. Either way I do love both, Pepe & Raul!

  3. Winnie Mata says:

    i know right? like violent, okay, but since when is Pepe smug? like of all the people on Real to call smug…

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Yeah! like since when is Pepe a smug! he has the best heartwarming smile.

      • Lotte says:

        "You can smile and smile, and still be a villain" Hamlet, Shakespeare. I couldn't resist it, please don't hate me :) .

  4. FootballDaze says:

    Sidenote: The Portugal kit is gorgeous! My favorite top 5 kits: (1) Spain (red and blue), (2) Portugal (red kit), (3) Argentina (stripped kit) (4) Netherlands (orange kit), (5) Uruguay (light blue kit). And honorable mention to Germany's black kit.

  5. Bepo says:

    No, just no. A paper bag over his head might help a bit…

  6. I could have sworn Pepe was from Brazil! I would have bet money on it! Ooops!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      he is actually brazilian like Deco :) .

    • Maria Lopes says:

      he is from Brasil..but like many other Brazilians, once living in Portugal they became naturalized citizens of Portugal. makes immigration and tax paperwork easier to handle.

  7. Ugh, couldn't you have found someone better than Pepe?

  8. FootballDaze says:

    Too violent and smug (and quite unattractive). Still hasn't redeemed himself in my book. Long way to go. Maybe he should take advice on how to be a man from the Xabi Alonso camp, as opposed to the Cristiano Ronaldo camp. Only Madrid players I can stand after this season: Xabi, Iker (my love for him is slowly dying after some of his comments this year), maybe Ozil, Khedira, Granero, and Higuain.

  9. mochara says:

    He's got a hot body but every time I see him I think of that little incident a couple of years ago :( I wouldn't like to be in his bad books….

  10. Lotte says:

    Sorry, I can't be attracted to someone that violent. When I saw him kick Javier Casquero I honestly felt that he shouldn't be allowed on a football field, not unless he gets some proffessional help. Can't stand him. Sorry, but that's how I feel.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      It is ok! as a Madrid fan, I always look back at Pepe action and be very embarrased by it, whatever he did was on my mind for the past 3 years and also he is one of these players that tend to do stupid mistakes on the pitch that make me hold my head: " why pepe why!", like: De Rossi, Totti, Ibra all these players tend to do something stupid once a while. I actually was of these fans who didn't support the decision of him staying with us.__However he managed to change my mind, after seeing how humble he is with the fans, how he treats the kids and how supportive he is of the cantera in our club ( cantera cheerleader), I started to think this guy is not a bad person, he is hot-headed on the pitch and sometime he just don't think before he does stuff. __I am still ashamed of his Casquero action, but I think he learned his lesson by being puinshed which is great for me. He is one of these players who doesnt weigh the consquences of his action. ____But again maybe because I am a Madrid fan, I learned to accept him because he is such a great supporter to his team-mates. I really love him with Marclo and Cris, they are one funny trio.

      • Lotte says:

        The other two in the trio I have nothing against though :) . Sorry again for being so negative, but he scares me.

        • FootballDaze says:

          He scares the hell out of me too. Not the kind of guy I'd want to run into in a dark alley. I hope I'm wrong. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in future seasons. However, for now, no no no no.

          As for Marcelo, he's funny enough. Seems very light-hearted. I'm a Barcelona fan, but I would've banned Busquets from the Champions Final for what he said to Marcelo. What a disgusting thing to do. Glad it was caught on camera.

          Can't deal with Cristiano, though. Fantastic player, but again, too smug.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        i really think people need to get over that. if anyone followed any news source that was getting to the heart of the story, rather than reading all the sensationalized things about Pepe being a "monster" they'd know he was EXTREMELY ashamed and remorseful about that incident. he wanted to take a break from everything on his own, but was asked to stay and eventually decided to. yes, he has a history of recklessness on the pitch, but that's just the kind of player he is. i don't believe he means any serious harm, although he is too aggressive.

        no matter what people say about him, scary or not, from what i've seen of the way he carries himself off the pitch, i can say he seems like a good person.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I just read what Marcelo said about this accident and how sorry is Pepe about it, but not directly from Pepe. I agree it should be over by now since he is punished and learnt his lesson, the problem is with the players that didn't get any punishment.

      • @DebStimson says:

        It wasn't until just recently that I saw what Pepe did to Casquero. Before that I kept hearing the commentators talk about Pepe losing his temper, etc. I was confused because I really hadn't seen that from him this season. Same thing with Sergio.

        Whether it's Mou or they've just calmed down a bit with age, I don't see anything from them that I don't see from numerous other players.

        Also, as you rightly said, after seeing how he is with his teammates, the cantera, CR7 & my fav Marcelito, I just can't dislike the guy. Same goes for CR7. I hear all these negative things about him being arrogant, a diver, etc. and I just don't see that. I think he too has matured with age. But people see what they want to see though *cough Xavi cough*. And for certain people, I think someone could be made pope and they would still hate on them.

  11. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Oh oh pepe! Never knew that, he is that not tanned, I thought he would be tanner. However Pepe such a sweetheart love him! :)

    • @DebStimson says:

      it's not uncommon for people with darker skin tones to not want to get more tan, particularly when people already call you a monkey. :

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        No I actually thought he would have a natural darker skin, or I just compare everyone to Cris, that is the level of tan in Madrid for me :P