March 31st, 2009

Tuesday Torsos: Marco Borriello


Images via HABS Offside

Good to see AC Milan’s Marco Borriello has worked through that whole shy/getting naked in public issue that he never had.

(Seriously, don’t do an image search on “Marco Borriello, sexy” if you’re at work, or in the presence of anyone under 16 or over 80, or if you take issue with beautiful people, ie Marco, getting it on at the beach, on yachts or in the sea. Whilst in wet Speedos.)

Is it warm in here?

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25 Responses to “Tuesday Torsos: Marco Borriello”

  1. Dreamgirl says:

    Very nice Kickette.I love the bit of fluff on his chest (among other things). Not so sure about the tat.

  2. The Fourth Official says:

    He’s quite a tart, isn’t he? And I like it.

    My network must be prudish because I don’t see a landing strip wax job in that picture. *disappointed*

  3. Meer. says:

    Goodness gracious, I checkes Kickette on the public PC in the school hall. Very, very nice. Can't the boys line up and strip one after another? Next baller, please!

  4. torres4ever says:

    Thank you Marco. That woke me up,and now I’m ready for another dreaded day of work and school.

  5. Dani.Mrs José says:

    Niceeee !

  6. BS_guapa_grl6 says:

    OMG I think this image really ruined all of my senses for today…love it….thanks for the warning…I will ckeck more of him on my phone, too. This reminds me of why I love footballers…:)

  7. Erin says:

    I've never seen a man with a "landing strip" wax job. LOL

  8. stacygiggsy says:

    ohhh hot daayuuum. i need to lay down right now..*passes out*. seriously this will give me good dreams tonight. thnx kickette!

  9. The Fourth Official says:

    OH!!! Gotcha. I thought it was down lower. *blush* Shows you where my mind is.

  10. Rebecca says:

    I think I might do that Google search. It's just for… education, of course!

  11. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Mmmm Marco.

  12. kenita says:

    that tattoo is so tempting his girlfriend (or ex idk) is a lucky girl O_O

  13. nicki says:

    Thanks Kickette! totally the pick-me-up I needed this morning. And thanks for the bit of advice as well, turned out to be very useful…I will now look up pics on my phone instead of work computer.

  14. Moonie says:

    Great tatt!

  15. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    Tuesday is now rivalling Thursday as my favourite day

  16. aristeia says:

    *whimpers* Yes please, may I have another?

  17. Becca says:

    Very Nice !

  18. Boston Red says:

    And where does that tattoo end? Very niiice :)

  19. carly says:

    I love Tuesdays.

  20. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Oh he is just scrummy. Let me at him!!

  21. FootballerChick43 - says:

    I like the tat… and his entire torso.

  22. lose that girl says:

    Nice!Can this fellow please teach other ballers *cough*Owen Hargreaves*cough* that stripping off is not a bad thing? Top marks to this guy. Man tarts are a good thing, oh yes. Thanks for such a lovely sight, Ms. Kickette.lose that girl blog

  23. carly says:

    I love Tuesdays.

  24. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Oh he is just scrummy. Let me at him!!

  25. Erin says:

    It’s on his chest, TFO! It’s all smooth with a little strip down the middle. Looks bizarro to me. lol