March 15th, 2012

Tying The Knot: Andres Iniesta & Iker Casillas

Anna Ortiz and FC Barcelona's Andres Iniesta

Image via Andres Iniesta’s Facebook.

We may be in for TWO Spanish weddings this summer Kickettes, within mere days of each other if the rumours are true. Various Spanish sources are reporting that Spanish World Cup darling Andres Iniesta and his babymomma Anna Ortiz will tie the knot on July 1st, which coincidentally is the same day as the 2012 Euro Cup final. Is Iniesta already throwing in the towel on Spain repeating what they did 4 years ago?

The guest list is said to contain 800 of their closest friends and family. That’s right, 800. Where does one hold a wedding for that many people?

Why a castle of course!

Castell de Tamarit to be exact, which is situated just outside of Barcelona in the city of Tarragona. We’re sure they’ll be toasting the night away with wine from Bodega Iniesta. Can we come? Please? We promise we’ll try to behave (no we don’t).


Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero in NYCSpanish glossy Lecturas has reported that Hot HOFer, Iker Casillas, and Sara Carbonero are to wed this summer as well, also supposedly in July. Invites aren’t out yet as the couple haven’t set a date, picked a location nor have they confirmed the validity of this rumour.

Nevertheless, we’ll be keeping close tabs on the latter whilst contemplating dropping some serious wonga on our party crashing outfit options.

‘Cos that’s how we roll, ya know.

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69 Responses to “Tying The Knot: Andres Iniesta & Iker Casillas”

  1. karina says:

    Andres' wife is so gorgeous! what a lovely couple! :D

  2. HASSAWI says:

    الف مبروك

  3. Woah. I also had the same question. A wedding venue that could house 800 guests? That only happens in fairy tales! But for this amazing couple, it's possible. I'm so excited to see them exchanging vows in Castell de Tamarit

  4. Ivy says:

    That headline sounds so promising and than that, although I would prefer Xavi and Andres getting married! :-)

    I'm happy for Ana and Andres, they're so lovely.

  5. Kat says:

    Holy Saint Iker that murse. It's small though, so it's more like a pouch. A man pouch? A mouch? Whatever the hell we call it, it is UGLY.

    If Iker marries ME, I'd make sure that none of this mouch and fedora nonsense will ever happen. Uggggh.

  6. Chavete says:


    I say all of us Kickettes do it together!

  7. Kait says:

    I always said the day Iker got married, I'd surround myself with the most potent and stiff liquor available. Looks like I should prepare my liver for July, when I go into a period of mourning.

    But seriously, congrats to them both! It's really cute they're getting married. And Iker as a papa? That's gonna be the cutest thing ever.

  8. Elle says:

    Speaking of weddings, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that The Ramos and I will be getting married as well. :D lol

  9. Dee says:

    There's no way Andres Iniesta would plan his 800 guest wedding on the day of the Final. LOL. Come on. It will probably be a little later in July. And Wow — Andres & Anna, Iker & Sara, Cristiano & Irina (rumor has it)….it will be a summer of weddings. I definitely envy these girls a little…they will all make gorgeous brides. I just hope Irina's dress is classy!

  10. xoWinnie says:

    yay! I can't wait, I love weddings! *happy clap* Congrats to both couples!
    i can't wait for Iker and Sara to have the baby with the most impeccable bone-structure to ever live!

  11. JaneSpotting says:

    Wedded to Pastasauce? Nooooooooooo! Dreams of being Mrs Casillas crushed. There goes my heart :-(

  12. Mercy says:

    Gal 1000 is nothing.In SA especially blacks,they just gatecrash and u gonna have 2 feed them all!

    • Philz says:

      Dude, every family gathering I meet a new uncle or aunt or distant cousin. Don’t get me started on the neighbours.

    • Philz says:

      Dude, every family gathering I meet a new uncle or aunt or distant cousin. Don’t get me started on the neighbours. And you most likely don’t even know 70% of the people there. Yho and plus the whole church congregation.

    • Philz says:

      Lol, Dude, every family gathering I meet a new uncle or aunt or distant cousin. Don’t get me started on the neighbours. And you most likely don’t even know 70% of the people there. Yho and plus the whole church congregation.

  13. Kaitlyn says:

    Congratulations to Both Couple

  14. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Congratulations to Iniesta for Casillas has my condolences!

  15. Kel says:

    Well Iniesta and his gf may as well get married since they have a kid together. Can't get more connected than that.

  16. Kat22 says:

    Iniesta and his girlfriend look so cute together. :-)

    Congrats to both couples.

  17. JA7 says:

    They're all getting off the market ;_________;

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I don't think marriage is getting it off The market :p! They are long gone

      • JA7 says:

        truuue, but marriage finalizes it (sometimes)..i want my footballer :( (Ibrahim Afellay)

  18. Sam says:

    Spains most lovely couple, Andres and Anna! But whats with the bad planning?! July the 1st, ffs! That's the date when Andres is going to save Spain again, and finally become officially canonized! (I know you have to be dead to be canonized, but I'm sure they could make an exception for sweet, sweet Iniesta.)

    Iker and Sara ain't bad either, they certainly are a good looking couple.

    • eliza.ber says:

      It is on 8th of July. Kickette made a mistake. The date is known for months now.

      • Sam says:

        Oh yeah, thanks. Pheew, now we can all rest easy. Except for those who doesn't want Spain to win anymore trophies ;) .

  19. black widow says:

    first the pastasauce post the other day and now this. are you trying to ruin my day/week/month/year?

  20. Thea says:

    Think the Casillas is just rumour – basically they are hedging thier bets in case it does happen!

  21. hrcksmrck says:

    iker broke my heart when i heard about the news yesterday :( (( i'm not a fan of sara, but they look happy together so wishing them all the best

  22. Ali says:

    Well, if I were you I would not believe the Lecturas magazine about Iker's wedding: it's not known for being a good source of information 'cause they made up so many weddings of so many celebrities that we already lost the counts. The thing is the news of their relationship and the World Cup are already old, their life is just going from work-home, home-work and they don't have nothing special to print, so they make up stories.

  23. amy says:

    I really like anna she is down to earth not like any other of the wags. I still don't like sara though she always looks so smug she probaly is a nice girl but I can't warm to her.

  24. Jayy says:

    Thats one big ass fridge.
    Pftt 800 on the guest list? Purr-lease, thats nothing compared to the amount of people at an Asian wedding Kickette. Theres always a minimum of 1,000 people at each wedding. Add in the gatecrashers and randomers and you got yourself 1,500 people at a 1,000 capacity venue. Now thats what you call a good time ;)

    • littlegreenpea says:

      lol you were looking at the fridge?
      Why is it so weird that they have 800 people at one wedding? They're famous people! And with a person as nice as Iniesta, of course he has a lot of friends. :)
      *I would like to note that the notorious Kardashian wedding had almost 500 people in attendance, and Prince William and Kate Middleton's reported 1,900 invites.*

      • Jayy says:

        Look at the fridge though littlegreenpea!! Imagine the amount of Ben & Jerrys and Arctic Rolls you could store in there :O
        The biggest wedding I went to had 5,000 people there. I remember there was a place in the corner for the lost kids to stand so their parents could find them LOL.

        • AC_USA says:

          O dear thats hillarious :)

        • littlegreenpea says:

          Imagine all of the — HOLY HERMAN BILBAO SCORED AGAIN!!

          • Jayy says:

            I know – Bilbao are on it like a bonnet! I keep tryna catch glimpses of Llorente on the bench but theyre not zooming in on the dug out gosh darnit.

            • littlegreenpea says:

              well that's finally over. There's no point of watching united lose if Llorente isn't shown. It's like ben without jerry :(

              • xoWinnie says:

                LOL you guys' discussion on here are a riot

                • littlegreenpea says:

                  haha thanks! Come join us in our talk of ice cream and pedostaches!
                  I was about to say that City were losing, but then Aguero had to steal my happiness by scoring AGAIN!!

                  • Jayy says:

                    Llorente not playing…..Its like the Arcitic, without the Roll. Or the mint without the chocolate chip :(
                    even my brother said ''I swear you fancy Llorente''. I just went YES ;) and grinned like a possessed woman ;D
                    Hahah and thanks Winnie! I forget that our convos run into double figure replies :P But we have too many life threatening emergencies that need to be discussed ;)
                    Btw i have no idea why your comment was given the thumbs down?!?! People these days xD

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      If we are being thumbs-downed merely because we are discussing Llorente, I'll need to have a word with these people…
                      The fact that your brother commented on the fact that you love Llorente is a sign that you are successful in the art of fangirling :) We are SO off-topic lol… Let's continue to discuss more analogies about Fernando Llorente… It's like Sergio Ramos without Fernando Torres.

                    • Jayy says:

                      Haha my brother fails to understand most of my crushes, Im just glad he accepts Llorente! He refuses to accept Tello though. Or Lamela :(
                      Its like Cristian Tello without his hazel eyes.
                      Or Cesc without his donuts.
                      Maybe even Yoann without his….Lashes *cries*

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      OH NO HE DID NOT REJECT CRISTIAN TELLO AND ERIC LAMELA. Please tell me that he accepts Christian Bale at least!
                      Shudder. The thought of Yoann without his lashes… It would strip him of his seductive powers!! I'm tearing up right now.

                    • Jayy says:

                      Oh he loves Christian Bale! One of his favourite actors ;)
                      But he rejects most of my football crushes – Aguero, Cannavaro, BocaMuffin, Giroud…he only likes Yoann and Llorente. He even hates…..NANDO cos of the LFC debacle :O
                      But as for Yoann…..are there any words in the dictionary to describe his perfection?

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      Oh thank Jesus Navas he appreciates Christian Bale… I was about to come over there and beat your brother!
                      There is no word (that I know of) to describe Yoann. If there is, I WILL FIND IT. But for now, he can simply be described as Yoann-licious. :)

                    • Jayy says:

                      HaHa he's already recieved many karate chops and shoves cos he insults so many of my crushes!
                      He called Ramsey shrimpy the other day – i went into ninja mode.
                      Hmmmm, perfect is too much of an understatement for describing Yoann. The day he gets married, my whole world will crash down upon me :( .

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      Tis our life's mission to prevent Yoann from marrying.
                      I have a ninja setting as well. Right next to my 'Hulk' setting. My sister tried to tell me that Hugh Jackman was a creeper so I attempted to crane kick her in the butt. I am very defensive of my babies :)

                    • Jayy says:

                      Tell me about it! I have a bee-yotch mode too but its rarely used unless its an emergency e.g. no ice cream in the house or if I see a girl flirting with my bf :P (typical female instincts).
                      Well praise Jesus Navas that Yoann is still single! When he was going out with that model, I must admit, it was one of my lower points in life :(

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      I try not to think about that time… :(

                    • Paola says:

                      Yoann never dated French model Marie Steiss, they just have the common friend (lawyer). But also girls, don't get fooled yourselves because it's matter of time that he'll come back to his ex girlfriend and be officially off the market!

                    • Jayy says:

                      Thanks for that info it made my day :D but your right, someones gonna get their paws on him soon *cries*

                    • Mrs. Q.Borri says:

                      I will never thumb-down you guys!!! your discussions are always cracking me up like crazy!! ahahahahahaha…..

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      I'm glad that someone appreciates us getting off topic all the time lol.

                    • Esmee says:

                      seriously littlegreenpea and jayy, my co-worker thinks I am crazy, he caught me laughing at my computer screen lol you guys are soo funny

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      why thank you :) what do you think, jayy? Should we go into the comedy business to raise money for llorente stalking (and college tuitions)?

                    • Jayy says:

                      HaHa thanks Mris. Q.Borri and Esmee, I thought the world was over when I saw my Llorente groin comment had a thumbs down :O
                      littlegreenpea, YES, we have to go into comedy or lengthly essay writing on footballers, so we can raise some wonga :P
                      Infact I remember hearing that somewhere in the UK, you can study football as a degree and theres a topic on David Beckham.
                      I KEEP WONDERING WHY THERE ISNT ONE ON LLORENTE :O We'd be passing with flying colours babeh.

                    • Jayy says:

                      ^ What the actual F?
                      -2? for that comment?
                      OH COME ON PEOPLE, now your just winding me up.

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      THERE ISN'T ONE ON LLORENTE?! we can make our own. Don't worry bout the negative votes. People are jealous of your awesomeness :)

                    • Jayy says:

                      We shall call it Llorentology. And it can be joint honours with anything.
                      I was shocked to see the negativeness! Thanks fellow Llorente lover, your pretty awesome too! (I sound like them epic Bieber fans – OMFG HE IS LIKE SO AWESOMMEEE). cringe :P

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      The first lesson is a study on the effects of pedostaches on hot men. Shave it OFF, Llorente!! You're making me cry!!
                      Also, I think we're a bit more eloquent than Bieber fans… ;)

                    • Jayy says:

                      The extent of a Bieber fans vocabulary – OMG OMG OMG.
                      Thats pretty much it ;)
                      Pedostaches need to be illegal – Im talking fines, warnings, cautions, jail time.
                      And an informative powerpoint of the benefits of going about your business sans pedostache must be mandatory.

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      before/after photos are neccessary to prove our point.

                    • Jayy says:

                      Does that mean you'll be dragging that Llorente 'stache pic out again? ;)
                      I think it would be a good way to scare people. :P

                    • littlegreenpea says:

                      In hindsight, seeing as it ppractically scarred IrishBlue for life, may not be the best idea. Just lots of pictures of him before. :)

  25. Dols says:

    Pastasauce is hot and worthy of Iker….I can't wait to see their bubbas!

  26. eliza.ber says:

    Guys! Come on ! It is no news. We've known about Iniesta for months now. And the wedding is on 8th of July not 1st!