December 10th, 2010

UGGs For Men: DB’s Truth Is Out There

Sorry D, but the Kickette crew have spoken. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Democracy is power, people. And nowhere is the power to effect change more evident than here at Kickette, where our enquiries into the critical issues of the day are attracting the attention of the world’s most influential press and influencing policy development across the globe.

What? It could happen.

You might recall that having expressed our ‘uncertainty’ over Darren Bent’s UGG boot exhibitionist tendencies, we threw out a challenge to our legions of sartorially tuned readers. Would Darren’s footwear decision making skills (left) be lauded? Or would (as we may have implied) he be banished from the hip n’happening vanguard and publically tried for furry crimes against feet?

We hate to say we told you so, Darren. But the Kickettes have spoken. A massive 66% of votes cast condemned UGG boots as ‘monstrous carbuncles on the feet of wizards’, with only 6% seeing them as ‘an invaluable addition to a modern metrosexual male’s wardrobe’.

The poll also had the added bonus of identifying those Kickettes in serious need of some kind of therapy; 18% for a lack of standards (Couldn’t care less, I won’t be looking at his feet) and a further 10% for just being bonkers generally (I love UGGs: men, women, children, dogs and cats, I’m down). We have contacted the relevant authorities on your behalf. (Image via spursonside)

Darren? It’s over to you. Will you be following public opinion and abandoning your UGGs? Or standing your fur-lined ground?

We await your next move with interest.

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7 Responses to “UGGs For Men: DB’s Truth Is Out There”

  1. Caitlyn Haar says:

    Hello excellent web site everytime I come here I am satisfied with the quality.

  2. Natasha says:

    Kicketteee,I didn't know where I could post it,so…just to remember:yesterday(dec 10th) was Higuaín's b-day :)

  3. jen says:

    while i agree most uggs look silly on men, i must say i bought my brother a pair of the hottest boots 2 years ago that were uggs. they looked sorta like this.” rel=”nofollow”>. however they were nicer..unfortunately they no longer make that style but it's proof that uggs can look good on men.

  4. Leya_S says:

    I love my UGGs, I'm guilty of that. But I don't like them for men, so Darren Bent, epic fail.
    I think I (and many others) have gotten used to the misshapen feet look…….remember when extra-wide shoulder pads and front-pleated pants were in style for women?!?!? People can really get used to any look if enough ppl jump on the bandwagon, I think. So yes, I am also guilty of being a lemming, but I'm over it.

  5. blake2108 says:

    I have a lack of standards according to you lot then.

    Love it.

  6. Alex Samuel says:

    Do people who wear uggs realise how weird they make their feet look?! They look like they have flat, misshapen feet!

  7. Carson says:

    Reprehensible for women or men.
    No exceptions.