June 25th, 2010

Un Triste Addio: Italy Exit The World Cup

Seems awfully strange to have a World Cup without Italy in it anymore, doesn’t it?

Also, the idea of not seeing Canna again on the international stage may not be surprising, but it certainly doesn’t bear thinking about. Someone put this man on a stamp or something.

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28 Responses to “Un Triste Addio: Italy Exit The World Cup”

  1. Karin C. says:

    no matter what, there will always be the one and only Capitano – Il belo.

    You're my champion forever.

    i love you:)

  2. Ace says:

    Quagliarella Dissapoint me =(

    and i don't mean about his crying, that's not bad (i suppose)

    I mean his behavior during the game… so rude.

    And well, i think Slovakia gave all in the field, so i'm Glad for they. =)

    [and for my Pekarik <3]

  3. LampMissy says:

    Cannavaro is such a good captain^^

    • smurfette says:

      true, he is a good captain and I am sad that he had to go, but I am not sad for the whole squad. They played unfair during the world cup 2006 (I am thinking of Cannavaro knocking out Thierry Henry in the first minute of the final… them Materazi… the list goes on and on) and frankyl speaking, weren't playing well in the cup 2010. However, they are cute and a joy to look at.

      • anthea says:

        Isn’t it time to get over this misconception about Italy playing unfair, like it was the only one in the world.
        No denying that some players do wrong, but who doesn’t? Other teams dive and cheat and so on, all the time, the beloved C.Ronaldo is such a crybaby!
        In 2006 Italy deserved the World Cup, they had a fantastic group and a great coach. They played well, not perfectly.
        And why mention Materazzi? As far as we know it was Zidane that headbutted him in a shameful way. No words can justify this.

        This year they deserved sure as hell to get out since they were outplayed by teams far behind them (with all due respect, but that’s the truth).
        Italy’s quality at this moment is very very low, they need to have a new generations of better players. There is no lack of talent in Italy, it just need to find its place in italian teams.
        Oh, I’m being to technical here…sorry!

        I’ll go back to drool over Xabi and Yoann.

  4. senora ramos says:

    while i am not sad about italy being out (really, they played horribly aand didn't deserve to go on) i am in mourning over canna and gigi :(

  5. SunnyK says:

    I plan on being depressed until the next World Cup. What's worse is that there will no longer be any more Canna-Gigi man love sessions on the pitch, either. The world is a cruel, cruel place =(

  6. aristeia says:

    Of all the emotions, thoughts, frustrations, etc attacking me as my beloved Azzurri are knocked out (essentially by themselves, ugh)… what is really surprising me is the change in how I feel about Quags. Quags, whom I used to pick on… who used to skeeve me out. I now see a player w/ tremendous emotion and heart. Grazie, Fabio… I won't forget your effort, despite you being given little opportunity to display it.

    What Canna achieved in the last WC was amazing. That cannot be erased. Since then, it's not been so rosy. I wish he had retired after Euros (when he was injured) and avoided this embarrassment. I will choose to ignore these 3 games, Capitano. 2006 is burned into my soul. <3

  7. Johanna says:

    It was sad to see Quag break down like that but I blame it mostly on Lippi for making bad decisions in choosing his players. Hopefully their families will cheer them up at home and may Gigi get well for the Bianconeri.

  8. Liz says:

    I am still so embarrassed and ashamed… Forza Italia?!?!?!

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  10. Trish says:

    I’m with Graca… hello, Slovakia! Kopunek is a particularly tasty dish.

  11. Garima says:

    As much as I hate to see Italy go I have to admit they weren’t the same Italy this World Cup that I’ve rooted for all these years. Such a sad end for Canna’s international career. :(

  12. Canna Fan says:

    I watched this game … and it was painful from the beginning. But I’ll always love Canna, no matter where he plays or goes.

  13. anthea says:

    I’m devastated! It’s so sad italians did so bad this time, WC won’t be the same without them! They need to start all over!

    Darling Canna,we’ll miss you ardently!

  14. elnino says:

    Spain better get their game straight or they’re gonna follow Italy right back home. Come on Nando!

  15. talnevi says:

    Hey Kickette it’s “triste” not “Trieste” :) (Trieste it’s a town :D )

    • :) Thanks! Typo caused by Canna mourning

      • lulu says:

        Hey I'm a translator! Would be absolutely delighted to work for you guys! PRO-BONO!!!!

        lol sorry it's all the prozac i've taken trying to recover from such a catastrophe

        Cheers to the Azzurri… may they find themselves in time for Brazil 2014!!!

  16. Blackwood says:

    It's sad, indeed, but they weren't playing as good as they were supposed to, being that the team had some great players and could had opportunities to score. I think that maybe they were too confident that they were going to make it to the next round because that's what happened in the last World Cup… I hope that this inspires them to play like they used to in the past instead of taking things for granted.

  17. Mrs.Kovac says:

    I'm so sad to see them going home now :(

    I will miss Cannavaro so much!!!!

    But world cup isn't the same without italy…

  18. Graca says:

    It is sad to see them go, particularly because we didn't even get to see Buffon play! but they didn't deserve to go further… watching them play was almost as painful as watching France… AND there are some extremely hot Slovaks on that team, I'm glad that we'll get to know them better…. Goodbye Italy, HELLO SLOVAKIA

    • aristeia says:

      Gigi played the 1st half of the 1st game against Paraguay. He was subbed at the half.

  19. Anna says:

    Noooooooooooooo! We're going to miss you Canna!!!