April 11th, 2008

United BNO: Denim, Denim, Trainers

The United boys hit the San Carlo Restaurant in Manchester on Wednesday for a little celebratory din dins after their win against Roma.  No scandal to report, other than Rio Ferdinand’s curious sweater vest and Owen Hargreaves’s scarf concoction of Aztec style.

Side note: Owen Hargreaves – a much debated hottie or nottie here on Kickette – has just admitted he has been suffering from a knee injury that may never fully heal. He’s also stated he’s looking for a special someone who can nurse him back to full fitness with regular massages, candlelit dinners and – oh, no wait, sorry we’re still thinking about that whole slash fiction topic.


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95 Responses to “United BNO: Denim, Denim, Trainers”

  1. jessica says:

    Cool article!I find this subject fascinating.And What a best way to describe your view. You’ve got my thumbs up, that’s for sure.

  2. lose that girl says:

    Avram Grant even fell asleep—did you see that?

  3. Moongirl says:

    Too right LTG – theyre even havin to give the players smellin salts to keep them awake   hmmm

  4. lose that girl says:

    Hey Brandy,
    I know…Owen’s got a bit of a confusing past.

    Owen was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Lived there until he was 16 and went to live at Bayern Munich’s youth academy.

    He’s able to play for England because his father is from Bolton. Canadians are permitted to have dual citizenship. You can claim the citizenship of your father.

    His accent is quite special…a mix of Canadian, British and German…but he’s losing the German inflections quite quickly it seems since his move to Manchester.

    Can you tell that the Chelsea-Everton game is ULTRA boring?

  5. brandy says:

    I don’t get the Rio or Owen love AT ALL!

    I also don’t understand how Owen is “Canadian” when he plays for England and has a German accent?! His mother tongue is English for chrissakes!

  6. cheryl_xxx says:

    aww is that tevez’s daughter-soooo cute

  7. lose that girl says:

    Rusty, you are a class act.


  8. Rusty says:

    ltg, I am officially giving up Owen because I don’t want any Mancs in my place. And because I was once involved in a fight over a Canadian man who I don’t even like anymore. And because I don’t want to have children with a man who has bad knees. And because I’m going to go through the entire current and former Bayern midfield, one by one. Next on my list is Andreas Ottl, and I’ll even take Franck Ribery out for dinner, as long as he doesn’t expect anything.

    keyword: manner95. I think I’m showing impeccable manners.

  9. The Fourth Official says:

    Yup.  Order from Old Trafford.  The service is quick and the job is professional.

  10. lose that girl says:

    Rusty, I don’t know of a place that would put name/number on shirts. I order mine direct from the UK (from Old Trafford or the FA) to make sure it’s official and correct. That’s what I would recommend.

  11. lose that girl says:

    c9, yes our boys (Cris & Owen) were fab yesterday..such a banner day! I’m still sailing through my day on that high.

    I have ordered Cris’ book – I saw it in the shop here a month ago and was surprised to see how much written material there was in it. I thought it was just full of pretty pix. I went back to get it a week ago and they were all gone (disappointed, but not surprised).

    Cris is not my fave but I do really like him so it’s another great United book to add to our collection.

  12. c9 says:

    Yes indeed ladies it was a wonderful game yesterday! First my Cris scored the pen and the beautiful green eyed, long black locks that is Owen scored the free kick, boy were we spoiled or what!!!!!

    I was actually listening to the game, lying in bed with my Man U PJ’s that my honey got for me for christmas. I wear my Ronald CL jersey for CL games only, of course.

    LTG- I do have Cris’ book “Moments”. I got it just to have it, I do read it but haven’t finished yet <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/embarrassed.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="red face" style="border:0;" />

    TFO- You are our savior when it come to vids! Thanks for that delicious compilation of our new fav, Owen!

  13. lose that girl says:

    There are so many awesome photos of Owen in your tribute.

    I love the photo of him sitting in the sand…and 2:00 is so smiley and adorable.


  14. The Fourth Official says:

    Glad you liked the video, girls.  1:14 is my favourite Owen shot.  PHOAWRRRRR.

    It’s always a good day when we beat Le Arse – a great day when Owen plays, and a f**king fantastic day when Owen scores!

  15. lose that girl says:

    TFO – LOVE your video tribute!!! He’s so beautiful! And i also loved our description…mentioning us Kickettes!

    It made my heart soar to see him score today and that SMILE!! I’ll have to save that game on my PVR along with the Roma match and the game in March when Owen scored his first United goal.

    I was shouting at the tv screen for Ronnie to let Owen take it. I knew he could do it….knew it.  smile  smile

    If I have your blessing after today’s result to continue on with my treatments for Owen, I will do. It made a difference!

  16. The Fourth Official says:

    Whatever you’re giving him, ltg, keep doing it!  That was a f**king amazing freekick.  I was hoping Crissie wouldn’t take it (praying, actually), and then BANG.  Beautiful.  That’s what 18 million pounds buys you (if you play him.)

  17. lose that girl says:

    Wearing my Hargreaves shirt with pride!! I’m so proud of him!!!!
    TFO—I have to stop jumping up and down around my living room so I can partake in your video extravaganza. No doubt, it’s awesome like the man himself.

    I love, love, LOVE him!!! It feels so good to see him doing so well, scoring the winner. Us Kickette ladies KNEW he had it in him!!! It takes the smarts of gals like us to show the world who’s got it!!!
    Owen has it majorly!!

    grin  excaim  grin  excaim

  18. Moongirl says:

    Yes you’ve done wonders LTG – very unselfish of you!!!! <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  19. lose that girl says:


    MY MAN DID GOOD! Man of the Match – AGAIN!!

    <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/grin.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="grin" style="border:0;" />  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/grin.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="grin" style="border:0;" />

    Looks like all my rehab, worked!!!!!!!

    LOVE YA OWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Moongirl says:

    Thanx Fourth that vid is amazin he is such a gorg boy!

    Ive just watched his free kick in the utd/Arsenal game and he was so cute afterwards when he celebrated i had a tear in my eye.

    Oh and speakin of tears im shedding plenty at the mo cos Senderos isnt playin – please forgive his mistakes & let him play again Mr Wenger – for my sake!!!! <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/downer.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="downer" style="border:0;" />  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/downer.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="downer" style="border:0;" />

  21. The Fourth Official says:

    For all of you who appreciate the adorableness that is Owen Hargreaves, my latest video creation:


    John Terry and Steven Gerrard make small cameo appearances.  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  22. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen Hargreaves says:

    ltg, well, as someone who doesn’t like Cris, when I don’t think Owen is playing, I don’t want wasted Cris space on my DVR. And I still think my knee rehab will be helpful. I deserve a chance.

    I’m thinking of putting his name and number on my England shirt. Do you know of any places in Toronto that would do that? I’m going to be there in about six weeks, I think. I’m too scared to look for a place here.

    keyword: long91. Yes, someone has a dirty mind.

  23. Moongirl says:

    Just watchin the Liverpool game – is it my imagination or is Martin Skrtel gettin hotter as the season progresses??

    Never noticed how sexy he was when he first signed 4 the reds which is unusual cos bald defenders are usually my speciality!!!!  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  24. lose that girl says:

    c9, I’m glad that you found it. When I went back in to track it down, it took a bit more digging than I originally thought.

    By chance, do you have his book, “Moments”?

    And speaking of books, my patient, Mr. Hargreaves, has an unauthorized bio coming out later this year:

    I’m counting the minutes to the game too!

  25. lose that girl says:

    TFO – you’re right. It’s actually much more comfy to watch the games at home. We have a big flat screen too and it’s nice to be able to hear the match properly and not have a waitress stand in front of the screen at the most crucial moment.

    Saying that, I do miss the festive atmosphere and the funny comments that being in the pub brings. I always enjoy seeing the shirts that people have, with players’ names – the more unique, the better. I have yet to encounter another Hargreaves shirt but after the stellar week he’s had, I think my shirt will probably meet many others!

    I’m thrilled to bits that Fabio was in the crowd too!! Gotta choose Owen over Gareth Barry *any* day!! 





  26. carly says:

    Oh I thought of you girls when I heard Owen had scored spectacularly smile
    Unfortunately I didn’t watch the game, just highlights.

  27. The Fourth Official says:

    Sky just interviewed Owen and Rio together – looking delicious, obviously, and Owen was very humble, but smiled devilishly when asked about whether Crissie wanted to take the kick.  He’s losing his German accent – mostly Calgary and Bolton mixed together now.  smile

  28. The Fourth Official says:

    I give you full permission to continue your therapy, ltg – and if something happens to his knee before the end of the season, I’ll know who to blame!  Then you will have to pass him on to me for extensive rehab. 

    For the first ten or so years that I supported United, I had to watch every match in a pub because we didn’t have home satellite or cable networks back in the stone age.  Now, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy watching matches at home on my gigantic tv, sitting in my favourite comfy chair.  My superstition is that I have to wear my Man United scarf – draped so that you can read the printing correctly if you are facing me.  I used to wear my Rooney shirt too, but he had a rough patch, and I stopped wearing it because I thought it was because of my shirt.  Now that he is scoring again, I’m afraid to put it back on. 

    My SO has to stay very quiet if he’s visiting – he can sit in the same room, but he can’t ask me questions unless there is a break in the action.  The dog hides under the couch, because of the amount of loud swearing and screaming.  I have a filthy mouth when I’m watching footy, and I’m normally very well-mannered. wink  I sing all the chants and songs that the crowd sings. 

    It’s actually probably quite a bizarre scene to a neutral observer.  grin

  29. lose that girl says:

    TFO – did you read on the web that Cristiano wouldn’t let Owen take the first free-kick so when the opportunity came around again, Owen didn’t ask him and just did it! Too funny! The first time, Cris said ‘it’s too far for you.‘

    Regarding Owen’s on-going rehab program, I would like to think that in order to maintain the fine form that he’s been showing this week, I should be permitted to carry on with my regime. It’s working…Owen is the best he’s been all year – just think what further heights he’ll be able to reach.
    tongue laugh
    Again, I got ‘come45’—someone’s got a dirty mind!

  30. lose that girl says:

    Rusty, you gotta watch in case he *does* play. I PVR them all – even if Owen doesn’t play, my other guys are all there so I’m too deeply invested. I can’t even watch them on delay – has to be live (unless I’m at work, natch).

    I’ve begun to do this superstitious thing where I have to use my United EPL victory mug during premiership matches. It’s a bit cheesy—has a photo of the team celebrating their EPL win last season—but it seems to be a lucky charm, at least in my own mind.

    The only drawback to this fantastic Sunday is that we watched from home – not at the pub. It would have been so sweet to be there in the throngs of Rooney and Ronaldo shirts—with me in my Hargreaves kit and him soaring so magnificently.

    TFO – Rio is consistently a star performer. I always worry when he’s not in the line-up. And when Vida is there too, we’re safe as houses.

  31. The Fourth Official says:

    Owen’s free kick – absolutely spectacular:


  32. c9 says:

    LTG, you are the shizzle, that made my day, and can’t wait for the game. Only a few more hours!!!!!!

  33. The Fourth Official says:

    A little love please for Rio after today’s performance (despite almost scoring an own-goal, he was magnificent!)

    http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/reddevil… Ferdinand/1.jpg

  34. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen says:

    Grrr…the articles yesterday said he wasn’t going to play, and I didn’t record the game. (Though his playing might be the reason that *my* knee hurts right now.) So I guess I’ll get the replay at 11 tonight.

    You do not have my blessing, ltg, because we have to work out a schedule. (I don’t know why I’m jealous, because it’s obvious we’re living in a fantasy world, but I am.) I know a lot about knee rehab.

    TFO, the video made me snort. Perfect choice of music.

    ANDREAS OTTL scored? The man of gorgeousness and no Bayern playing time?

    keyword: father62. I don’t even want to know what that means.

  35. c9 says:

    Thanks a bunch LTG!!! Leaving to research right away, but won’t be gone for long……..

  36. lose that girl says:

    TFO, I’m relieved that I have been forgiven. Us United supporters must stick together especially in the last dying hours of the season when our players need us more than ever. I must applaud you for all your good deeds and selfless actions with Vida and Rio. I’m so pleased that their flexibility has improved so quickly!

    Despite the fact that others aren’t keen for me to continue my Hargreaves solo rehab in the private confines of my boudoir, I must point out that our ‘exercises’ are for the greater good.  We must get Hargreaves fully fit otherwise he won’t be able to lead our side to the <ahem> season’s climax we’ve been desiring and obsessing over.

    I am taking one (or two….or five) for the team.  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/tongue_rolleye.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="tongue rolleye" style="border:0;" />

  37. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen says:

    we can all give him TLC. But we’ll have to set him up in some mythical place where he doesn’t have to move and we can all get to him.

    I’ve got two bad knees, and at the end of the month I’m going to start physical therapy. I hope I don’t need surgery. My left knee has hurt for almost 12 years.

    Hmm, shall I watch the Portsmouth-Newcastle game that I DVRed earlier?

  38. lose that girl says:

    After spending far too long drooling over the Hargreaves pix in the latest “Inside United”, I took a few moments to glance at the other guys albeit *very* briefly. I must say that Carrick is in fine form – however, that brown cardigan with the tufts growing off of it is hideous! No wonder they asked him to remove it for his other photos!

    BTW – if you google the name of this Manc restaurant you will pull up a blogger’s account of spotting the United gang the other night. It’s kinda funny how she ran down the street and followed them for a bit. Ronaldo is mentioned, c9.

    Sounds like something that many of us would do.  cool hmm

  39. lose that girl says:

    Here’s an ancient news story from the CBC on Hargreaves decision to play for England instead of Canada. Looking back, it’s wild to see that he made the major evening newscast!


    In current news, if today’s stories on the web are to be believed, Owen might be in for a surgery on his dodgy knee this coming summer.


    He’s gonna need LOTS of TLC from LTG!

  40. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen says:

    ltg, I forgot to say yesterday that it would be oh so nice if he belonged to one of us, but alas, he doesn’t.

    Also, in the case of “Inside United,“ I saw it at the store, put it back, THEN had the dream. So I went back to the store to buy it.

    And I have a friend who I swear is stalking the city of Toronto. I’m not sure how, but she is.

    Now I’m watching my Revolution, who are actually playing even though there was a torrential rainstorm earlier. Then again, they DO play 45 minutes from Boston.

  41. lose that girl says:

    c9, sorry…I was otherwise engaged this morning and should have included the link…

    hope this works!

  42. mickyb17 says:

    I cant see what yoo all see
    My eyes are on Rio hot diggedy damn hes hot!!
    Hes easiliy the best dressed male
    And dont shoot but Wes brow is turning into eyecandy too (Oh gosh …help!!)

  43. Pink Panther says:

    Owen looks amazing. I quite like the whole outfit. And the curls, the curls, the curls!! smile

    Rio doesn’t look too bad either. It’s not the sweater vest I have a problem with. It’s the shirt under it. Too many buttons, hon. Should have worn just a regular tee with that.

  44. Emily says:

    Oh, Owen Hargreaves…  you make me proud to be Canadian.  We sure do grow ‘em nice and manly up here, don’t we??!!

    I think he looks fantastic in this photo.  Sure, the print of the scarf isn’t the greatest, but I can live with it.

    I’m definitely with Pink Panther, who was more concerned about Rio’s shirt than his sweater vest.  I’m pretty sure that my sister had the same blouse back in the early ‘90s when collarless shirts with brass buttons were all the rage.  For the love of all humanity, Rio dear, please never ever wear that shirt again!  It’s hideous!

    Good on ya, Wes Brown.  Nice to see that some ballers on the other side of The Pond are not subscribing to the unfortunate Eurotrash trend of over-bleached, over-pocketed, Bedazzled-looking jeans and trousers.  (Hey Frankie boy, I’m looking at you.  They pay you a crapload of money, please buy some jeans that do not resemble an arts and crafts project!)  While Wes’s ensemble (if you could even call it that!) is very basic, he looks good and doesn’t look like he tried too hard.  If anything, he looks like he didn’t try hard enough.  And compared with some of the other paparazzi photos of ballers on the town, I am very okay with basic yet masculine.

  45. Amelie says:

    Rio is revolting. ugh how anyone can find that face attractive is beyond me.
    Owen looks nice, if not a bit scary/stary eyed. yikes.
    apart from that i agree with goalkeeperette –
    I don't lust after any of them as i also think that they are the most unattractive team…not to mention the sleaziest. Well said.

  46. Johnna says:

    TFO I love Roy’s DVD so much. It’s so funny to see alot of people crushing over him now as I remember liking him back in the day when he was a player and no one else seemed to. Now that he’s a gentler manager and not going around kicking people, he seems to have gathered more fans lol.

    lose that girl, I have no idea where the nickname of Whorey came from but it’s stuck with me. I think it was last year when there was speculation of him coming to United, some friends and I were talking about how delicious he was and how much we wanted him with United and one of us called him Whorey and it just stuck with him lmao. It’s not official and it’s about the furthest thing from what he actually is (see all the pics of his sweet fiancee/wife (I’m not sure if they are married yet) for confirmation of this.)

  47. carly says:

    ahahaha @ what Tevez’s daughter is wearing. Little zebra.

    I know I said Rio was hot once but I’m not sure now. I can’t seem to make up my mind about that.

  48. lose that girl says:

    Owen is just delish!!  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/tongue_laugh.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="tongue laugh" style="border:0;" />

    He’s got the most beautiful eyes, a smile that charms the pants off you and a physique that’s begging to be stroked! His hair softly tumbling down his forehead and those soft, plumb lips that you couldn’t resist nibbling on….

    Need I go on? 

    <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/tongue_wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="tongue wink" style="border:0;" />

    He’s also a class act. Well spoken, smart and decent…a good Canadian boy that this Canadian lass wants to take for a tumble!

    After our rehab session, of course!!!! Nurse LTG back on Owen duty.

  49. Moongirl says:

    Hmmmm what is it about Owen, the eyes the hair the mouth no i reckon it has to be the whole erm package!!!

    Wes Brown in faded denim – no no no!!!

  50. goalkeeperette says:

    I don’t intend of taking part in this bitchfight as I don’t lust after any of the ManU boys (I’d rather think that they are the most unattractive team in the EPL…not to mention the sleaziest), but:

    - Mr Ferdinand looks mighty fine
    - so does Wes Brown (who thought I would EVER say that??), albeit not very creative
    - Owen’s scarf is made of pure evil
    - little Tevesse has inherited Daddy’s eyebrow, poor girl

    BTW Hargreaves seems nice but on the physical side, he is such a nottie.  smile

  51. Blair says:

    Owen Hargreaves is totally nummy nummy.

  52. lose that girl says:

    TFO, you really have your <ahem> hands full at the moment. Not to worry, Hargreaves is in excellent hands here. I knew that deep soaker tub was something my condo needed!

    We’re deep in a moisture quenching massage at the mo’ so if I don’t respond, well….I’m busy and too giddy to care!

    Hope Nemanja isn’t too demanding!!!

  53. Aoife says:

    TFO and LTG – I’m cracking up over here at the both of ya! <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" /> Gas!!

  54. Jacey says:

    I don’t care what Owen wears. He’s rrrrooowwwwrrrr. The scarf can be removed, and I’m just the girl to do (prepares for wrestling match TFO, lose that girl, et al)

  55. The Fourth Official says:

    lose that girl, Rio and Nemanja are BOTH in my jacuzzi as we speak.  (Slash girls, back off, it’s MY fantasy.)  They are responding well, in fact, very, um, enthusiastically, to my therapies.  Nemanja is letting me paint his toenails after bathtime.  I think OPI Passion Pink.  Rio’s feet are too sore for a pedicure today, poor darling, but he says he’s got a bit of a muscle pull in his right butt cheek, and would I mind giving it a rub?  Of course not, darling.  Okay, got to go, the boys are squabbling over the rubber duckie and I think Nemanja is threatening to stuff the loofa up Rio’s . . . oh, oh . . .

  56. lose that girl says:

    Great news on the zine front. That should mean that my local shop will have it today when the UK magazines come in. Something to look forward to despite the typhoon outside.

    You can discuss DISCUSS, TFO (!), with my man his prognosis, however changing course of his um, therapy would not be in his best interests. Having him lying about in all his glory, now that is in MY best interests!!

    TFO, you commented on the foxy-ness of Rio, perhaps you can help rehabilitate him?

  57. The Fourth Official says:

    Grrrrrrrr.  lose that girl, I’m really hating you right now.

    My mag shop *finally* has the latest Inside United issue – going to pick it up this afternoon and will scan and post some Owen pics.

    That is, IF you let me have 15 minutes alone with Owen to . . um, discuss his, um . . . prognosis.

  58. lose that girl says:

    Sorry TFO….Owen Hargreaves is already in the midst of my rehabilitation program. To halt the (sweaty) progress would be detrimental to his…um, recovery.

    As his devoted nurse, I have shut out Joe Cole and Gary Neville and am all Owen’s. He needs my undivided attention…and he quite likes me wearing his black kit while we’re at it.

    How appropriate…my security word is length85.  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/tongue_rolleye.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="tongue rolleye" style="border:0;" />

  59. The Fourth Official says:

    I should have added that Rio and Wes look quite delish there.  Thanks, Kickette, for the United love.

    Now back to the wrestling match with lose that girl . . .

  60. The Fourth Official says:

    No way!!!! lose that girl – drop the hot water bottle and back away from the Owen!!!  He’s mine, mine, MINE I tell you!!!! 

    I’m ready to get nasty over this one.

  61. lose that girl says:

    So caught up in my lust for my fave, that I forgot to THANK Kickette for posting these United night on the town photos. I was only complaining of a lack thereof the other day and you’ve made my week.


    Now I must get back to my (naughty) nurse duties!
    Time for a sponge bath, Owen?

  62. Two Yellows says:

    Fascinating how such an ugly man can spawn such an adorable daughter. (Talking about Tevez, of course.) I’m convinced that being at United makes you step up your appearance game. When Tevez first arrived at United, did anyone ever predict that he was going to straighten his hair and that he would actually look a LOT better if he did? I didn’t.

    And um, what happened to Alan Smith (Smudge)? He really let himself go. Such a big contrast from today’s picture to when he was celebrating being EPL champs last year…

  63. lose that girl says:


    Yum! Looks to be the same style he wore to a hospital visit in December where he looked SO HOT!

    I’m the first to sacrifice myself to be his full time nurse. And I can think of an interesting way for payment!  raspberry

  64. The Fourth Official says:

    Elise, you have to get hold of Roy’s DVD “As I See It”.  Lovely sequence where he’s taking treatment in the physio room, wearing his tightie whities.  Quite a lovely closeup of his ass for several minutes as the physio works on his hamstring.  Makes me perspire a little thinking of it.

    ltg, you’re forgiven.  I understand that it’s a disease and you are powerless.  The first step is admitting it.  Anyway, Nemanja and Rio are keeping me busy.  Speaking of, I gotta go – Nemanja doesn’t like it when I leave the avocado oil and fruit enzyme exfoliating mask on him for too long – makes his sensitive t-zone a bit dry.

  65. lose that girl says:

    Me, not loyal? TFO, I am confused.

    Like my Mum taught me to…I said thank you for the photos…
    and I agreed to your “meeting” with Owen to discuss his prognosis especially as 2nd opinions in such cases are very much appreciated.

    No doubt you can understand my lockdown with Mr. Hargreaves…he’s just very difficult to give up. Fine wine, expensive jewelry, vacations in exotic locales..I will gladly hand them all over but Owen is just a very hard habit to break.

    <stands up >My name is Lose That Girl and I am a Hargreaves-aholic. Is there a 12 step plan for such a malady? confused confused

  66. Elise says:

    Rewards? I love rewards!  Wait…I sound like a dog. LOL Whatever- if it gets me JT treats, then woof woof! LOL  (And really, it’s not like I’ve never found myself with my tongue hanging out, drooling and panting over John!) Speaking of, I listened to the Roy Keane radio interview that someone posted the link to the other day, and I now know many interesting things about Roy (like the fact that he wears Y-fronts) but the cutest thing was his accent when he says ‘guide dogs’.  He says the words together really quick, like he makes it one word ‘gadedoags’.  It’s adorable.

  67. The Fourth Official says:

    Elise, you are a wise woman, and unlike SOME people I can name (yes, you ltg), you are grateful and loyal.  The FO appreciates these qualities, and will reward them in the future. wink

  68. Elise says:

    I don’t get the Owen thing, but I am enjoying the catfight over him! lol And here’s the only Owen pic that I have.  I love it for the intense interest he seems to have in Frank’s mouth and no, I’m not going *there* with your Owen, TFO!  Wouldn’t dream of it.  I don’t want my ass kicked!  And besides, I’m not doing *anything* that may jeopardize any future John Terry treats from the TFO. <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/lol.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="LOL" style="border:0;" />  Truthfully, it’s just an excuse to post a pic of Frank looking quite delicious! 


  69. BmwM5 says:

    Woot Woot!!!!

    We’re in the Semi-Finals!

  70. lose that girl says:

    I’m so used to hearing people with obsessions for other places but not Canada. Good on you! Many people don’t even realize we exist!

    I used to post here as Canuck Chick thinking I was the only Canadian on here, but since some others have revealed their citizenship, i decided to toss the nationalistic monicker.

    Nice photo with Jim Cuddy, btw and fingers crossed you can track down the new Inside United mag. My store had it out today so looks like both TFO and me are set for some eye candy…oh, and reading too this weekend.  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/cheese.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="cheese" style="border:0;" />

  71. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen says:

    ltg, I was about to leave the house to go buy “Inside United” but I remembered I wanted to e-mail something so of course I came back to Kickette at the same time.

    keyword: miss51. I miss Jim Cuddy.

  72. lose that girl says:

    Rusty, I completely understand. Sometimes all it takes is some shirtless action to set the lust-o-meter on fire. I’ve had dreams of guys that I never would have though of, but something in the dream just made me crazy for them. Gotta love the sub-conscious and its wicked ways.

    Ah, if only he was mine or your’s. The fun we could have! You do have excellent taste, I must say!

  73. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen Hargreaves says:

    I just reread the Owen post from November, and I guess I didn’t love him back then. It’s a wonder what a shirtless dream can do.

  74. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen says:

    a) I *have* liked him for years. Just evidently not enough to dream about him shirtless.

    b) I may not have a Canadian birth certificate, but I’m so totally Canadian. Here’s me and Jim Cuddy from February 2004:
    Notice I’m wearing a Canadian hockey shirt. All my favorite bands are Canadian, my long-term life goals include living in Toronto, I’ve paid tons in taxes to the Canadian government…

    Yeah, I like Janelle too. She’s normal-person gorgeous IMHO, and I never hear about her bags that large enough to fit grown adults (which reminds me of an old Jim Cuddy joke, but that would be funny only to me.)

    And I no longer have a mortal enemy – I now love that person for fixing my problem.

  75. Genevieve says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW – Tevez’s little girl, what a munchkin!
    Not feeling the lurrve for Rio, Owen or any of the ManU boys actually… a definite amen to them being the sleaziest team in the Premier League!!

    keyword: boys99 hahahaha

  76. Moongirl says:

    Thanx TFO that pic of the Inside United cover was fab. Owen looks mega hot and im definately feelin the Carrick love – what a mouth!!!!

  77. lose that girl says:

    LOVE IT.
    Thanks, TFO!

  78. The Fourth Official says:

    Yeah, I got that one too. 


  79. lose that girl says:

    TFO, I think many of the pix you’ve shared of Owen & Janelle came from his website. There’s a really sweet one over there of the two of them at the movies.

    Normal couple doing normal things…except they’re both super cute and not normal looking at all.
    I would post the link but am having some difficulties. Sorry!

    Geez, security word: ‘come12’. Unbelievable!

  80. lose that girl says:

    In all seriousness, I really like Janelle. She suits him perfectly. Where I have my arguments about Alex not digging Stevie G’s profession…I can’t say the same about Ms.Khouri. Janelle was a soccer player herself, even going to the States to take advantage of a scholarship.

    Owen has been faithful to her for years and they grew up together in Calgary. A good Canadian girl for a super Canadian fella.

  81. lose that girl says:

    Rusty, you’re new to the Owen lurve…i’ve been obsessing for years!  We don’t need the marriage commitment for our lengthy bond!

    He prefers Canadian ladies!  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />  He may play for England but for lovin’ it’s Canucks all the way.

  82. The Fourth Official says:

    Owen is so far from being a manwhore, it’s not funny.  No really, IT’S NOT FUNNY, DAMMIT.

    This is his lady love Janelle Khouri, who he has been with forever:




    Much as I hate to admit it, I like her.

  83. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen Hargreaves says:

    Two Yellows, what Smudge picture?!

  84. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen Hargreaves says:

    LTG, you should have thought of being Mrs. Hargreaves first, and you didn’t, so he’s MINE!

    I share, however, not to mention I am often in Toronto, so you can have him sometimes.

    I think I may be on the phone with my mortal enemy, which makes my ISP fifteen times worse than the devil.

  85. lose that girl says:


    Sorry Rusty, but Owen is mine, all mine! Too bad he can’t be in two places at once.

    After all, he’s come to you in your dreams…he’s all REAL for me!

  86. c9 says:

    Well Johnna, I guess it’s okay for you to have Cris at the moment, I am rather busy with Wes, who I must say is rather naughty (well in my fantasy he is)  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  87. Johnna says:

    TFO, is that the issue that has Ruud in it? While you are busy with Rio and Nemanja, and lose that girl has Whorey all to herself, I’ll just sidle on over and snatch Cristiano for a much deserved reunion with his (and my) Ruud.

  88. Rusty, aka Mrs. Owen Hargreaves says:

    Owen is MINE, y’all. *uncurls her claws, then realizes she’s a violinist and isn’t allowed to have claws* HANDS OFF!

    We are doing knee rehab together as I type. We have the same patellar tendon issue. (Actually, I’m on the phone with my evil ISP, but whatever.)

    TFO, I just tried to look down his two-dimensional shirt AGAIN.

    His eyes are a buttery green. As a green-eyed gal, I like my green-eyed guys.

    MINE MINE MINE! But don’t worry, TFO and LTG, you guys can borrow him.

    keyword: where59

  89. c9 says:

    Almost forgot, thanks TFO for the scans of the new United mag. Owen is unbelievable, and Carrick doesn’t look so bad on the cover <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smile.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  90. c9 says:

    TFO- I’m taking you out tonight for a glass of shiraz once we’re done with the boys, you too LTG. While you ladies have been tending to Rio, Vida and Owen, I’ve been waiting on my Wes on hand, foot and knees (hehehe)!

    mickyb17- you are not the only one here who lusts after Wes. I mean to put a vid of him out soon, just can’t seem to find the right song.

    My dear Cris, I haven’t forgotten you, but you’ve been so busy with that plastic thing of a woman, that I needed to get mine too, if you know what I mean <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/smirk.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="smirk" style="border:0;" />

    Okay now back to my fantasy of oiling up Wes and sucking on that bottom lip (oops, did I just say that)!  <img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/wink.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  91. lose that girl says:

    Hargreaves HOTNESS!

    I’m dizzy with lasciviousness.

    Owen’s responding VERY WELL to treatment so best get on with it, Nurse LTG!

    Massage does wonders for blood circulation and all sorts of resulting activities!

    Thanks TFO for sharing the photos— me, I’m going to cocoon with the real thing!
    (okay, okay…it’s all just fantasy but it’s SO MUCH fun!)
    YUM YUM! And apparently he/I have ‘needs’ as my security word is whispering to me.

  92. klyn312 says:

    best Friday ever… unless of course the United boys decided to take ME to dinner next Friday, then that would win hands down!
    thanks kickette!

  93. Bella says:

    I can’t believe you guys don’t think little Tevezette isn’t the cutest thing in the world. You’ve been spending too much time underwater with LTG and TFO…you guys are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Keep UP the good work wink .

  94. dani,,MrsHarryKewell says:

    OOOOOOOOO owen hargreaves before this link i was begginning to think that man u had no good looking men at all lol

    haha word “lay76”
    lay yes please do x