August 8th, 2011

Universal Mysteries Solved: Leo Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo Are Together Again

Barcelona fútbol yacht Spain Ibiza Formentera

Pardon our interruption of your normal Monday morning routines, but we have an urgent update that we couldn’t keep to ourselves: Leo Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo are back together.

Although the relationship status of these two has nagged us for a while, we know what you’re thinking: define ‘together’.

Well, we can’t, but for good reason.

We’re distracted. By both Messi’s creepy over-the-shoulder stare and his Argentinian gal’s curvaceous derrière. For realsies, we’re in DNA disbelief at the size and shape of Antonella’s rump roast on holiday.

While we struggle to scrape our jaws off the ground, we’re declaring this issue ‘case closed’. Furthermore, we’re fighting for our right to believe these two are ‘together’ in the monogamous relationship sense of the word.

Following your own booty shock recovering, Kickettes, will you let us know your emotional state now that these Spanish yacht vacay snaps seemingly prove that Leo & Antonella are exclusive dating again?

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124 Responses to “Universal Mysteries Solved: Leo Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo Are Together Again”

  1. How it is! says:

    …If you like Antonella or not? if you think she's pretty or not? if you're jealous or not? the fact is, which only another female can see is that Antonella is one of these women who 'mould' themselves into what their particular prey (man) wants them to be. If Antonella heard that Leo liked the colour blue she would quickly buy things in that colour, if Leo's hell bent on keeping his private life private she too will go along with this, etc, etc, etc, she will continue to 'please' him until he believes that he has found the perfect girl who thinks like him and goes along with his lifestyle!
    A certain ex-wife of a Beatle behaved in exactly the same way, just false, false, false.
    The real sad thing is I can just imagine that when Leo's back is 'turned' Antonella's laughing at him.

    • dllove says:

      are you sure about what you are tslking about?
      or you just say this cause you don't like antonella?
      i don't know her but i think that leo would have understood if antonella
      did this
      finally,he knows her for 19whole years!

  2. K.Agatha says:

    I just want to say that I really love Lionel Messi and I don't let him be with anyone else, especially with someone who has butt implants.

    She is fake! Everything inside her is fake and Messi should realize that and not spending his money for a holiday.
    Since she was dating him, Messi were never seen to spend some time to help kids around him anymore! She is avoiding him to do so and Messi got to the trap.

    She is just spending his money for a whole holiday, why can't you spear some of your time with kids who needs more attention and spend more time with them.

    P.S She is not adoring or even cute or even beautiful at all.

  3. Bellissima says:

    She's ugly, there's nothing attractive about her at all

    • K.Agatha says:

      She is.. She is!! I agree with you~

      I feel like slapping her face since the first time I saw her face.

  4. christy says:

    I've been reading all of these comment, some are so funny keep them coming, it's just a bit of harmless fun, I'm sure no real 'hate' is in the 'room'!
    Though I do have a scenario for all the girls…
    You live in an average town, live an average life, and when you were young you went to school with someone who is now deemed the best football player of our time. This footballer comes back into town, sees you again and decides that you can slot into his lifestyle, there's no real 'fireworks' going off for either of you (from what i've read Messi's family were already friends with Antonella's family) and no awkward meet the parents. And you are propelled into a life only a princess can dream of, wouldn't you 'sign' on the dotted line?
    Messi's not thick he knows the score she suits his needs and he suits hers…

  5. Lilly, England says:

    I think a woman about 10 years older, and wiser, would be ideal for Lionel. Antonella looks, and behaves like a star struck teenage girl, not a partner of an professional sportsman. These kind of men need seriously strong willed, mature thinking women to support and understand their lifestyles.
    I am young myself, but I think an older woman would give Leo so much confidence his shyness would diminish.

    • Fabiola says:

      I agree. But probably with not that much older woman, at least with a woman who is mature in thinking and now what she wants.

    • K.Agatha says:

      I agree with you 100%. He needs someone that could store his confidence back. He need confidence as a soccer player and it seems that she (Antonella) does not give him any encouragement at all. She just want his money and spend them and to get famous!

  6. maimuna haque maliha says:

    im veryy sad..y did u marry such girl like antonella?=((((

    • K.Agatha says:

      Yes, Leo Messi… Why would you like to marry a girl like her? Find someone who can make you better and the one that can encourage you more than before, not someone who is seen to go on a holiday with him and does not wear appropriate clothes..

  7. Molly says:

    Why are some of you women wanting, or envying her big ass! Natural or not, Lionel Messi doesn't look at her with any sort of desire. I could have the face and body of a Goddess but if the man I'm with does not recognise, or love me, it means nothing.
    Leo even describes his 'feelings' for her like he's talking about a football contract!

    • Kate says:

      did he describe that? where did you read? hmmm i observed their pics over the internet but they seem more like friends … it's more she is into him than he is into her … in youtube interview he even said he prefer blondes … you are right though …

      • Molly says:

        Hey Kate,
        I don't know how to 'link' you to the page in question, but you can get to it this way. Type in whosdatedwho lionel messi antonella. Good luck!

  8. A Common Person says:

    He deserves someone better than that. It looks like she is throwing herself at him, after such a long period of time, (as if). She needs to learn the word "Modesty", even if they are on vacation. If I continue, I might upset some people…

    • Petra says:

      I'm with you! There's something about her that I don't like, and I'm not jealous. If he dated other decent girl, it would be much better for him. People kept on saying they are "childhood sweetheart" funny is, they began dating since 2009 and that's not childhood sweetheart! Most people didn't know that she is not studying nutrition, but just taking english course and following him everywhere, spend 700 Euros for hair maintenance regularly. If you people think that she is a "normal" girl and humble well, you all been fooled. People in Barcelona don't like her because she got attitude problem cause she's dating the best footballer. Of course most of you don't know, you don't live in Barcelona.

      • Molly says:

        I totally agree! I don't claim to know her but it's just a gut feeling and my gut feelings have never let me down before.
        Though to me Messi is just as bad, he seems a great guy but I believe that he 'feels' he has to have a girlfriend. Contrary to whats believed a lot of straight men are not that 'women hungry', and it seems convenient for him that she still lives in Argentina and he see her 'when he can'.
        Leo's playing it safe with a girl who he's known all his life, his World just seems to be about whats linked to his family.
        Saying al this I do hope that one day Leo falls head over heels for a great girl, his feelings just may surprise him that he would no longer know what a football looks like!.

        • Petra says:

          Molly I'm with you. To me it seems like Messi hasn't got chance to meet other women yet, he is on tight schedule besides only spending times with argentine friends and his family. There are some pictures of antonella in facebook pages, some people created those pages for her, and they put quiet many pics of hers in bikinis and party. Seems that she's not that down to earth and to me, sorry to say, a bit slutty. Why would a girl putting many of her bikini pics (flaunting her body) all over facebook? (She put those pics on her personal facebook account, and some people 'stole' them). Moreover, what does she do besides being famous as messi's girlfriend??

          and in their holiday pictures (in ibiza as well as in mexico) messi doesn't look passionate over her. Well, time will only tell I guess but I do hope he won't marry her and find other better girl .

          • Molly says:

            Petra, believe me, and anyone else who is reading this, that I'm only feeling passionate about this subject because I think Leo has chosen to be with the wrong girl, and he's so kind you want him to be with the right girl, even if it breaks your own heart! But you can really see it in Antonella's face that she's with him for all the wrong reasons, and I would bet my bottom dollar that Messi's own Mother can see it too.
            Sometimes I feel like screaming "Wake up Leo!
            I also agree with what a lot of my friends and other comments I've read that she is 'slutty' and should learn to be modest around her boyfriends friends.

            • Just Curious says:

              It's very funny whey he NEVER took her to formal occassions? Such as FIFA World Player Award, etc but he brought his family over there. Sounds fishy. If he really loves her, she should be there ….

  9. Cella.xx says:

    she is small…and looks a little bit fake but nice

  10. valdamacca says:

    ronnie is comin on sunduy and he will wish he never left that bort

  11. KHAN says:

    bullshit shame on u messi u r not the old messi so sad

    • michelle says:

      I agree, Little Leo does seem to be saying "Look at me, I have a 'slutty' girlfriend who every other sex mad man wants to lay, so now I'm officially a real man".
      I too prefered the old Messi who always stayed true to himself, like he didn't ever feel he had to impress anyone no matter how much money he is raking in.

  12. sooooooooo says:

    leo for5ever

  13. Mark says:

    It's not aarse…IT'S ASS !!! 8>)

  14. tony says:

    and whoever compare this body to shakira must be blind!!! Look at this girl curves, juicy butt, tiny waist, and beautiful fine hair. she's a perfect 10.

    oh and those bikinis are how they are worn down there, travel a bit, it's fun.

  15. chaarle says:

    butt implants?? lol stop being so envious. Big round asses are very natural in Argentina, they are everywhere! it is a must for a girl to maintain that part very firm in that country, along with an overall body shape. Good for him, he deserves it all! they both look very happy and engaged.

    • DANN says:


  16. FOLASHADE says:



  17. indianmuggle says:

    Messi's lucky?
    Nah, she's lucky to have him

  18. wagon says:

    ALL i wanna say is ,that "what a girl" lucky messi

  19. kaya says:

    Jeez. poor girl can't even have a decent booty without being accused of implants. A$$es are the new boobs, apparently. I don't find her derriere surprisingly round. Maybe there are too many photos of super thin girls out there y'all are looking at.
    I could not imagine living life like that (photogs everywhere), but clearly some people enjoy it. She seems to, and fwiw I think Messi has long given up being bothered by all the attention. In any case, she knows her a$$ is being photographed and by all appearances is enhancing the angle, if you will, with her posture. Besides, she's pretty petite… a lot of short and trim girls have some pretty nice butts.

  20. Bella says:

    I know everyone is shocked by her booty in this photo, but just so you know I use Photoshop and her a** has been photo shopped. It's not that big. I have also seen many pictures of her and her butt was never that huge. I'm no hatin' on the girl I think she is absolutely beautiful. But whoever put this pic on the internet photo shopped her behind big time.

  21. Marie says:


  22. Nienke says:

    Dating? Have you seen the ring on his finger?!

    • DANN says:


  23. sil says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!??????????? Can I at least have her body?! Or her tan!? I soooooo sad… My little flea is engaged =/

    • DANN says:


  24. Melaniee. says:

    is messi wearing a wedding ring……..

  25. Zahara says:

    YESSSS! Im so dlad theyre back togetherr!
    now cescy and carlas turn!

    • Zahara says:

      ooh i forgot to say…what an ass she has! theyre so lucky for eachother lol

  26. Petra says:

    Possible that she got her boobs done :…

  27. Vendela says:

    Hmmm those looks like wedding bands. I'm not sure about engagement rings though… Normally engagement rings don't look like that? More like wedding bands ?

    • DANN says:



  28. JA7 says:

    I can hear the hearts of girls everywhere breaking…

  29. Agnes Wonka says:

    this is what I liked from this couple, they're humble and are not showing off….

  30. Mony says:

    Good for Messi. He deserves to be happy. Isn't that a wedding ring on his finger as well? Who knows they could have gotten married. I like that Messi keeps his private life, private

  31. Marina_Isabella says:

    lol some of you here can't seem to stand seeing a woman who has a big butt or what?… It's called being 'latinamerican' 'latina' yeah… I have a nice derriere too and so do most of the women in my family. hehehe… I HIGHLY doubt those could be implants. Btw, Shakira doesn't have butt implants, that's just her ass.

    U mad? :D

  32. Blackwood says:

    I doubt the butt has implants… that's not considered big here in Argentina, it's more like a regular sized bum (I'm not saying they all look as amazing as hers, just the size). I know because I have a small waist and have a huge round butt and everyone always thinks I had something done… although mine is not as perfect looking, of course, I have stretch marks and huge cellulite issues! But trust me, you can have a natural shelf-like butt and be otherwise thin. Here in Argentina, that's not an uncommon body shape.

  33. k-9 says:

    Honestly, she is waaayy too pretty for him. He's not even all that!

  34. Lilly says:

    I don't care about the ass, I care about THE HAIR!!! I'm dying inside.

  35. Stefania says:

    I am overjoyed that they are back together :) They are such a cute couple and it was sad not seeing them together

  36. xoWinnie says:

    relax everyone,
    she's always had lush hair and a great ass.
    not sure about the boobs though,
    but as someone with generally large breasts
    i can say they look real.
    but then again, i don't know what they looked like before.
    Messi is def a lucky SOB though, she's hawtt

  37. Soccer says:

    All I'm going to say to her is, that is not a legit bikini OMG PUT SOME CLOTHES ON

    • Raincitygirl says:

      They're alone on a yacht. The only people around to get offended are paparazzi with super-long-zoom lenses. Nobody else can see her skimpy bikini. Well, except for Messi, and presumably he likes the view.

    • DONOVAN says:

      GO TO SLEEP.

      • Donovan is a jerk says:

        Wow haha, what's wrong with you? Why are we jealous? She's not all that!! Google her and search her fan pages in facebook!

        • Sarah says:

          I don't think that Donovan is a jerk, he's just one of those guys who see tits and ass and thinks Go!
          What I do like about some of these comments are the guys who can see exactly what us 'clued up' women can see about Antonella, not classy, more trashy, with stars in her eyes.

  38. tala says:

    I never thought I'd say this but.. man i'm hurt :| Guess I wanted him for myself, but don`t we all?

    • adi says:

      agree with u … i'm hurt too, and i saw on others web that both have ring on their fingers … very sad day for me :( but still, i'm wishing him all the best :)

    • xoWinnie says:

      not all of us… lol

    • K.Agatha says:

      I agree with you~ I wanted him to badly… I even prayed to God so that both of them breaks up and I though that God has answer my prayer (There is the news that they both cancelled the marriage and break up, right?) I was damn happy. But seeing that ring on his hands, I just felt hurt and feel like crying. But still, that ring could be for other thing, right? It does not have to be a 'marriage' ring, since both of them are dating. Never stop believing in miracles, Leo Messi Fangirls~

    • dllove says:

      now i understand how bieber's fans felt when he made up with selena gomez!

  39. Kristine says:

    I don't know much about her, but I was thinking..If everyone seems to be saying that she's had butt and boob implants, perhaps they haven't been seen together because she was recovering? Just a thought.

  40. Cammie says:

    My Favorite WAG!

  41. [...] A DOSSIER MEANS NOTHING IF IT’S NOT UPDATED. Leo Messi’s relationship status is of interest to some people. The pictures, too. Wowzers. // Kickette [...]

  42. Susan says:

    They both have rings on. And is he holding a pack of cigarettes or a deck of cards in that second picture? They don't look about ready to play a hand of gin, but perhaps a smoke after?

  43. poppy says:

    Looks like she has boobs and bump implants ? compares to her previous pictures

    • Gladys says:

      I think she pretty much always looked like that. We're just used to seeing her in jeans and a jacket. In previous beach photos she looked like that.

    • Por Dior says:

      there are photo´s of them on holidays last year and her bum was the same, the only change are the boobs , this year she sure looks like she´s had implants.

      Personally if i had her body i wouldn´t change ANYTHING, nothing bigger or smaller … (but hey ,that´s just what i would do).

  44. Fey says:

    There are more photos of them posted in one website … No offense, it seems that she has butt and boobs implants .. I noticed her boobs is getting rounder and bigger ..

  45. Gg08 says:

    Now that is one fine specimen of a derrière.

  46. linvinnaar says:

    Now the best footballer in the world have got himself a girlfriend with the perfect arse. Lionel Messi is officially on top of the world. We are all losers.

  47. Alexxx says:

    In the least crude way possible she has got a fine ass :)

  48. Tapioca says:

    You've got to love the body language in the second pic – he's hugging her back with the same enthusiam little kids show when they get kissed by that elderly auntie with the moustache! Of course, he could just be uncomfortably aware of the photogs…

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Lol! It is more like, look at this, it is all mine :p! Anyway, I think those two are perfect for each other.

  49. Bree says:

    That is one perfect bum!!!Although I am not a fan of string bikini.

    • kate says:

      I'm not a fan of the string bikini but she can be forgiven. It's not like she was walking down the beach in public, it was on a private yacht. If i had a body like her's i think i might "consider" wearing one!! She has a naturally beautiful face too. Bitch! lol

  50. linvinnaar says:

    Now the best footballer have got himself a girlfriend with the perfect arse. Lionel Messi is officially on top of the world. Everyone (including me) are all losers. Sigh.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      her arse is a typical from Rio de la Plata. Mine is similar, all girls here have that kind of toned bottom, don't ask me why….

      • sil says:

        That's what I was going to say… She looks "normal" for a south american girl… At least here in Brasil is very usual to have this ass and the hair. Her boobs look normal to me too. I mean, they are goooorgeus, but normal. You go girl!!!!

        • Agnes Wonka says:

          yes, Idk…I was thinking that in this part of the world, girls we haven't got a very big arse, as we have a round arse, you know, the one called "apple butt" ;)

        • fey says:

          her boobs are fake, because there were antonella's pics in facebook with a much smaller boobs (taken some while ago). I just don't understand why people keep saying she's natural beauty?????????????? she's not a beauty

          • K.Agatha says:

            Agree~ Everything in her is fake! SHE IS FAKE! She is not even that adoring or even beautiful and most people just hates her. (including me. LOL)

    • Melanie says:

      haha, i don't want her ass. if she's tall, might look good, but she's so short so very difficult to wear some outfit! there are some pics released by getty images, she's standing full body, don't think she looks nice though.

  51. Lotte says:

    I'm happy they are together! Good for you Lio! That ass is a bit much for me though… Oh who am I kidding?! I'm built like a boy myself, and a tad jealous. I'll admit that.

  52. Annie says:

    On the second pic he has such a proud face! Lol ! Anyway she may has a killing body but I think that's all…

    • kel says:

      That doesn't look like an engagement ring. I know in Spain wedding/engagement rings are worn on the right hand too. Not sure about Argentinean customs.

      • LaMasia says:

        But look at his hand, at the pic when he's hugging her, isn't he also wearing a ring?!

        Or maybe we are putting too much into this. I never believed they broke up anyhow. But he seems happy, and that makes me happy. Long live Antonella and her bum ;)

        • Gladys says:

          That pretty much looks like a wedding ring, doesn't it? I get confused by the hand thing (in the US it's the left hand, in Europe it seems like the right, but I've seen it on both for South Americans), but if it's not it must be some sort of engagement/promise ring. Either way, they seem like a cute couple. I'm glad they're still together– they've known each other since they were young (she's the cousin of one of his close friends). I assumed that if they had broken up it was just the pressure of fame and distance. She seems down to earth– in fact, I kind of feel bad that people are snapping pictures of them on holiday but I guess that just comes with the territory.

    • Melanieee. says:

      they were supposed to get married last december.
      but then rumors of the breakup went around.

  53. Cerise says:

    Butt implants, maybe?

  54. Fareen says:

    I bet Messi is sooo loving that arse too!

  55. XIX says:

    So, messi told the truth all the time didn't he? I always believed his words more than fangirls speculations though.