January 25th, 2012

USWNT: Hushing The Haterz

Sydney Leroux (r) and Alex Morgan celebrate one of Leroux’s five (!) second half goals. Image: AP Photo/The Canadian Press.

Hearty congrats to the USWNT who are currently storming their way through the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying tournament with so much ease that they’re actually attracting criticism.

Commentators noted that the matches vs. Guatemala and the Dominican Republic that finished 13-0 and 14-0, respectively, have lacked suspense – an allegation that striker Abby Wambach refutes.

Wambach, who scored two of the goals vs. Guatemala said,”We understand that 14-, 13-goal games can be looked down upon by some of our viewers, our fans, by fans of other countries, but the truth is we didn’t get our job done the last qualifying tournament, and this is a statement that we’re making to the rest of the world.

So there.

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8 Responses to “USWNT: Hushing The Haterz”

  1. E-Mail says:

    great article, great job girls..the usa team is great!

  2. sa335 says:

    Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

  3. Kay20 says:

    Have no problem with the score. Last time I checked, goal difference mattered – in particular when you expect a tough game against Mexico as your final game (which didn't turn out to be so tough, but there you go).

    What would have been tacky was celebrating goal #14 heavily, and last I checked, that didn't happen. Score your goal, move on without being in the face of your opponents. That's class.

    Good job ladies, hope you get to see London.

    • mata says:

      Yes, and if they had stopped trying to score people would then have accused them of "disrespect" for not taking their opponent seriously. They played well and behaved well, good luck to them.

  4. Audrey says:

    I don't understand why some people are whining about the USWNT playing well, instead of asking why teams like the Dominican Republic (who after 3 games have 0 points, 0 goals for, and 27 against) are in CONCACAF's top 8. I love my CONCACAF region, but there is a lot of sexism in a lot of the CONCACAF countries. The women's teams do not get the support or resources that they should, to the point that the gap between even the top 2 and the next 2 is significant, let alone between the top 2 and the next 6. You can't blame that on the USWNT.

  5. KaleRSL says:

    They are doing fantastic. The USWNT has been blowing away their opponents, and deservedly so. They lost to a great Japan team in the WWC, but are making their way to the Olympics!

  6. bri_saldana says:

    Great job girls!

  7. littlegreenpea says:

    Woohoo! Go USA! Love to see them doing so well; Sydney Leroux is an awesome player (and number 14) and I really couldn't care less that she represented Canada in the past. Samuel Eto'o played for the Real Madrid youth team, but nobody says anything about that.