July 8th, 2010

Vacay: Cristiano Ronaldo & His Ghost Of Christmas Future In New York

Irina is also there. Looks like she can deal with the step-mama moniker, for now.

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125 Responses to “Vacay: Cristiano Ronaldo & His Ghost Of Christmas Future In New York”

  1. Basingstoke says:

    This is a very cool website about ronaldo, its pretty cool seing other peoples opinions on this topic

  2. The penalties sadly do not include being shot, whipped and then secured in the stocks for a fortnight

  3. We need government CIO's to get onto the band wagon with us. We need the leaders of any large NGO to join in.

  4. dual saw says:

    Yes, I am a perfectionist in many ways, but why waste potentially days creating something that is forgotten in minutes

  5. dual saw says:

    Everyone is happy with that inning, whether you like homers, endurance, hard singles with men on foot, hits with runners in scoring location, you name it.

  6. Alex Meldrum says:

    I do not understand the fascination Christiano ronaldo and his so called ghost of christmas future. The Tabloids should lay off him, and leave him and his private life alone. Shouldn't we be focusing more on his football skills instead.

    Alex – Christmas Trees

  7. Dry Fruits says:

    And i love they way Iniesta is treated like a hero wherever he goes in Spain. It will be very interesting to see if they will chant his name at San Bernabeu…

  8. Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post. Keep up the good work friend. Glad to be part of your net community.

  9. ruby says:

    Just seen the pictures of CRon supposedly "having dinner" with Lance Bass – http://www.pinkisthenewblog.com/2010/07/cristiano… He looks like he hasn't got a clue who he is.

    • mila_casillas says:

      Haha! Cris is so clueless and precious… The tan is reaching scary levels again.

  10. l says:

    Update: his sister on Portuguese tv has today said that ronaldo and the family that are out there with him are due back in the next few days (guess that means 3 days or more, so probably sometime from monday onwards) so perhaps some of these theories/rumors can be put to bed soon

    • l says:

      this interesting report of a story in the spanish paper of el mundo (http://ecodiario.eleconomista.es/deportes/noticias/2300776/07/10/El-hijo-de-Cristiano-Ronaldo-podria-ser-fruto-de-un-desliz-con-una-joven-de-EEUU.html) makes very interesting reading regardless of if it is fiction or fact. El Mundo are saying that the surrogate rumors (which the majority of the media are reporting, compared to the ons/accidental theories) are a hoax or smoke screen released by cr's own pr team to dispel/distract/prevent further whispers, theories and rumors (i'm guessing by sending the media researching in the wrong place so that they aren't looking in the right areas for the truth).

      The media are coming up with so much crap on this that i doubt anyone has got too near to the complete truth and all the details but i always thought that the surrogate rumors (unless in the unlikely case that the player was gay), though odd bcos of the timing was the least damaging option to both him and his pr and would offer a suitable distraction to stop the world's press from starting to research into the right places and find the actual truth (we don't know a thing but this whole thing is so strange now that if there was a simple explanation i think he people would of disclosed a few more details – perhaps i'm wrong but something pretty big (and most likely v controversial) is being hidden from everyone right now, that or his people are acting like it is something big when it really isn't)

      Bottom line, most likely no one has a clue on the truth on this, and won't anytime soon

      • LaNovena says:

        well if his PR is so dilettantish as in that twitter post/ facebook album (see the link in my message down), the press will find out soon.

        The pic of the baby is worth half a million I read today and the story behind even a lot more. With the time they will find out. He cant try to lead them on a wrong way the rest of his life.

        • l says:

          as i mentioned in a previous post perhaps him and his PR are waiting it out and hoping that the press and public get bored and leave it alone (like not managing to solve a complicated puzzle such as sudoku so calling to quits before it bugs you too much – though i don’t know if the press work in that way) and no he would not be able to lead them a wrong way forever if that is the case but as he is in the peak of his career for the next 2-7yrs perhaps the truth can be hidden till a time when it will not do so much damage.
          on your other post, considering after the initial shock fans and the public see it as absolutely normal behaviour to go to the extremes of exclusive guardianship (not saying that single dads aren’t normal but to that extent is extreme), flying across the pond to in blunt terms ‘frolic’ with a gf (who is probably part of the exclusive nyc vip party scene being a model and all) and be on a boys only holiday (with all the ‘boys’ having partners/kids) when a newborn is probably several miles away, his family giving out false information and not denying anything….. apparently this is totally normal and acceptable behavior which is even being praised by some.
          I don’t want to sound all judgmental as like everyone else i have no idea what is going on behind the scenes but dust is obviously getting swept under the rug by his team and the majority seem to believe that as they can’t see that dust it does not exist and the room is clean. whatever is your theory on all this, i don’t think anyone can conclude that at least something a little odd is going on behind the scenes as nothing is adding up (whether it is something of tiger wood proportions is yet to be seen, but considering that his main sponsers of real madrid and nike haven’t issued a innocent public congrats does not suggest a simple plotline to all this)

    • NinyaC says:

      Wow whoever is managing his account is so stupid no wonder his Twitter got deleted.

      • Anon says:

        his twitter is still up and running. last tweet was to LeBron.

        • LaNovena says:

          I think NinyaC meant the twitter-post. But I think the pics were longer on a facebook album as well, with ppl posting thats not in NYC and the people around in the pics having on long clothes while its really hot in NYC right now. But the album is gone now.

  11. Anon says:

    i find it really annoying how people who don't bother to check details and distinguish fact from allegations try to pass themselves off as experts on cristiano ronaldo just because they read a few gossip columns and blogs. stop talking about the surrogacy like it's a fact! NO ONE KNOWS YET.

  12. D0li says:

    Why hasn’t his rep made a statement? I dont even think Real Madrid has said anything. I think this is a publicity stunt his PR is using to get people to stop talking about Portugal getting kicked out of the world cup by Spain

    • LaNovena says:

      and why did his rep not deny it? This is hurting his image much more than the Portugal talk, dont you think?

      • D0li says:

        Socially yes, athletically no. If people stop talking about how "badly" he and Portugal played then his endorcements with Nike and other athletic businesses will not stop. We have to remember that his fan base is mostly women, and gay men, but the people who buy his products are guys who want to do well at football; they aren't going to care much or at all about his personal life.

  13. fab4 says:

    For a SI swimsuit model, yathink she could have picked a better fitting bikini top? That one is terribly ill fitting.

    For those defending his choices, you probably aren’t parents. To say he’s just trying to keep the baby out of the press – well, he’s a newborn. Newborns are fragile, sleepy creatures. If he was where he was supposed to be – with his child – the baby would just naturally be away from the press. I’m a single parent of a 15 month old. I can barely leave her to go to work even at this age. I have a mother very willing and able to spend all her time with her grandchild, but she’s my child and therefore my responsibility. I barely go out for a drink, let alone a vacation. I don’t care how rich and famous he is, I wouldn’t let him be the kind of role model in my child’s life for all the money in the world. He makes me want to vomit.

    • l says:

      i think most can understand that being a parent who’s a major figure in the public eye will serve up extra challenges in being a good parent but there has to be a point where you draw the line and take a hard look at all your choices as the majority will affect that child. my friend when they read this story said it’s not too unlike a aristocicial (can’t find the correct spelling – like royalty!) family setup -i don’t know if that is too early to see as of yet but it is not the greatest start judging from what is being reported so far.

      reading your post, i’m pleased that yourself, your family and your little girl are doing well and i hope that all of you have experienced many wonderful moments so far and will continue doing so (and that you have a little time to yourself once in a while :)

    • l says:

      sorry my mistake, it may be that Paraguayan model from the wc

      • l says:

        apparently lux magazine (http://www.lux.iol.pt/) the girl on the front cover is the mum, whom is the same girl as is in these photo’s (http://cristiano-ronaldo.us/pix/thumbnails.php?album=1289) – don’t know how reliable lux is but if truth then cr and his family can keep huge secrets as he would of known for at least 7 months if accidential (or perhaps it was a surrogate after all)
        also Nereida talked to spanish tv and said the mother connected her and she was young and english
        (seriously can’t make this stuff up – all this would give programmes like 90210 storylines for at least a season or two!)

        • l says:

          …. except 99.9% of stuff on this is made up by press and public alike so every theory should be taken with a pinch of salt, esp the more out there ones!

        • D0li says:

          Does she mean english as in British or english as in she was born in the US? These pictures are of just some girls back.. you can’t see her face. I feel so sorry for the poor women who get mistaken as the baby momma and then they get stalked. The first link isn’t working btw.

          Why hasn’t his rep made a statement? I dont even think Real Madrid has said anything. I think this is a publicity stunt his PR is using to get people to stop talking about Portugal getting kicked out of the world cup by Spain.

          • l says:

            worst publicity stunt ever from his PR if that is the case. But i don't think many think it's a stunt and i don't think anyone would have found out everything on this (esp the moms identity) this yr, esp within one wk of the story breaking as his Pr have obviously gone to lengths to hide all the (dodgy) details. The question is is him and his Pr going to stay quiet and hope that everyone gets bored and stops questioning this so it becomes old disinteresting news or fold and release enough answers to satisfy the media/public curiosity but not the details that could cause a possible scandal? – looks like the quiet route right now but i wouldn't be surprized if this blew up on them, esp as the media act like sharks (got to feed them something to kep their belly half full or they'll bite your arm off given half the chance) – it's like a game of a combination of cluedo/chess right now

  14. jazzler says:


    HAHAHAHAHA, o kickette and your prescient posts! It is almost enough to make this girl want to hang out in the overpriced hallowed streets of the meatpacking district. Not quite though….

  15. l says:

    Ot but:


    a little bit shallow?

    to be fair i think the ‘nail varnish’ is black toenails from the results of being an athlete, not his fault

  16. welly says:

    not tryna be funny but aint he meant to be on nappy duty?????

  17. Dutch89 says:

    No one knows the REAL situation that is going on in CROn’s life, until people have facts i don’t think it’s fair to judge him on what he is doing, now am not his biggest fan but come on guys lets not believe everything we read in the media. :)

  18. Olga says:

    I kinda miss Nereida….

  19. AC says:

    Any chance the silver haired dude is Irina’s father?

    • Olga says:

      lol all the Russian prison tattoos

      • l says:

        i'd look up her family history if i were you – don't like or trust the girl but those quotes are mean considering…

        • lina says:

          nah, first of all i read her father died when she was like 4 (he was a mine worker or something) and second – that dude doesn't look russian to me at all lol.

  20. Alex says:


  21. AC says:

    Any chance the silver haired man is Irina's father?

  22. toot says:

    I know Portuguese, and from what I read in the press they do not like the Portuguese Cristaino Ronaldo, disliked him before the announcement of the bay, and now has started to hate even a Portuguese magazine called Lux that did a survey asking the Portuguese if they thought he should be in Portugal with the baby or in Ny with his girlfriend of more than 80% portuguese falarm he should be with the bay, and there talking and he paid 12 million dollars for the baby.

  23. beri says:

    Doesn’t he have a baby to take care off and bond with before the RM pre-seaon starts? He’s coming across as more and more of a douche and I’m getting more and more turned off of him!

    Yea…I may not have given birth to a child, but I have neices and nephews and I know when you have a newborn it’s a transition period and most parents tend to want to be around for that period. Thats when bonds are formed between the parent(s) and child.

    Ah well….it ain’t my life, but like it or not thats my opinion on the whole thing.

    • KatiGaray says:

      Yeah, I can't believe what a douche he is being?? I mean how can he just dump his kid to be with his GF? This is so lame, so self-centred!!! Totally dissappointed in him. Gos what a loser

      I just hope Sergi Ramos doesn't have a secret kid :(

  24. D0li says:

    I’m supprised whatsherface hasn’t made a statement regarding CR’s new born. We all know how vocal she is about Cr affairs..

    • Jheanelle says:

      You mean Nereida, right? Knowing her, I'm sure it's coming.

      I'm also a little taken aback that he's away from his baby so soon. But like someone else said, he could be trying to keep the paparazzi away from his relatives who are currently caring for his son.

      His PR reps must know how terrible this childless vacation looks and that he could possibly take even more of a beating in the media. So I'm thinking there has to be a legitimate reason for C-Ron to be so many miles away from his newborn.

      • l says:

        it came:


        we all know that N talks a lot of rubbish but she could be right when she mentioned that he has changed a lot in the last couple of yrs – sadly she could of said some truth there but thats just my opinion, could be another one of her sob stories!

        • D0li says:

          Can someone translate this? I didn’t take full advantage of my spanish lessions in high school so I have no idea what she’s saying.

          It does look bad because he supposedly has this new born and he’s not spending time wiht him. I think it would have been better if he stayed in Portugal or Spain where his new house is. After all he could have just left the baby at home while he went out.. and it would have been better for the child. Then again the child could be in CR’s hotel room while he’s out sun bathing.

          I still think this baby thing is false.

  25. aristeia says:

    I'm honestly just plain confused. Brand spanking new baby, one that he states he's raising on his own (or as the sole parent), and here he sits. Whatever.

    • Ieva says:

      Well, I am not surprised. His family has always been there and taken care of things. Financially he is taking care of his family. So they "help him out" whenever he needs them. As long as he knows that they will keep things going for him in private he will not learn to take responsibility. Seems like he was so overjoyed and so emotional after the WC that he'd rather rest hundreds of miles away from the baby that allegedly cost him a year's wages? Seems like he's really into that baby. Poor little CR-mini-me…

      • Vick says:

        He isnt gonna change, having a kid is not gonna change his party ways. The kid is less than a month old and he's already partying it up with his bimbos in NY. He can purchase as many surrogates as he wants and then hand the kid over to his mom to raise. Having a kid just to say: I am a father, i have a kid"..Yeah the kid cost him a one year salary.

  26. Six says:

    He skeeves me big time. He’s dirty and I don’t mean that in a good way. I can understand why the ladies love him but he’s kinda gross. The fact that he procreated makes him even worse. The kid’s only salvation is that he will be raised by CR’s mom and sisters and not by CR himself. He probably only had the kid because he thought it would attract chicks, you know like some guys get a puppy.

  27. toot says:

    In this paper speaks of Portugal that his son was born in Jacksonville and all indications seem to be even a surrogate, I think the CR does not want to disclose her mother 'cause this must be the Rick Martin

    • Anon says:

      Actually, I know someone who did a bit of snooping and the Florida branch of that clinic does not have surrogacy facilities, their Minnesota branch does. So that again squashes the surrogacy claims. I also highly doubt Ronaldo would intentionally have a baby JUST after moving to a new club, city and country for it to be born in the middle of the World Cup.

      • Alex says:

        It was in a Florida clinic..It’s already proven..and it was intentional….

        • l says:

          nothing is proven as of yet:

          some are saying that it is surrogacy

          some are saying that it is the result of a ons

          some are saying that it is the (unplanned) result of of long standing 'friends' with benefits arrangement (see lux mag)

          The only (loose) facts so far is that:

          the child does exist and it was born 17th july (and it's weight, length and name)

          it was born somewhere in the us

          the mother is at least a us resident (not necessary of us blood or original nationality)

          the child is most likely in portugal right now (could be in us but it is unlikely that someone else apart from his mother is doing the majority of the looking after right now and it's some stranger/paid help)

          I don't know why everyone is saying that surrogacy is the worst case scenario to this – wouldn't his pr and family ruled it out by now if it was the most damaging option. The only thing that makes the idea of surrogacy bad is the possibility that cr may be gay but that doesn't explain why he would resort to surrogacy so early in his life plus esp after this week i think we all know that he is not gay. The truth could be something as sad as the guy having a condition including low sperm count (and predicted to be steril by his 30's or something) so he was on a ticking time bomb and needed help to conceive a child of his own genes (and didn't have time to wait for 'the girl') via medical intervention (i think there was an episode on greys' private practice on its 1st season on this) – a valid reason for having a child but no footballer would want to reveal out loud that they can't have children naturally as it is a hit on their manhood (he is in a field where he has to portray himself as being the perfect male speciman) – many people who can't have children perceive it as a personal failure after all.

          But i think the above is unlikely and it is a result of a ons/fling/loose relationship and if that is the case the fact that the guy went to the extreme lengths of going for exclusive custody (and likely put a huge price on top of the childs head to draw a line under all this – though not proven) suggests that him having a child out of partnership/wedlock is not the main controversy here and there is something much bigger, perhaps career ruining being hidden here (the papers/weeklys in portugal alone are reporting that he may of had pressure from his club and women (of his fam or the babys mum i can't tell, and that someone has even identified the birth mum (lux claim to have the whole truth though we know how that worked with maria jose) and around the net their are still the hooker/underage theories going around) – perhaps the media won't find out the complete truth anytime soon but something that you try hard to hid have the habit of coming out eventually/ secrets have a habit of coming back to haunt you and it's unlikely that he will be taking whatever is underlying here to his grave, whether chosen or found out!

  28. Pam says:

    She will never be the kid’s step mom, i doubt she’ll even be around the kid. She will just continue being his paid whore.

  29. zztop says:

    was it just last year that he turned that astonishing shade of mahogany?

    I don’t think men do much of the child rearing where he is from so it’s no surprise he’s handed the child over to his mum and gone vacay.

    • D0li says:

      I’m starting to wonder if he really posted that thing on twitter/facebook. I mean he’s acting the same way, if his mother and sisters had the child in Portugal no one would have found out.

      CR looks grate in that shade, and yes it was just last year I’m not sure how he hasn’t gotten cancer with the amount of sun burnt skin he got last year.

      • sharan says:

        thats a point. no one would have had a clue about this kid if he didnt tell the world!! he’s just acting exactly the same as usual!!

  30. Violets says:

    There has been no proof that the child is not in the US. His family has said things to throw the paparazzi off of his path before. I'm more inclined to hold off judgment until we have some solid facts–the more I read of the tabloid articles about him, the less I think that most of them are actually based on truth.

  31. Lisa says:

    boy do I feel like crap. I thought that old guy with the tattoos was Ronaldo’s father, I was just about to write something mean when I realised, Ronaldo’s dad died a few years ago. RIP Jose Aveiro. I can’t help but feel if Jose Aveiro was around today, what would he think about the person his son has become? Unfortantely unless C-ron changes his ways, that photo at the top is eerily foreshadowing.

    • l says:

      It's a shame cr is not still under saf wing as quite a few 'raise your eyebrow' moments have happened since he moved to rm – people have said that sir alex was like a father(figure) to him at his time in manchester – hopefully jose mourniho can fill that void (or an older brother/uncle one) next season (but jose i think did have an affair so perhaps that is not the best idea)

    • D0li says:

      I think his dad died a while ago.. I was just reading an article where they were talking about how fame got to his head, that he was such a sweet young boy from Portugal who plaid at Manchester United and then he turned into this huge ego.

      I do love to look at him, and I think he needs an attitude adjustment but the media makes him seem more like a bad guy than he is.

  32. SunnyK says:

    LMAO @ the title of the post! Cristiano has a lot of work to do to catch up to that guy’s tan — and tattoo count!

  33. V says:

    okaaaaay… so you tryna tell me this guy is a dad?

    • Kai says:

      This will probably come as a shocker to you, but parents, especially singles ones, don’t take their newly born infants with them on vacation you know.

      Some people on here are unbelievable. Mind your own business for a change. Most of you aren’t even parents and you think you can give lessons? LMAO.

      Don’t play big if you’re tiny as an ant.

      • MEER. says:

        What's all the bithin' about? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That's what's so great about the internet, freedom of speech, chocolate etc. Okay, maybe not the chocolate. But you get the pic, right? Or not. Your problem. You're a fan, fine. Just don't diss because Cris gets critisized.

        PS. Parents, singles ones included, don’t go on vacay without their newly born infants. They take them with them or don't go on vacay period. So they have a point. I would never ever leave my kid, especially mynewly born kid, with others just so I can go on vacay. Your either a parent, or you're not.

      • Amanda says:

        As far as I know, parents with newly borns DON'T go on vacations in the first place.

        • Hessa says:

          This may come as a shocker to you but please refrain from prying into a life that isn't yours. Holy f***, you girls are crazy.

          • Amanda says:

            then why do you come here? Isn't this website about other people's lives?

            • Monica says:

              I think she just means that you guys try to delve too much into their businesses. You’re just like the media…except you don’t even get paid. I mean..do you really have nothing better to do? As for the picture, I think he looks hot!

              • Amanda says:

                I know, but don't pretend you ain't doing the same.

                By coming here and reading about their business, you're taking interest and fueling the media.

            • tammyv says:

              that is a seriously solid point

  34. AKA says:

    The longer he stays away from HIS CHILD, no matter how or why said child came to be, the more annoyed I get. Seriously. What on earth does he think he’s doing?

    • Kai says:

      Get. a. life.

      • tammyv says:

        It is a natural human instinct to want to protect any and all children from abuse, neglect, harm. She is just making that point…

        • Julie says:

          And maybe that's what he is trying to do by preventing the media from overwhelming his family in Portugal… I don't believe he would be the type of guy to simply ignore his child, as much as it seems like he is right now.

          • l says:

            That may be true but so many of the worlds gossip media is on this story that there is more than enough to split between following him and ny and keeping an eye on things in portugal – unless the child is in a 3rd unknown location there are so many papps trying to catch both him and his family in both locations that it would not make a difference if he was spending time with his child or not because i doubt that any of his family or paid help are able to take out his child for any fresh air outside their home perimeters anyway – the only real difference would be where both him/family/firends would be papped outside of their rented home/hotel perimeters!

  35. Amanda says:


  36. Hee! Cris better get busy on the tats front, then! Can’t believe that silver-haired dude is more tanned than Cris. What’s the world coming to?

  37. Ana;) says:

    Lool aww this post made me laugh! That will be him soon if he doesnt stay out of the sun!!

  38. mena says:

    Oh, so he should live in a cage while surrounded by the waiting paparazzi. That makes it so much easier for the paparazzi: they just sit & wait for everyone to come to them. Another wonderful idea.

  39. l says:

    Ot but this really funny – ronaldo's pr team seem to be really off the ball:

    http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=186770&… – apparently taken in nyc over the weekend according to his team but as this old youtube ad for the bes bank (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j04HgM_FRRg) i'm 95% sure these photo's are from yrs back and in portugal comparing locations in photo's and vid. Whoever updates his facebook page eithers had a long week or they think people are naive.

    v funny all the same!

  40. mena says:

    I don't understand the hate for Cristiano. What would you all have him do?

    Have you seen how many paparazzi photos have been linked to on this website alone in the last few days? There are photos of Cristiano from all hours of the day & night. There is even close up footage of him waiting for an elevator. The international paparazzi are totally stalking Cristiano. Do you want his baby to be in the middle of that madness too?

    IMO, it's better for the baby if Cristiano stays away for a while. That way the paparazzi stays away too.

    His son is only a few weeks old. If all goes well, Cristiano will have many many decades to spend with his son. So, missing out on a few days now, while the papz are stalking him, is not going to harm the child.

    • tammyv says:

      What should he be doing? bonding with his child… without question.

      The paps are going to be around wherever he and/or the baby is so the child's mental and emotional health should be priority one if he is going to be the primary parent

      • mena says:

        So, in other words you DO want his baby in the middle of that paparazzi madness. Wonderful.

        • AKA says:

          No, the point is that maybe he should be *at home with the baby*, behind many gates and doors, where the paparazzi *can't get him anyway.*

          • mena says:

            Sorry, posted in the wrong place.

            So Cristiano should live in a cage while surrounded by the waiting paparazzi. That makes it so much easier for the paparazzi: they just sit & wait for everyone to come to them. Another wonderful idea.

          • Nancy says:

            Exactly. The paparazzi is always going to be there, waiting. You all assume that Cris has no feelings about what he's doing right now. It's not like his baby is being ignored. Cris will be seen with him in due time.

            • LaNovena says:

              i gtg agree. this morning someone posted a link to a video in the other article, where they stalked him up, he was nerved, they went rude and had a wordfight. Hes in the center of a cyclone now. Bad enough that Irina has been pulled into it as well, but shes grown up, she can look after herself. I wouldnt want the baby inside there. If you think about this first picture would be worth a million or so you can imagine how the paparazzis were after him if theyd find out where the baby is.

            • AKA says:

              It would be perfectly easy to make sure the baby wasn’t photographed until he allowed it – celebrities manage it all the time, the Rooneys included if you want a footballing example.

              I’m sorry if the idea of Cris’s vacation being cut short annoys you, but I for one am very frustrated at his apparently cavalier attitude at the moment. If it is revealed that he has in fact seen the baby/spent substantial time with him since his birth, I will be among the first to apologize. But until then, I don’t get it, or him.

              • Nancy says:

                The amount of attention Rooney gets is nothing compared to what Ronaldo has to go through. But you have a fair enough point. I just wanna see pics of them together, I don’t care about prying into his life…unlike EVERYONE else.

                • AKA says:

                  I'm not at all interested in "seeing him with the baby", that's the last thing on my mind. I don't even like CRon, I would prefer to see less of him in general, and of course I don't want his son to be in the media either – the only thing I'm commenting on is how shocked I am that he's not enjoying and participating in the first weeks of his child's life, paparazzi or no paparazzi.

          • Homeskillet17 says:

            i have to agree with you on this. the argument that staying away from his baby will keep him is illogical. Parents should, no matter what the circumstance, stay and home with their new born child. The paparazzi are ALWAYS going to be there but him NOT being there for his new kid now makes absolutely no sense. The child is his, HE should be raising it. i'm not saying he shouldn't have help from his family but it's pathetic that he's vacationing in New York while his family take care of him. it almost looks like he's shirking the responsibility.

  41. EvelinaM. says:

    I just find it intriguing that he announces he has a child then goes to NY for vacation with his latest WAG. I can't imagine it does him good to be regarded as a single father who seemingly has left his son with his mother while he is away on holidays.

  42. l says:

    can i ask a really silly, slight OT question:

    I found this photo site (http://www.cityfiles.com/) which has photos of cr and his gf last night in nyc apparently hanging out with keith richards and dining in kenmare, but that isn't my question. On the far left column under 'see all headlines' with a green bullet point it says "cristiano ronaldo paradise lands in porto santo island". it's members only so i can't open and find out but is that more likely to mean cr and his entourage are now in the madeira area or that that hotel that he bought on porto santo about a yr back is now open and ready for business – theories?

    I don't know what to say about this nyc trip anymore – i'm just dumbfounded that a lot of people on some other sites think it's brilliant that him and his gf are acting not too dissimilarly to a couple of horny teenager (not quite that way yet back from vids and photos I've seen up to if it wasn't for the photo's of cr lying between nereida's legs of that holiday (though he did the same with his mum 4 yrs backs so perhaps it's a med thing?) than a lot of the photo's on that holiday seemed sweeter and more innocent – got to go wash my mouth out with soap for a min, never thought i'd say that! and that they want her to become cr's wife and junior's mum asap just because she's 'beautiful' and doesn't talk (probably bcos she would lose jobs and respect in the modelling industry if she did and she has much more to gain from this whole situation if she keeps quiet and cr loved up and 'happy') so she must be decent and innocent (not that he really deserves decent and innocent after the last few yrs) – if irina looked like nereida (but obviously in a freaky friday type way so same irina actions/photos as we are seeing now, just in N's body) than everyone would of had their shot guns out on both him or her days back. Just proves that people who won the lottery on natural look can get away with murder and get an unfair advantage on the rest of us. Never thought 4 yrs back that i'd be craving merche to return, but i miss that angel of a woman(!) so much right now.

    Unless a baby sitter in his hotel has got the baby (still doesn't excuse the pool, shopping and night out pics but it's the best case scenario) then whether the baby is here due to a surrogate or a ons that he bought/fought custody off in both of those scenario's he wanted and cared enough about the child to go to those lengths so it makes no sense that he has willingly lost (ok not the 1st 2 wks bcos of the wc but still…) the first 3 wks of his first childs life and counting (apart from the 48 odd hrs spent in portugal if the baby is in fact there) – it's just a very sad state of affairs tbh – no one can say that that any parent, single or partnered spending time away from their newborn for any reason (whether job, leisure, medical) is a positive experience for that child but perhaps i am too tradition in my thought process!

    • lina says:

      wait, so are the hanging out with richards and dining in kenmare from the same night or two different nights? 'cos if they're from two different nights, from what night are the pics where she brought jessica white with her to dinner? lol why aren't there proper dates anywhere?!

      • toot says:

        Irina does not speak now, because she realized what they say may harm the image of her, but that does not understand and when she spoke before the wedding and even her friend Jessica White put Twitter at the start of World Cup, lucky to be coined referring to Cristiano Ronaldo and then as the child was harming the image of her agent Irina came to deny the story that they were engaged, I think it's a sucker, she may even like the CR but not seems to be madly in love and so on, and if but she was sensible and even wished to avoid the paparazzi, would not walking up and down to avoid as much exposure, and speak for Cr at this time would be better to stay with a child, but it seems she really wants to be parading in the street with CR, as if it were a trophy, to pose for the paparazzi after she does and comes with a story about being tired of the media.

        • l says:

          because of this current situation she is 'standing by her man' either because

          she is so madly in love that she is willing to put up with all the present and future controversy on this and anything else,

          or she has realized that ronaldo has never been so photographed/talked about in the worlds media (not just european sports pages as usual) and being associated to him right now means the worlds papps and then the worlds public (and major clients) will see her being linked as part of his life, making her a full name public figure/household name and basically one of the best known models in the world right now (equalling high profile jobs, lots of attention, $$$$ (without even having to put in the effect of extracting money directly off him or selling him out for exposure/a payday) without having to lift a finger)

          or a mixture of the two

          you can make your own minds up on the above

  43. tammyv says:

    He is clearly completely prepared to handle the responsibilities of single fatherhood

  44. Amy says:

    Why are they so smooth and hairless???

    • Abigail says:

      Was wondering the same thing.

    • Mona says:

      Thank you! C Ron is SOOO SMOOTH & HAIRLESS like a Ken doll. Mehgh! He really does remind me of the "phelgm" that live down by the jersey shore.

  45. caitanya says:

    Isis, I can't confirm whether the commentators on this site are primarily Brits and Yanks, but I can confirm that I know plenty of Portuguese who despise CRon.

    Personally, I love hating him and hate loving him at the same time! Esp since I don't even know him and god forbid HE'S HUMAN :-)

  46. Violets says:

    You want paparazzi photos of the baby??

    Regardless of his current location, I hope that the kid stays out of the press for as long as possible. If he is, as the tabloids claim, in Portugal, at least he's benefiting from his father distracting the press away in the US, whether or not that's his intention.

  47. Violets says:

    Well, bad news is what sells newspapers.

    I think that it’s quite possible that the tabloids are right and his son is in Portugal (I can’t say that I have too much faith in CRon’s maturity level…), but this definitely would not be the first (or last) time one tabloid decided to completely sensationalize something and then others spread it around.

  48. D0li says:

    Why do the Portuguese hate him? I thought they would be happy to have one of their own so famous and internationally known! In an old interview with that Portuguese show “SIC” he was saying that when he’s home he can walk around at night and no one bothers him…

    I think CR loves himself to much and he needs to humble himself more. He’s starting to get less full of himself as the years go by but he still has a long way to go.

  49. caitanya says:

    D0li, I doubt they are throwing tomatoes at him when he is walking down the street in PT. Obviously, not EVERYONE hates him there; we see footage of him signing autographs and the locals vying for his attention. And having spent some good amount of time in PT, I definitely see his face plastered everywhere as well. But from the people and friends I speak to, they are put off by his arrogance, lack of class, and general overall obnoxiousness.

    Just because you’re a local hometown hero, so to speak, doesn’t mean that everyone loves you.

    In any case, if he is pulling a Ricky Martin, I am going to laugh until I go to my grave. I would like to think that he’s not gay, because seriously it has never crossed my mind that he could possibly be gay (Sergio Ramos seems 1,000 times gay-er), but hey, I’ve seen stranger things. And if he IS gay, I wish he would come out and say so. He would totally be happier for it.

  50. Tara says:

    LOL I love this. Not going to lie, I’m a little pissed at LeBron for leaving Cleveland.

  51. Lisa says:

    "who cares about football anymore"… are you new here? I think you two might be lost.

  52. Tara says:

    Ugh, LeBron. It's called LOYALTY. Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players ever, stayed with the Chicago Bulls his entire career (I refuse to acknowledge that second career comeback stint on the Wizards), even when things were difficult in the beginning. I am so disappointed in LeBron.

    I hear you with the NBA. Don't get me wrong, I'm LOVING the World Cup (GO SPAIN!). The only sports I'm diehard about are tennis, soccer, and basketball, with football (American) a distant fourth and everything else basically non-existent.

  53. Lisa says:

    I will say this about LeBron, at least he is a good parent. See what I did there? Kickette hates it when we go off topic. LeBron and Cristiano should start their own support group: Greedy Backstabbing Ego-Maniacs Anonymous. Brett Favre should join them. Meetings will be held in Bernie Madoff’s prison cell. Hey Melanie you thought that owner’s letter was brutal? check our this article by Deadspin.com keep in mind it was written BEFORE LeBron made his decision: http://deadspin.com/5581889/lebron-james-is-a-cocksucker?skyline=true&s=i

  54. Lisa says:

    no offense taken but since you brought it up… I think the LeBron/C-Ron analogy couldn't be more apt:

    -LeBron like C-Ron turned his back on the club who gave him his shot at the big time.

    -Miami Heat is now the NBA version of the Galacticos.

    -Pat Riley is a combination of Jose Mourinho and Florentino Perez but twice as sleazy as both put together.

    I think after the World Cup is over, I am going to have withdrawal symptoms. I've gotten used to having games on everyday. That's why the World Cup is so popular worldwide. It's like a month-long bender. La Liga and EPL season couldn't come quickly enough for me.

  55. Ieva says:

    He’s always surrounded by men: like his cousin, his sister’s ex-husband and some other dude that’s somehow related to him and did all the cooking at his house in Manchester.
    But even if he was gay, so what? He’s still the same guy. I would rather have him be gay and all those “girlfriends” and ONS be fake, cos that would prove that his choices in partners is not as appaling ;-)

  56. Tara says:

    Not at all. I simply found her statement hilarious and decided to respond to it. No harm, no foul. Don’t take it personally.

  57. Lila says:

    the guys always with him…his brother,2 brother-laws,2cousins,the guy always with him and stays at his home and cooks time to time is his brother in law katia’s husband. its only family allowed around him when he’s not with his bimbos.

  58. D0li says:

    Thanks totally agree that he is a bit over rated and he could town down his ego but he is still a good player, and people constantly harrass him in the press and as a human he can only take so much.

  59. Anon says:

    can you please tell me how YOU know the surrogacy is a fact? this rumour was started by a portuguese tabloid on par with The Sun, and every foreign news agency has quoted them saying "portuguese sources allege that ronaldo had a surrogacy bla bla ba". can you please give me ONE proof that it was actually through a surrogate? do they have records from that hospital showing that ronaldo registered for one? no. they have the address of a hospital and they're linking it to this case. ronaldo was not even in miami around the time baby should have been conceived (september-october since the baby was born on 17th june). till there's solid proof, the surrogacy theory is just that, a theory. just like the ONS and imaginary baby ones.