August 9th, 2010

Vacay: Gerard Pique & Nuria Tomas In Greece

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119 Responses to “Vacay: Gerard Pique & Nuria Tomas In Greece”

  1. Slithytove923 says:

    I bet the first thing every guy notices is that she's topless, while all the women think about is that he's no longer available.

  2. eva says:

    they aren't a couple any more pique broke up with nuria he is the b… of shakira right now:(( i am friend with nuria on facebook she is very beautiful and a good girl pique is the one losing :)

  3. FarhanaAzizi says:

    I was like totally shock[shock is not really the right expression of me but i actually jealous] when i saw the pictures of him and nuria on the vacation…
    it really hurt me so mucho…

  4. Im gonna cry. I was like well sergio has a new wag so I'll just got to pique now Im like dead! Fuck!

  5. Heart Broken says:

    Why!Why!Why!Why!why! This defies every law in the fucking book!!!!!!!!! Pique cannot do this!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!LOL!

  6. bartra says:

    huh OO”
    I think that pique doesnt love her, he looks so miserable !
    Nuria is a bi***, she is going with every footballer and broke up with him to be wit others !

  7. J. says:

    So everybody goes to Greece now? First CR&Irina and now Pique&Nuria…

  8. SpanishFootieLover says:

    Maybe he doesnt really wanna get back together with her? Maybe he was just doing this to prove that he didn’t have anything to do with Shakira and those girls in Izba were nothing! Just a thought. Hopeful thought.

  9. M says:

    Huh? I love me some Pique, but really. Pique? With a GIRL? That’s….surprising?

  10. ASM says:

    ahah i knew it!!LOL..

  11. Zinny says:

    HE IS CHEATING ON CESC!! Poor Sex will be heartbroken!

    On a serious note, I read somewhere that Pique said he’s only had 1 or 2 serious girlfriends, so I’m happy for the guy. But really, WHAT ABOUT CESC?! How could you, Gerrard?

  12. zahara says:

    this is a little random but whenever i hear the song ‘sick of love’ by robert ramirez i always think of pique and cesc dancing happily shirtless in an ibiza club..without the manly looking show girls

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      Haha! I just looked it up and you're right, I got the same picture! The only difference was that they were drunk, sweaty and spinning around with glow sticks.

  13. lara says:

    Since I am in Athens right now girls, if I see Pique near me, I’ll kidnap him and bring him to you, my dear Kickettes! At least someone will be happy because I still can’t recover myself from a shock about Yoann and his great love! I wish I never found out!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Minnie says:

    My heart just shattered into a billion pieces. Pique :’(
    *sobbing with Ben and Jerry’s mint chocochip ice cream and bottles of whiskey*

  15. C16 says:

    Nice way to end all rhe rumors, Piqué! :D

  16. missdee says:

    how many vacations does this boy need!
    i’m totally cool with his ibiza vacay, but this.. breaking my heart…not so happy abt :(

  17. Tashinka says:

    Sigh. Just… sigh. It confuses my brain to see him like this with anyone, whether it's Zlatan or Nuria. On one hand, I can swap myself with the object of his affection and imagine those pouty lips on mine. But on the other hand, it's NOT me in the photo (and I should probably be locked upfor even thinking about him).

    So… sigh.

  18. missbubbles says:

    wow…they look cute together, i like pique and im totally glad he found normal and cute girl and not some public attention whore….so big + for him :) im totally glad for this :)

  19. MadridistaJenn says:

    Aaawwww! This made my Monday! They’re so adorable together, simple and not over the top.
    On the other and, if this were Sergio Ramos with some chick, I would be spontaneously combusting right now or face down in a pint of Ben&Jerry’s.

    • Rachel S says:

      I'd be doing the exact same thing as you(about The Ramos)! Pique's my backup, so basically, if Sergio's next, then I'm left with nothin'. But yeah, spontaneously combusting is the PERFECT way to describe what would happen to me if I saw Sergio in a pic like this!

      • aurrie says:

        i would shaking and crying lol…which makes me want to enjoy the time that serg is actually single…..

    • lanier williams, Jr. says:

      Me too! I feel for you girl

  20. lulu says:

    The one and only lulu is back and sober.

    And now she's going to get another bottle of red wine because she can't stand watching this!

    Although at least is maybe kinda sorta relief-causing that he's kissing a girl?

    The ibra/pique pic still haunts my dreams!

    And his face while kissing her doesn't really convince me, but…

    It's something!


    (And let me tell ya I laughed at the Shakiqué gossip

    Pure BS)

    • JulieFromParis says:

      Hey LULU!! It's Mojito time in Paris, CHEERS!!

      If you want to LYAO, there is a lady out there whose "fanfictioning" AGAIN about Gourcuff's lovelife :)

  21. Prairie Dawn says:

    They look really cute together.

  22. Pique's mi y solamente says:

    My heart was just rippd out my chest, wher it xploded in2 a gazillion tiny pieces after which it was set alight with a flamethrower by this pic…n this jst 3 days b4 my bday!! Regardless, I would still hit th@ so hard…he aint married yet!!

    • Spainlover says:

      wow, my bday is August 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it ripped my heart out too :(

    • Gilly B says:

      LMFAO ‘…he aint married yet!!’ I like your thinking;-)

      Tbh, I appreciate the luscious lips of PK but he never took hold on my heart. Go go’an and be happy, bb. Ramos, however- that’s another story *sighs*

      Don’t even get me started on the heart plummeting nausea that’ll happen the instant there’s papped proof of a mrs!

      Good work getting the pics Kickette :-)

  23. Sheesh. It seems like Pique has been on vacay forever. First Ibiza and now this.

    • KDJ says:

      he's in Madrid now, for the friendly match against Mexico, i think..

      • Steph says:

        Yeah, most of the boys are already in Madrid to then all get to Mexico. lol. There's pics of them getting there all over some Tumblr sites. :) Anyone know if they're gonna air this game on TV in the US? I'm thinking I might have to watch it online. Boo.

  24. SpanishFootieLover says:

    Crap! Is he engaged? I heard he was engaged to her! I feel soo sad! Gerard is soooo HAWT!!

    • Spainlover says:

      You tell me sister! Pique is one my 5 most hottest spanish players list. Is he really engaged to her or are they still bf/gf???????????????? If he is engaged, that means almost all of my Hot Spanish Players are taken :(

  25. JV says:

    I read somewhere that Pique and Nuria are engaged and that he had a two night stand with Shakira? Should I just chalk that up as crazy Spanish tabloid fodder?

  26. KDJ says:

    OOh.. you should see Tumblr! Every teen girls are crying over this photo. I follow some of them cause they provide good pictures of the Spain NT. But now my dashboard are filled with crying & Nuria’s cursing teens.. so funny!!

    • Steph says:

      OMG, haha. I know! One of the girls I follow on Twitter, she’s got a Tumblr site with tons of great pics, too, was saying that! She’s like, OMG, they’re all crying and freaking out over this pic! lol. I think that is what’s gonna make me give in and get on Tumblr. lol.

  27. Cammie says:

    I don’t find him that attractive so …Great

  28. lara says:

    I am not a real fan of Pique because I’m madridista and I don’t look at Barca guys but I just found out something terrible! Our precious Yoann misses his ex girlfriend and he wants to take over her again! It seems that his heart is already taken and it’s not mine! I am gonna duy!!!

    • missbubbles says:

      ann-sophie? i thought they were history long ago? how do you know he wants to win her back?

      • lara says:

        No of course not Anna Sophie, she belongs to far past! I meant on his recently ex girlfriend and he broke up with her two weeaks ago! She has Serbian origin and she is so gorgeous! I found out this from my fitness trainer who is close friend with Erwan( Yoann's older brother)and he also trains with him too!!!!!!!!

        • missbubbles says:

          i had no idea he was in relationship at all…but i guess for a guy like him finding a girl isn´t hard….well, if he was happy with her and if she isnt some fame whore i wish him good luck…but how did he managed to keep it quiet for so long? and how long are they together anyway?

          • Maria K says:

            here we go again with the Serbian gf story!! =( please can somebody find out if its real because if it was we should have heard about it =/

            • lara says:

              I wish that all that is a lie but I heard that with my ears and saw them with my own eyes! I have some friends in Belgrade and they told me that they saw them kissing last year when Serbia played against France!!!

          • lara says:

            Their relationship was a huge secret because they wanted to keep it far from the media( who can blame them)! They were almost a year together but they broke up because Yoann accused her for being unfaithfull to him and some other things but later he discovered that she is completely innocent! And now she doesn't want to forgive him because he didn't trust her! And she isn't some media whore and surelly wasn't after his money because she is also rich!!!

            • Maria K says:

              Okay if he is happy with his wonderful bojana which all the serbian nation knows about their relationship but for some weird reason not the rest of the world then good luck for him but still can't believe it :pp hehe

              • lara says:

                I don’t know if whole Serbia knows that but some people (who were on that game) surelly knows! Anyway, he isn’t happy because he’s alone now but that dosn’t help me to get over it because he is suffering for her! And it is not only in Serbia news,it is also in Paris and Madrid(where she lives)!!!

                • C16 says:

                  Is this the same girl that has like 3 Phd’s and is an embassador? And is super bright and no woman can compare to her?

                  • Maria K says:

                    loool yeah that supernatural pretty mysterious Serbian girl again :p i wish i could know the truth about their apparently secret relationship =/

                    • JulieFromParis says:

                      oh COME ON, NOT AGAIN!!
                      @ Lara, that’s getting really annoying now so I don’t know who you are and i don’t want to be rude, but open a fanfiction area annd stop spamming on kickette!! Last time you told me you’d stop posting here because i wasn’t “bright” enough to believe all this crap, so just an idea, maybe time to stick too it ,no???

  29. Jules says:

    Haven’t they been together since they were teenagers? I find that rather charming.

    • JamilaRamos says:

      Really? Because I read somewhere that he was dating a Bollywood actress. So I highly doubt that!

      • Jules says:

        There were also rumours he was dating Shakira. As was Cesc and every other footballer who appeared in the video for Waka Waka. I know they've been dating at least since his Man Utd. days because her nickname was the Ham Princess and I'll remember that one forever.

      • zahara says:

        yeah, so did i..some chica called lisa lazarus..but lisa is not really an indian/bollywood name so only god knows

  30. Maya says:

    Now my week’s ruined. EEEK!

  31. KDJ says:

    eugh.. I hate this photo!!

    I’m not even a teen, I’m a full grown woman. Yet, I have obsession over this guy. And now he’s kissing his girlfriend in Greece, my most favorite place in the world..

  32. Nandia says:


    Btw, I still think they’re cute together.

  33. VeNia says:

    god sakes!!!i live in Greece since the day i was born and none i cared about had holidays here BUT!last month Cescy was in mykonos and now Geri comes for holidays and i don't know where exactly he is!!there are soooo many islands and other destinations!!please kickette can you find out where exactly?i can spy him to pay you off if you want!xD

    but i'm happy he's still with Nuria!i just love that girl!!

    • Nandia says:

      I know how you’re feeling. I tried for hours to recognise the beach but I cant :(

    • villy says:

      they were in panormos beach in mykonos!! the info comes a little late right now but i suppose better now than ever!! ;)

  34. zahara says:

    gerard, you got some explaining to do when you get home!
    tonight, youre sleeping outside with the dog.
    …oh but its too hard to stay mad at you, mi amor.
    i will always love you :)

  35. JulieFromParis says:

    God. Im not into piqué AT ALL but i know how desperate some of U are probably feeling right now!! All my heart and thoughts go to U sisters. Julie’s method: hands on ears and eyes closed, pretending nothing’s happening.

    BTW KICKETTE: don’t u dare ever show this kind of picture starring The Ramos. I MEAN IT!

    • miss violet says:


      only the thought of…

      no. DONT. EVER. DARE.

      (only if it was me, hmmmmmm)

    • DebS says:

      BTW KICKETTE: don’t u dare ever show this kind of picture starring The Ramos. I MEAN IT!

      rofl! I totally agree!

    • Nicki says:

      oh god! now the thought it in my head… i’m just gonna think of uniorns and puppies to distract myself!

      • JulieFromParis says:

        I’m SO sorry girls, forget it!

        • Nicki says:

          it's not your fault… it's a fear i struggle with daily. oh ramos!

          • Rachel S says:

            ugh, I TOTALLY know what you mean! Pique's my second choice after Sergio (haha), so this photo was hard to see anyway. but I can't begin to think how devastating it would be to see Sergio in a pic like this…I struggle with the same fear as you!!

    • lulu says:

      Oh, oh, Julie, I finally understand how effective your method is..
      I apologize for ever fueling the possibility of The Ramos dating a singer or not…!
      And, yeah, kickette better not post anything like that–
      HQ’ll look like “The Towering Inferno”
      I’ve been to jail and I don’t care to go back

  36. LuLu says:

    Not very nice kickette, just when I thought they had broken up you come along and post this;))
    They sure look really cute together;)

  37. Sara says:

    15 year olds are busy having heart attacks right now… lol

  38. miss violet says:

    i didn’t need to see this.

  39. ash says:

    OMG! He is so damn hot!
    Love him!!
    And hate her!!!

  40. aurrie says:

    wowo..okay now we know they are still together

  41. me says:


    can someone pleeeeeeease tell me the whole storry of pique-nuria-yoann(Gourcuff ?)


  42. starsarella says:

    LOLs at all the ?? :O hahaha too live that life…

    • starsarella says:

      wtf happened to my comment? LOL summming it up so i dont sound like a crazy person: love him, glad he has a gf adn nt trolling the place. 3rd vacation right? gr8 life!

  43. LaReineAnnie says:

    i thought they weren’t together !!

    oooh pique !

  44. Sra. Llorente says:

    THIS IS SOO CRUEL!! i literally felt my eyes tear up after this :(

    this is awfully evil but for the sake of those who REALLY love this guy, i rate Kickette gives me Nuria's email address and i send her a pic of that infamous Ibiza night out with the Showgirls-who-look-kinda-like-men…

    what the—did i just think that?? :( where's the haagen dasz when u need it..

  45. Leya says:



    those are the two emotions i feel looking at this picture.

    most of you can guess which emotion applies to what, and sympathize accordingly

  46. tigerS says:

    I'm going to pretend she doesn't exist. xD

  47. Melaniee says:

    i just died a little inside.

  48. tifa says:

    kickette would u plz put some more photos and try to find out about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  49. cc says:

    I'm team Shakira! j/k

  50. cherryboomboom says:

    give me a moment girls.

    * goes to the back of the room and starts crying like a baby *


  51. Jackie says:

    lol I just saw this before lunch and I don't wanna eat anymore. haha I'm so in the dumps now. But as long as he's happy…

  52. JamilaRamos says:

    O.O. Excuse me whilst I dip my hand in a bucket of bleach.

    Who's next now Kickette? The Ramos? Huh? Huh? Pique is my 'rebound' but now that I see this… I don't even know what to say.

  53. Artemida says:

    ummmmm… NO!

  54. eeera says:

    Why kickette, why?

    I need a drink.

  55. Elina says:

    OMG!I can't believe it!!!! Wish I was on this beach ……. I was soooo closeee !!!!!!!!!!!

  56. tammyv says:

    She is my kind of WAG.. sure she is kissing him but she is clutching her cocktail. Good Girl!

    • tammyv says:

      technically he is kissing her and she is letting it happen but she is not letting go of that glass

      • Lisa says:

        lying on a beach, sipping cocktails and making out with Barca's hottest player… that girl is living my dream. (cue the playing of Kokomo by The Beach Boys).

  57. Lisa says:

    As much as I love Pique, seeing him with Nuria after being photographed next to beauty queens and club trannies is actually quite a relief.

    Do the Spanish NT guys even have to go back to their teams, can't they take the season off stay on holiday? They deserve it after winning the WC.

    • KDJ says:

      if this happens, Barcelona won’t be playing at La Liga, since most of the Spanish NT are from Barca. LOL

      • Lisa says:

        Imagine if Pep or Sandro Rosell just said "screw it, guys just take the whole season off, you have brought immeasurable honor to your country".

        how could any top player NOT want to play for Barca if that happened? personally as a barca fan that would make me love the club even more.

  58. miss violet says:


    Strategy: ignore her an nibble on his ear instead.

    It's just beautiful.

  59. Angie says:

    I normally look to Kickette to BRIGHTEN my Mondays, not make them more Monday-ish. This was totally unnecessary! Now I need that piece of cheesecake I passed up earlier today.

  60. ASM says:

    omg..i thought they weren't together anymore.. :(


  61. Julia D says:

    Beard. All I can say.

  62. Howie says:

    Make… It… Stop!!!!

  63. miss toffee says:

    this just broke my heart.

  64. hanna says:



    Next you gonna show a picture of cesc and his girlfriend right? *runs off crying*

  65. Little Miss Arsenal says:


    my heart just shattered into a zillion pieces!

    I soooo didnt need to see that!