June 3rd, 2010

Vacay: Zlatan Ibrahimovic In Miami

Though it’s a real shame Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn’t heading off to South Africa to participate in the World Cup (Sweden didn’t qualify), we’re rather thrilled to see him checking his tan lines in Miami instead. Mercy.

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88 Responses to “Vacay: Zlatan Ibrahimovic In Miami”

  1. Renee says:


  2. noemi says:

    he is so hot………..hot hot hot

  3. bri_saldana says:

    I just wanna bite! :D

  4. coconuta says:

    there are at least other 3 Miami pictures where he's looking steaming hot as well. Yummy, yummy Zlatan. And I like the fact that he's not a "pretty boy" type of man, but something entirely different.

  5. Tenay says:

    HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

  6. julia says:

    JUST GORGEOUS! YUMMIE !!!!!!!! ;)

  7. Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

    Eish!!! what a man…. love that bod!!!

  8. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    I just came.

    My god… what a body.

  9. elylovesfootball says:

    Woahh so Hot!!

    the tattoos are looking sexy on that body

  10. Julia says:

    Sad for every man who doesn't have such a body…

  11. Ibracadabra says:

    This man must stay in Barça!! I want to meet him in Barcelona!!! He is one of the best football players and his first season has been really good, i don’t understand why some cules criticize him I LOV Ibra!

    • vallieibrahimovic says:

      I followed him for more than 2 years but last sept and last april I met him in milan!(I saw him many times when he played for inter milan),but when I met him he's been so nice with me!!!!Miss him a lot!

  12. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Love his manly, masculine hands. And his nose and hair are perfect on him!! *delicious*

  13. Mrs.Ibrahimovic says:

    Found a couple of hott pics ;)

    [IMG ]http://i48.tinypic.com/6sqd5c.jpg[/IMG]

  14. Mrs.Ibrahimovic says:

    MY LOVE <3 IBRA !!

    SO HOTT !!

    Please more pictures?! ;)

  15. Karin C. says:

    jesus christ!!!!
    that man should be legally required to walk around naked!
    i bet he is big….

    • caitanya says:

      Although born in sweden, he’s originally eastern european and according to my gay male friends (and believe me, they know), eastern european men are known for their … magnitude

      • Thea says:

        He is of He is of Bosnian and Croatian parentage and I think he is a Muslim, maybe why he and his wife like their privacy.

        • Zlatanista says:

          It would surprise me if he is a muslim. He has never made any hint of that. But, of course, you never know.

          He was born and grew up in Malmö i southern Sweden, and when he talks about his childhood its seems to me to be kind of typically swedish. Even though his old neighborhood is more and more turning in to a ghetto.

          • HJ says:

            If he was really a muslim, he wouldn’t have sex before marriage( which he’s already done), no tattoos, wine..etc. I do NOT think he’s a muslim. his dad is, though.

            • kott says:

              Bosnian Muslims are really that way oriented… We drink, smoke, have tattoos and sex :) , pretty much all that stuff, but we are Muslims , most of us do not practice religion in any way (just celebrate holidays, and lose vices during Ramadan), but all the stuff u mentioned are not forbidden just in Islam, but in all of religions

          • barca4ever says:

            he’s not meslum am sure 100%

            • kott says:

              He is Muslim :) , at least his father is ;) , and his first and last name are typical muslim bosnian name, plus he looks 100% Bosnian! It so weird when he plays for Sweden , but its his country of birth and his choice ;)

          • Sergo says:

            (Late reply, I know) According to Swedish media he's a devout catholic… But he's never said anything himself so I don't know :P

      • Karin C. says:

        i know :)

        just looking at his nose…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

        • DutchGooner says:

          I read somwhere that his dad is Bosnian-Muslim and his mum is a Croatian-catholic and he himself considers himself catholic but isnt really a religious type anywhoo this picture is just WOOOOOOW :)

          • caitanya says:

            My mention of his Eastern European-ness was in response to the reference to his supposed big size and so i'm scratching my head wondering how this all got to be talk about being muslim …

            Muslim or not, what i was trying to get at is according to my gay friends, his being of eastern european descent and the big schnozz on his face are both sure-fire indicators that he is, yes, well endowed.

            Unfortunately, in my humblest opinion, despite his drop-dead bod (i admit i drooled a little) and his good football skills, he does have a face like a train wreck. Sorry Ibra!

            • il grande ibra says:

              I know for sure that he is well endowed. my friends cousin was for like 10 years ago fcked by zlatan. she said it was “quite” big! haha

  16. Zlatanista says:

    I am so happy to see so much appreciation of Zlatan! I didn´t think we were so many who "got him". Yey!

    • Luna says:

      I know right? But sometimes I don't want too many to get him, or the Nose! It's like it's fun we are a small community of Zlatan adorers

  17. yelena says:

    love him ever since… idunno, therz sumthin sexy in those witchy nose..haha..feel like whispering "zlataahn…"… my BIG BIRD!

  18. aps says:

    I love his tattoos though. They go perfect with his hot body!

  19. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    Whatever he is doing, I wish that he would do it in front of me. Damn!!!!

  20. Maggi says:

    Kickette I think you should do a Footballers in Miami special :D that includes also Cannavaro and Ballack :D

  21. Renata says:

    Hot ;P

  22. vallieibrahimovic says:

    I fainted when I saw this pic….more pic please!
    I love you so much zlatan!<3

  23. tigerS says:

    Fuck yeah!!

  24. Erin says:

    YES! YES! YES!

  25. caitanya says:

    i am not an ibra fan at all, but the only thing i could utter was

    OH … MY … GOD

  26. Ella says:

    He makes me physically ill.

    • Ana;) says:

      lol… that really made me laugh
      I dont find him attractive either, but I wouldnt say he makes me physically ill. I’ve seen worse….and yes! There’s worse lol.

      • Ella says:

        I don't know why, but i really have an averse physical reaction to him. Heehee! Out of curiosity who is worse in your opinion?

        • Ana;) says:

          Physical reaction lol yh just not the one he's hoping for. Football has 4 unattractive guys for the attractive lol. I'm no

          math whizz but I know it's bad lol! look at the likes of benayoun, tevez, kuyt, ribery and how could i forget ronaldinho haha n there are plenty more! Have I convinced you now that there are worse than ibra'? Lool ;)

  27. gourcufflover says:

    Wowww, me like it, me like it ALOT…

  28. tammyv says:

    Good god…Why am I in LA?

  29. kott says:

    this man…omg…omg…omg… We need to see more pics form this Miami trip! God Ibra,can you look any better?!?!

  30. elle says:

    What is it with footballers going to Miami?

  31. If I was to quibble, I’d say he needs to build up his pecs a bit. But that’s just quibbling. :)

    • Zlatanista says:

      lol. Oh no, he is mine :) . Then again there is more than enough of him, i guess we could share.

  32. sarahbarca says:

    this pic made me crazy

  33. Zlatanista says:

    No, Sweden didn´t qualify *sob* :( . No Zlatan and no Kim källström in South Africa…

    But i have gotten over it now (no, not really), and i am really grateful to you Kickette for helping my broken heart to mend. Zlatan you are a fine specimen!!!

  34. Anonymous to You says:

    Keep working hard, Ibracadabra! All the criticism being piled on you is injust and you will prevail!

    • Zlatanista says:

      Oh, you just took the words out of my mouth! He will come back, he always does!

  35. Regiii says:

    hot body and tattoos… what else can i ask for on a holiday?

  36. Luna says:

    UNF I love this man!

  37. senora ramos says:

    OH MY GOD!!! ::mustgotomiamiimmediately::

    • MrsNesta says:

      its not that far for you, they all seem to vacay there, start planning your move now and I can come and visit to do some stalking, err I mean sight-seeing :)

      • senora ramos says:

        the day sergio decides he wants to visit is the day i pack up and go :D and everyone's invited!!

        • senora ramos says:

          also, why don't they want to come to NO? so there's no beach. hello, burbon and uptown and all kinds of good music, good food, good drinks, and bad girls ;D

          • MrsNesta says:

            Yeh why don’t they, I could be a bad girl :)

            • LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

              You two are from New Orleans? <3 that city :D

              • MrsNesta says:

                I'm in England, not sure I'm going to start seeing hot ballers having a vacay in Gt Yarmouth :( But I could visit NO and be a bad girl :)

              • senora ramos says:

                i'm in lafayette, la, but that's only 1 1/2 hours away from NO. and i go there a lot. i <3 it too!

                • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

                  And Im in SA, where most of them are heading too!!! lol…… Hi guys…. ;)

                  • MrsNesta says:

                    Hi Trisha, bet you're busy? You lucky lucky girl, you better make the most of it for us and then we want all the deets, like whether or not you used handcuffs LOL :)

                    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

                      lol…. no, the people better behave cos i want everyone to have a good time and leave our country feeling content that they had the best time ever… well, besides Carbs, ofcourse… lol. Im going to be working outside the stadium perimeter on some of the match days.

                    • MrsNesta says:

                      I was talking about the players lol, but yeah hope everyone has a good time and behaves themselves :)

                • LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

                  I go to uni there (Tulane) :D

  38. Sara says:

    Talk about killing my girl boner…

  39. JaneSpotting says:

    Oh I just refreshed and how lovely.

    Not sure what it is but he is super sexy, in a rough 'garage mechanic' type of way.

    Thanks for the afternoon delight!

  40. TristaJade says:

    *fans self* hot DAMN!! LoL. ;)

  41. Anastasia says:

    Thank you for not qualifying Sweden. *drool*