July 10th, 2009

Vacay: Cesc and Carla in NYC


Barcelona back-up plan Cesc Fabregas and his girlfriend, Carla, have arrived in our favourite city for a short holiday.

As you can see, Cesc decided the faux-hawk with bleach was a no go for NYC. 

Speaking of the faux-hawk, the person to blame is Cesc’s Spanish NT-mate, Gerard Pique.  Cesc asked for a little trim, but Pique mistakenly used the wrong number on the trimmer, and it was too short to do anything else. Or something like that. It still doesn’t explain the highlights.  Cesc described the look as “fatal”.   We won’t argue with that.

We know this will be somewhat controversial, but we love Carla’s outfit. When it comes to the harem shape trouser, you’re either for it or against it, and we’re at the pro-genie/throw some MC Hammer on the i-Pod level of support.

We know. Just put the kettle on and leave us peacefully inside our lamp.

imageRandom: Gerard Pique took his baller break in Las Vegas. His “friends” posted his photos on Facebook. And, the power of the internet has brought them here to us.  (We “tweeted”this Pique-sans-shirt pic a few days ago, but felt it could use another bit of airing.)

Retail therapy bonus: shop Carla’s look below.


Black harem trousers (eat as much lunch as you want);
Gladiator sandals (they’re still here!);
Gold/crystal necklace;
Black spaghetti-strap vest (with built-in Spanx, oh yeah.)


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35 Responses to “Vacay: Cesc and Carla in NYC”

  1. TammyV says:

    with the buzz cut, he looks like someone else that I can't place. She looks adorible

  2. mischa says:

    the outfit is…tight around the middle. not so good, her hair looks great and I love the necklace and he looks lovely too! Yay- my first post!

  3. winnieramos says:

    mmmmm…pique. and i actually might seek out those pants…i approve! although i kind of hate Carla, due to the fact that she's with the fab Fab..

  4. c9 says:

    IDK kickette, love the top on Carla but not the pants. It looks like something I’d wear to go to bed or walk around the house *scratches head*.

    Do love the shirtless pic of gerard, so yummy!

  5. missjade says:

    im very pleased witht hat pic of gerald pique

  6. aristeia says:

    Ah, I owned a couple pair of Hammer pants back in the day. I think I'm still too scarred from that to be into these pants. But she doesn't look bad at all. She carries them off nicely.

  7. mrscudicini says:

    *sigh of relief* Not loving the shaved head so much as glad the faux hawk is gone. Something tells me that when the GF finally pried him away from the boys there was a “fix it or no sex” convo.

  8. Posh says:

    Jaja, he looks horrid!

  9. lanenalinda3 says:

    darn! would i have known Cesc was in NYC sooner i would have totally gone out looking for them… lol and i think i’d rather have Cesc with no hair (as shown in the pic) than with the hair he had before!

  10. Laura says:

    I am not liking his hair, at all. I like Fabregas’ hair spikey.

  11. VR2BW-KASH says:

    thank god he cut his hair it was killing me and carla looks nice aswell. she is very pretty and i approve

  12. TammyV says:

    with the buzz cut, he looks like someone else that I can’t place. She looks adorible

  13. Erin says:

    Much better hair.I've always hoped to run into a footballer wandering the streets on my way to lunch, but Cesc isn't exactly who I had in mind. LOL Xabi? Stevie? Carra? Anybody fancy a trip to NYC?

  14. shay says:

    I see a muffin top! and some saddlebags and the girl is not the least bit fat. If an outfit can’t flatter her figure then there’s not much hope for it.

  15. fordey says:

    i actually like it..! and she has the perfect accessorie(cesc) to go with it..! We cant all be so lucky..<img src="http://www.kickette.com/images/smileys/downer.gif&quot; width="19" height="19" alt="downer" style="border:0;" />

  16. Marissa says:

    The harem pants are horrible.  I just don’t see the hotness factor in Cesc.  Especially since all the recent hair fiascos.  And there’s A LOT of man love in Pique’s picture!  LOL!

  17. bitterlemon says:

    OMG…sexy Cesc is in town! I'm going to spend my lunch break and weekend looking for him.

  18. Lizzie A.K.A "T says:

    ughh! Cesc has hair issues!!

  19. Ain J says:

    Venice, I was thinking the same thing too! They really look alike! XD Oh, I know this might sound off-topic, but definitely NOT loving CESC's t-shirt. He looks super skinny in it.

  20. Lolinha says:

    Cesc looks like he didn't just lose his hair but his mind too. The look in his eyes is a little vacant… Good thing Carla's there to guide him and points thing out to him. I like her harem pants. Could be because the crotch isn't exaggerated and hanging in her knees.

  21. XxKatie23xX says:

    OMG I was in NYC this past week! My roomie called to tell me Cesc was there and I looked EVERYWHERE for him! After seeing this picture though I doubt I would have recognized him. I'm so bummed I didn't see him!

  22. Sarah Kate says:

    *screams* CESC!!!! His hair!!!! NOT GOOD!

  23. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Not loving her pants, but I do like her necklace and Cesc looks cute.

  24. autumnmaple101 says:

    I never thought the day would come when I would have to see Cesc like this sniff.

  25. Venice says:

    Oh wow, they really look alike, don't they? They look sweet together. Pique, he's crazy LOL but, eh I like him.

  26. lose that girl says:

    I'd *love* a trip to NYC, Erin…. footballers or no footballers! Some cities have all the luck! LOL! Fat chance of me running into any here *sigh*Can't say that I'm a fan of her lower half. Not flattering at all. Cesc looks cute though.lose that girl blog

  27. Katie-Patie says:

    Cesc, My Baby, your hair is WRONG. Even so, I Love this guy, and officially hate his horribly beautiful girlriend. Aaaaargh..I'm off to cry into my huge glass of wine now!

  28. Boston Red says:

    I love Carla's look too. If you're brave enough to do harem pants, that's the way to do them :)

  29. lose that girl says:

    I'd *love* a trip to NYC, Erin…. footballers or no footballers! Some cities have all the luck! LOL! Fat chance of me running into any here *sigh*Can't say that I'm a fan of her lower half. Not flattering at all. Cesc looks cute though.lose that girl blog

  30. Sarah says:

    Can't say I like what she's wearing much, but I love her hair. It's so natural looking, no extensions or highlights or peroxide or straighteners. And Cesc looks hot.

  31. Nessa says:

    Why many footballers spend holiday is the USA ???

  32. The Fourth Official says:

    Shame on me – I thought it was saddlebags. :o

  33. Fer_Lahm says:

    HELL NO! why does he do that! omfg! he looks terrible
    btw, i totally love Carla’s outfit!

  34. Dani.Mrs José Manuel Reina (PLQ) says:

    I like her outfit and thank god Cesc put his hair “right”

  35. MeLovesFutbol says:

    Need more shirtless pics of Gerard Pique now!