June 16th, 2009

Vacay: Rio Ferdinand in Israel


Usually we find Rio Ferdinand’s sense of dress to be high on style and approval points.

Today, we are hoping to receive information that he was asked to wear this cut-off multi-fruit-flavoured vest whilst on holiday in Israel because he lost a very serious bet. Or, perhaps he has contracted some sort of heat virus that has already affected his decsion-making ability. Please. Someone, send us such information so we can move on with our day.

Last year Rio also spent some vacation time in Tel Aviv - looks like this is one of his favourite spots to chill out.

Update: Oh. It’s gotten worse. Much, much worse. Hee!

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29 Responses to “Vacay: Rio Ferdinand in Israel”

  1. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Been thinking and I reckon this is a stag holiday and as the groom he is being 'camped' up a bit LOL

  2. Kleon says:

    I like his shirt… for me!!

  3. TammyV says:

    Aren't<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> this<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> nails<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> always<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> painted<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> with<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> clear<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> coat?<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> I<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> am<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> pretty<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> sure<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> he<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> is<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> a<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> reg<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> at<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> the<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> mani<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> station.<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> <SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN>This,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> however,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> reads<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> like<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> lost<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> a<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> bet<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> and/or<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> is<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> being<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> dressed<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> up<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> for<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> his<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> bacholer<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> party

  4. Wazza's Freckle says:

    Oh Rio . . . :o

  5. HiL says:

    Oh god! LOL

  6. boo says:

    isn't this a replica for C-Ron? after all it's well known Manchester United's lads love to have a laugh on each other's expense.

  7. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Just noticed that his nails are painted pink too – I think! Proof that this is a dare. Go Rio :-) Yes I am spending too much time laughing and studying this picture!

  8. ruby80 says:

    I think it’s part C-Ron piss take, part stag do shenanigans. His legs look amazing in those denim hotpants though.

  9. TammyV says:

    Aren’t this nails always painted with clear coat? I am pretty sure he is a reg at the mani station.

    This, however, reads like lost a bet and/or is being dressed up for his bacholer party

  10. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Appreciate the destination, hate the clothes. Point blank.

  11. Tuxedo says:

    Like a goldfish, Rio only has a memory of two seconds, so he was probably confused in an interview and couldn’t remember that he was sent off a week ago.

  12. Raina says:

    OMG, he is trying to come out of the closet and/or clinically insane!!!  Seriously, someone needs to find out what on earth is going on with that!

  13. Susie says:

    I dont know whats worse, the outfit or the fact that he holidays in Israel…

  14. bubbly_cheryl says:

    those short shorts do his legs and his very fine torso justice

  15. Helle (Footiegirl) says:

    LOL That must be a case of a lost bet or something… Hilarious.. He pulls it of beautifully :)

  16. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Wonder what he did to lose the forfeit. Must have been bad LOLLOLLOL

  17. aristeia says:

    One thing's for sure, Rio is PIMP for the way he's working this outfit, haha. I love a good sense of humor, I really do. I hope his stag holiday is continually just as fun. :)

  18. Becca says:

    oh. my. dear. god. i hope this was a joke.

  19. Emily (Giggsy's says:

    Too funny! And he's got great legs to carry off those booty shorts. :) LOL

  20. Boston Red says:

    LOL Genius

  21. Erin says:

    ROFL! Love it! He's obviously done it as a dare or something. I'd really like to know the story behind it! Good sense of humor for subjecting himself to the photos. As opposed to that little shot of cron in the link where he has clearly dressed that way in all seriousness. LOL

  22. The Fourth Official says:

    Whew! I’m relieved, FTC. Though it was funnier when I thought he was being serious. :o

  23. The Fourth Official says:

    Kickette, we knew you’d be on this. LOL We believe that he’s channeling Agador Spartacus. LOL LOL LOL

  24. ThunderGirl says:

    LOL! Rio replaces Crissy as the new “WHAM! Boy” and proves once again that he doesn’t deserve the England captaincy!

  25. striker says:

    omg Rio, what the hell are you wearing! In that pic with the shorts, the guy behind him is like “what the hell, dude!” MONEY.

  26. Dreamgirl says:

    Just remember that he has a great sense of homour. That’s all the explanation I can offer.

    I don’t know ThunderGirl, anyone who sets himself up for ridicule and takes it all in his stride makes a good NT captain in my eyes.

  27. Jo says:

    He’s Agador from the Birdcage:-

    Agador: Armand, why don’t you let me be in the show? Are you afraid of my Guatemalan-ness?

    Armand: Your what?

    Agador: My Guatemalan-ness, my natural heat. You’re afraid I’m too primitive to be on the stage with your little estrogen rockettes, right?

    Armand: You’re right. I’m afraid of your heat.

  28. Blair says:

    OH MY GOD IT’S BRUNO!… Oh wait. Nope. Just Rio. Truly horrifying though.

  29. MrsZCarrick16 says:

    OMG RIO that is shocking.He’s gonna get some stick from the United lads