January 11th, 2011

Vedran Ćorluka: Back On The Market… Ish?

Image: Google.hr.

We gotta hand it to the 6’4, silky jet-black haired Croatian man candy: Tottenham’s Vedran Ćorluka finally kicked the drunk-off-her-arse-in-public bird to the kerb.

Ćorluka’s ex-girlfriend, Iva Buzov, moved out of their London flat and high-tailed it back to Zagreb two months ago. Turns out, Iva wasn’t “his destiny,” something her friends echoed to the media when they shamelessly blabbed about the “lack of passion” between the Croatian pair.

Of course, these “friends” neglected to mention the rumours of his infidelity. Naturally and, not surprisingly.

Moving on to a couple of days ago, when Mr. Ćorluka was seen leaving Whiskey Mist with a new girl. She’s still unindentified but according to press, looks quite a bit like the Croatian model Jelena Urukalo.

So, looks like we missed our window of opportunity to gaze longingly into Corluka’s huge green eyes whilst humming the Wedding March. Bollocks.

Thanks R!

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12 Responses to “Vedran Ćorluka: Back On The Market… Ish?”

  1. lia says:

    she was cheathing him.. whore

  2. boo says:

    i'm pretty sure his eyes are blue, the greenish shade is because of the tan filter of the camera

  3. ThatWelshOne says:

    Ooh. Yum. :-)

    • ThatWelshOne says:

      Love how someone minuses me for expressing my approval of this hot Croat lol :-) Sorry for causing offence!

  4. Ooooh!!! I LOOOOVE HIM!! I've missed him this season! He's always great in Fantasy Football.
    Shame about the "cheating" bit. But well… footballers :(

  5. LosAngeleno says:

    Love love love the Goran Visnjic (aka Dr. Luka Kovac) of football!

  6. Whitney says:

    The spurs guys are really doing it for me this season. Especially that yummy Alan Hutton! Glad Corluka dropped her though.

  7. blake2108 says:

    I love his hairy legs

  8. He looks like a cross between Tevez, Kaka and Gourcuff!

    • Whitney says:

      My friends though I was crazy for saying Tevez is cute. I told her to look past the teeth.

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