February 28th, 2011

Vedran Corluka: No Regrets

Vedran Corluka Tottenham tattoo

Image: Jutarnji.hr.

We at Kickette understand the first flushes of true love. The feelings of unbridled lust and desire that consume your soul. The knowledge that the person you have just met totally gets you in a way that no one else ever has. You know you’ll be with them for, like, ever.

It happens to us at least a dozen times a week.

That’s why we can’t understand why our warnings to ‘ballers and their ladies on the matter of ‘commitment’ tattoos go unheeded on such a regular basis. We made our position very clear on the matter when Nicky Bendtner and Caroline Fleming did the deed and – hate to point it out – but we were soooo right.

Now, we find out that Tottenham’s Vedran Ćorluka is having the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Iva’s name and date of birth removed from his hand, allegedly because he has a new gf. He and Iva (and her big bosoms) broke up late last year and just last month he was spotted out with a mysterious brunette, who is now being pegged as the new girlfriend.

Let’s be clear, people. Tattoo removal is an expensive, time consuming process and results cannot be guaranteed. Having the name of a beau inked on your body, if you haven’t been in a loving, committed, faithful relationship for at least six weeks, is the act of a mad person.

We should know. Our group booking is in twenty minutes.

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4 Responses to “Vedran Corluka: No Regrets”

  1. Venice says:

    Haha, Charlie! He should've just crossed it and write "expired" beneath ;-)

  2. Keane Sharpe says:

    that woman defines the word " chav " in croatia . good riddance .

  3. LosAngeleno says:

    Oh, have loved hot Charlie since WC 2006! So glad I never saw that horrible gang-looking thing on his hand. Let's hope he learns his lesson. No more girlfriend-inspired tats ("Winona forever" anyone?), and nothing on the hands and neck, please.

  4. BarceLisa says:

    lmao great article kickette. Tattoos are a no-no in my religion but I totally understand why people in love get them. The fact that Corluka goes through all this just makes him hotter to me.