May 18th, 2012

Vegas Vacay: Wayne, Coleen & Kai Rooney

It’s day two of the Rooney family’s Sin City hols at the Wynn Hotel, and they’re engrossed in all the activities one would expect to see from rich people on vacay:

Coleen – lazily lounging in the sun, putting that taxing schedule of hers on hold for another day. We’ve all been there chica.

Kai – in the shade being tired, crabby and crabby about being tired. Always a cutie no matter the scenario.

Wayne – lying back and thinking about scoring at the craps table.

Yup, that pretty much covers it.

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16 Responses to “Vegas Vacay: Wayne, Coleen & Kai Rooney”

  1. mitchie says:

    Isnt Kai too old for a dummy now?

  2. nia says:

    Coleen looks pregnant to me. If she is, congrates. Kai is one cute baby, though the dad can be a twat.;)

    • mybabyri says:

      indeed, dont like the parents but have a soft spot for Kai the ONLY thing likeable about them :)

  3. elsebethynwa says:

    Funny how Rooney is on holiday. The Danish NT for instance is already in training camp. Maybe England team is so good they don't need training?

    • Nana says:

      He got a red card so he can't play in the first two games of the group stage I think :)

      • elsebethynwa says:

        yeah but I don't think he's the only player on holiday is he? And besides He is still in the squad and should be training with the others, if they are already.

  4. Gabrielle V says:

    well coleen looks bored to me. she looks like "oh god not again…vegas." haha

    • Carvivlie says:

      That's what happens when you holiday more than work–it becomes just another day….

  5. tashy says:

    I luv coleen nd alex gerrard’s style nd it kills m 2 say this bout coleen coz I luv her in da second pic her stomach ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. Agnes Wonka says:

    I love Colleen coz she is not afraid to show her body, her real woman body.

    Kai is so adorable <3

  7. Carvivlie says:

    It looks like Coleen is pregnant again. Did I miss the news or has she just put on a couple of pounds in her tummy?

    • EvilBean says:

      That's what I thought, and before someone asks if she can’t gain a few pounds before anyone says she is pregnant? Yes but when all the pounds are located on the stomach below the belly, it’s normally a baby :-)
      Besides Kai is turning 3 this november, so it’s not like they are rushing it.

      • Kristina says:

        Yes, it actually looks like a pregnant belly. If she is, then congratulations and good luck!