June 4th, 2012

Victoria Beckham: GREAT Campaign & Closet

Image: Brad Barket/Getty Images North America.

When Victoria Beckham helped launch the GREAT Campaign during Fashion Week in February, she looked like the walking dead. Soz, VB, but Fashion Week with little Harper on hand couldn’t have been easy.

The GREAT Campaign is designed to promote Britain abroad and Victoria is leading the charge by looking charmingly adorable and well-rested. If you can make it to the 2:00 mark, you’ll see a rare teeth-baring smile that is lovely.

Ladies (and fellas), now please feast your eyes on the Holy Grail of non-humble abodes (aka Victoria Beckham’s closet). Fresh off the revelation of Sylvie VdV’s closet and clothing selection secrets, we get a look at where the queen keeps her goods. And it’s bigger than all of our flats combined.

See those orange bags at the top right? Those would be Victoria’s Hermes bags protected from dust and labelled by colour. Also note the pieces of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage decorating the top shelves. Naturally we spy lots of her own dresses, as well as the plaid Roland Mouret dress that she’s fond of. Meanwhile the white Victoria, Victoria Beckham dress that she’s holding is part of an exclusive collection for Net-a-Porter.com that will be unveiled on Wednesday.

Sigh. Is your closet even a 1/3 of this size?

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7 Responses to “Victoria Beckham: GREAT Campaign & Closet”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    oh.my.god.her.closet *_____*

  2. jen says:

    victoria beckham wears fuzzy slippers too? and they don't have high heels? maybe she is just like us!

  3. KL7 says:

    Oh, where to start…I am extremely jealous of her closet and that most likely her hubby walks around in it with at least just undies on. But, did she really just say the spice girls music is relevant? And if it is so cool to be british why are you living in LA and raising your kids in America!! That and the shape of her head really bugs me. She's a big skull.

  4. Bella says:

    I'm surprised comments aren't pouring in about the size of that lovely island surface and the many possibilities it affords beyond beyond folding the laundry. Perfect for a quick hideaway from the kids. Or maybe not quick. Crap, I'm getting light-headed, can't even remember if I have a closet…sigh…!

  5. Femz17 says:

    Omg that's her closet?!?!?!?! It's bigger than my bedroom.

  6. Melaniee. says:

    My closet isn't even 1/16th of hers.

  7. rafaela says:

    OMG!! I saw her smile!!