March 26th, 2012

Victoria Beckham: New ‘Do

No, this is not a photo of a tangled Pomeranian. It’s VB’s old hair. Images via FameFlynet Pictures

Victoria Beckham’s greatest hair hits reads like a salon catalog of available styles so we’re always looking forward to her next follicular adventure.

After rocking long wavy extensions for the past year or so, we’re happy to see VB with a shorter do again. We’re not quite sure what to call this one – a long asymmetrical bob kind of thing?  We thought the longer in the front cuts (a reverse mullet, if you will) were a thing of the past, but leave it to Victoria to bring it back into fashion.

Her casual outfit is simple and fun, yes? Those would be J Brand Bianca jeans and a bag from her own collection, natch.

Where does this rank on your list of VB hair styles? Our favorite is still the short wavy pob. Have you ever gotten a Victoria-inspired hair cut?

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18 Responses to “Victoria Beckham: New ‘Do”

  1. Posest says:

    Victoria never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and hair … Generally elegant. I did not know that it holds its own beauty.
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  2. christinabarca says:

    I have the same haircut :P like it so much and yes she looks really well!!

  3. I like her top. She can wear anything and it will still look nice.

  4. I guess she is naturally skinny. I like her outfit especially her blouse.

  5. Thea says:

    THis is always her post extensions look as it hides the damage done by being shorter at the back! Love the jeans……..

  6. Love says:

    I want something cute for when you text not something strong like I love you and when I said I’d love you forever I lied because forever isn’t enough. I love my boyfriend and he’s a shy guy so I want to start with not so deep quotes. Whenever he calls me beautiful he blushes and stutters alot. I’m his first girlfriend

  7. LizzyMadrid says:


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  8. Laurean says:

    I actually have this hairstyle now because my angled bob is growing out and I need to cut it. I had long hair but after k donated it I decided to try this style and I never thought I would love it the way i do.

  9. con2e says:

    Please! Her hair is horrible, she has no chin and she's too skinny. I applaud her business acumen, her style, and her devotion to her family. BUT, she is ordinary looking at best. She is definitely not as pretty as Nagore, who commenters felt compelled to pick apart.

    • mata says:

      You're being kind IMO, I've always found her positively ugly, with those fake-boobs-gone-hard that she kept insisting were real and that ridiculous leg forward pose she strikes for every picture. And what can I say about someone who would describe herself as "Posh". Nagore is lovely, and such a pleasant contrast to the English Wags like Alex, Coleen and Victoria.

  10. Vanessa says:

    How does this woman have four kids that she naturally gave birth to?

    • Doles says:

      Not just four kids, but four GORGEOUS kids!

      • Dena says:

        the gorgeousness comes from her husband :)
        VB is just very skinny, so everything looks good on her + she has gone over some surgery too, look at her early Spice Girls pics…

  11. Dols says:

    I think it definitely gives her more feminine vibe. I like it!

  12. ChefDi says:

    looks better from the side than from the front I think but oh whatever, who am I kidding, she always looks amazing.

  13. I think you might find the suit has been cleaned !

  14. xbabyshakesx says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! she looks soo cute!