September 12th, 2011

Victoria Beckham: She’s Come A Long Way, Baby

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Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer.

Just a few years ago, that statement was met with a heck of a lot of skepticism. From ‘does she actually design the clothes?’ to ‘surely she can’t draw‘, Mrs Beckham’s foray into fashion was met with mixed reaction.

Funny how things change.

Yesterday morning, Victoria Beckham presented her Spring 2012 collection at the New York Public Library – a distinct switcheroo from her previously preferred venues. We’re happy to say that she’s moved up to the Premier League of fashion shows and staged a full runway show complete with music, a front row and people fighting over seats (we’re just guessing on that last one).

After the jump there are baseball caps, sporty jackets, and flat shoes. You did not just hallucinate; it really is a new dawn, a new day and a new VB, y’all.

This is without a doubt Victoria’s most evolved and exciting collection. Her signature body hugging dresses were present, but alongside them were shift dresses, dropped waist dresses with full pleated skirts and hooded jackets. The colour palette ranged from an orange that rivals that of the Dutch national team to a soft lavender.

Victoria’s take on colour blocking was one of our favourite looks. It’s just a shot in the dark here, but could the bold, sporty colours be a nod the many years VB has been in close proximity to a football pitch? We’d like to think so.

And that orange ombre tote bag? Just put it on our tab.

A few models down the runway later and we found ourselves falling in love with this swingy and clingy tennis dress. Paired with leather leg wear (are they trousers? are they spats? are they tights?) the look goes from adorable to edgy all whilst keeping the underwear on.

How about this for a classy carry-on bag? In just her second try, Victoria has managed to create bags that are on par with some of the top investment bags available – i.e. Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Celine.

Here’s where we think Victoria’s collection took an unexpected turn. She did some outerwear in her last collection, but not quite like this. We thought we’d see Iker get a tan before we’d see the words Victoria Beckham and hoodie in the same sentence. We think we’ll pass on this one.

What we won’t be passing on, however, is this bag (at left). A gorgeous crossbody convertible clutch that we want to sleep with under our pillows and wear nothing but Primark for a year to be able to afford. It shall be ours.


Once again Victoria hasn’t disappointed. She continues to grow as a designer and always gives us a touch of the unexpected. Click here to see the rest of her collection and do share your thoughts with our sartorially savvy staff, Kickettes.

Bonus: Did you catch a sight of the custom Christian Louboutin shoes used in VB’s show on Saturday – or the dress the lady herself donned on the streets of NY? It’s a dress from her diffusion line Victoria, which is due in stores this fall.

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8 Responses to “Victoria Beckham: She’s Come A Long Way, Baby”

  1. Love the entire Collection, she really out did her self, love it all great job VB!
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  2. [...] AND YOU THOUGHT POSH DIDN’T HAVE ANY TALENT. THAT’S A SPIFFY HAT. Mrs. Beckham is designing clothes, and they’re apparently not as terrible as you might have imagined. // Kickette [...]

  3. kaya says:

    I can't say I'm a huge fan, but I'm not a fashion nut, I mostly come here to check out the footballers =)
    i'm assuming there's some definitive proof she is really running the show? I mean, Britney Spears *could* be in the lab mixing scents to make her perfume, but I kinda doubt it. I kidding…. kinda.
    But with the timing of her baby, I wouldn't be surprised if she were taking it easy… I don't see workaholic when I look at her, but who knows.

    • Leya_S says:

      In fairness, she could still be running the show, but not necessarily sewing the clothing. This is not to say that running a fashion label and organizing a NYFW show isn't trying and stressful and absolutely crazy, but I think it can be agreed that as a designer, once you don't have to actually sew the clothing, it does take a fair chunk of stress away. True, you then have to convey your ideas and drawings to the patternmakers, but still…

      Regardless, I think this line looks fab. DYING for that orange tote.

      • kaya says:

        I like the tote… but I'd just as soon continue using my woven shopping panier of which it reminds me: shopping at the marches in the south of france =)

  4. Marina_Isabella says:


  5. Now @ says:

    Love the entire Collection, she really out did her self, love it all great job VB!

  6. Missy says:

    Loving all the pretty white dresses in this collection!