November 10th, 2010

Victoria Beckham: Staking Her Fashion Claim

Victoria makes tangerine look may-jah in a dress from her Spring 2011 collection and Chanel heels. Image via Samir Hussein/Getty Images Europe

Victoria Beckham continued her untethered ascent up the fashion mountain yesterday as a surprise guest at the International Herald Tribune Heritage Luxury Conference. A veritable who’s who of stylissimos, the conference was chaired by Suzy Menkes, fashion editor for the International Herald Tribune, and  included speakers and fashion superstars such as Christopher Bailey (Burberry), Alber Elbaz (Lanvin), and Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel, Fendi).

Mrs. B spoke about building her brand and said that her main goal when creating pieces is to make a woman “feel and look good from all angles”. Given the ever-growing roster of celebrity clients who’ve raved about VB’s dresses, we have a feeling she’s on the right track.

Case in point: Not only is Victoria designing her seasonal collections twice a year, but she has also recently begun designing custom pieces. Demi Moore wore a beautiful dusty rose coloured custom gown to an event in Austria last week, and supermodel extraordinaire I-Never-Age-Iman wore custom Victoria Beckham to the Women’s Wear Daily 100th anniversary party last week. Iman took a moment to sing VBs praises as a designer, too btw.

Considering it’s only been 2 years since Vicks started designing in a very crowded market, her rise to success continues to impress. Brand Beckham is a well-oiled machine, but we think it’s clear now that VB’s got skillz, y’all. Skillz to pay the billz. OK we’ll stop. And before you ask, we only had one swig from our afternoon-sized hip flask.

What do you think of Victoria’s custom dresses? Do they make her fashion chops all the more legit?

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28 Responses to “Victoria Beckham: Staking Her Fashion Claim”

  1. kaya says:

    Looks more like Spring 1971 if you ask me. I like the color, but her complexion doesn't pull it off imo.
    The Beckhams have always been good at making money and recognition for themselves… how much of the design work she's actually responsible for doesn't really matter.

  2. elcynico says:

    Those clothes are fabulous. Most designers do avant garde statement numbers. VB's clothes are classic wearable designs. If you saw a knock-off of one of these designs in John Lewis or even Primark you'd grab it and run. As to where mere mortals could wear them, well some of the designs are suitable for weddings, parties, and clubbing. Clubbing where you don't wear a cork and two band-aids but get your attention in a classier manner. As to whether or not she designs them herself, how many of you think top designers sit down with a pen and paper, or watercolours and draw a design, then cut it out and stitch it on a machine? It doesn't work like that. Toiles (basic shapes) are made up usually in calico or other cheap plain fabric, then put together in different ways to come up with a design which is handed over to the cutters, then to the seamstresses. It is not difficult and if she has expert help and advice, she could quite easily now be designing her own clothes. My mother and sister make clothes to die for, and they use toiles. It's too frenetic and gives me a migraine so I just tell them what I want, and they come up with it so who's the designer?

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  4. afrikajay says:

    I expect nothing less from her. I love her style.

  5. Sarah-anne says:

    i think vics line is great. and she is working extra hard at it. relax ppl and give her some credit.

  6. falas8as says:

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  7. Petra says:

    Everyone knows Roland Mouret is the real designer. She just puts her name on other people's hard work. What she has is a good PR machinery.

  8. Denisea says:

    Posh is NOT a designer, she simply uses her name to sell clothes that other people design!

  9. Missy Manchester says:

    Vicky B impresses me. I greeted her sashay into the fashion world with much skepticism….but I must admit…she's doing something right. She actually has a proper collection. Not just a mish mash of crazy things. Her designs make sense and her comment about "making women look good from all angles" is incisive.

    Due to the fact that her clothes are very sharp and angular…she should make that comment her brand slogan.

    VictoriaBeckhamCollection: Looking good from all angles

    I can even see an ad campaign centred around it.

    (Dearest Vicky…if you send me two first class tickets to Manchester …vouchers for a week in the Presidential Suite at the Lowry Hotel and all-access passes to box seats at Old Trafford…you can have the rights to the slogan! I'll even throw in some Photoshopping!)

  10. rubyqueen says:

    i love that yellow dress it's really nice.i like victoria's range of clothes their rally classy.:)

  11. lilygold says:

    Roland Mouret designs the frocks then she puts in her two pennies worth of knowledge to cover the brand name.
    Sorry to be a bitch but if she designs these dresses from scratch then I am the real Mrs Fabregas and I live with the hottest man in the Universe!!

    • caseyjane says:

      This is just silly. Ronald Mouret has nothing to do with her collections. He's said so himself many times. You're just perpetuting the British hate campaign against her for no reason. There is absolutely no way she would have gained the respect of the design world if she wasn't doing it herself. No way.

      • lilygold says:

        Do you really believe that she can design. Did she attend Design College ? Yes of course RM is going to reveal that he helps,what utter rubbish. Designer,my arse!

        • Cara says:

          What so to know what looks nice and what style of clothes that she thinks that others would want to wear she would have to go to design college to be a designer? No. Okay so she probably doesnt draw them but she will tell the artist what she wants and if it isnt correct then she will tell some more.

          The clothes are her designs and what she wants them to look like and someone else just draws them onto paper.

          • lilygold says:

            Lol,We'll have to agree to disagree on this one but you have to say that the dresses she "designs"are very similar to the cut and appearance of previous RM designs such as the "Galaxy".Yes I do think that to be called a Designer you should have a history to show of some sort of creative ability, such as Stella or the late great McQueen who attended Central St Martins.

      • mena says:

        Roland Mouret may not directly work for Victoria but in interviews he has admitted that he gave her the contact info for his pattern maker & his dress makers in the UK and his textile people. Also a few of his former employees now work for her. Both Roland Mouret and Victoria are rep'd by 19 Entertainment, so it's not like he can publicly complain about anything that Victoria does.

        C'mon, you've got to admit, there's something fishy going on when a woman who couldn't even design a pair of jeans is now all of a sudden churning out top-selling figure-hugging dress collections.

        No doubt VB is the inspiration for her line and she for sure has final approval but I agree with lilygold: Victoria is not a designer.

        • lilygold says:

          Hi Mena, glad you agree about VB. I think the dresses look great and they are beautifully cut but I just don't believe for one second that she is the brains behind their conception. Well put when you say she is the inspiration for the designs ,that sums it up entirely.For those who doubt, Google her for when England were at Baden Baden during the World Cup only about 4/5 years ago I think. Can she really have become so good at designing so quickly and what a makeover she's had..?

          • mena says:

            Hi lilygold! No problem! Yeah, there's no question that VB fronts a successful Celebrity Brand. She's probably more involved in her line than Rio is with his shoes or Alex is with her clothing line. And she for sure does way more to promote her line than those two. So good for her & her company for reaping the benefits of her hard work.

            She's just not a designer.

  12. gi0ia says:

    I think they look alright but how practical are they for us mere mortals? What occasion would we wear such a dress for?

    • Kylie says:

      True, but I think a lot of her designs are work-appropriate attire. I would totally wear that yellow dress to the office (probably with tights though, it's a bit short).

  13. aps says:

    DON’T like this look

  14. I like her dresses and I think she looks much better now than some years ago BUT I don´t think she should be called a "designer" I seriously doubt she knows how to use a sewing machine…

  15. FloraJane says:

    I think she's experiencing success because she's doing simple, elegant pieces- sometimes with an edge- that will work on nearly anyone. And they do exactly what she's stated is her aim- making women feel comfortable in the clothes and look great at the same time, two things that we all know don't always happen at the same time!

    I love, love the colour of the dress she's wearing in this pic and now I see the point of the months and months of 'what is she doing with her hair?' The long straight hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail is the perfect compliment to her designs.

    • Steph says:

      I totally agree. :) I love that she's doing so well! If I could afford them, I'd totally snag a few of her dresses. Especially the one she's wearing in that picture. I love the color and the style.

  16. Kylie says:

    I think it's great for her to do custom pieces. That's a niche in the design industry that has sadly dwindled recently when compared to times past. I wonder if she will extend this to beyond just for celebrities though. Anyway, continued success to VB!

  17. "one of the best designers"???
    NO WAY!