March 1st, 2007

Victoria Beckham link-watch

Don’t mess with Tom Ford, he formerly of Gucci and YSL.  Victoria was recently on a flight with Mr. F and when she mentioned to him she was going to change into some comfy jammies, he firmly told her that was not a good idea. 

For the image and all, you know.  She says, “”I was so intimidated I had to sit on this 11-hour flight in tight, uncomfortable clothes.“

Link: Victoria Beckham Gets Told Off By Tom Ford

Victoria has just signed a $10 million dollar deal for her own reality TV show, which we’ve heard will be a little like America’s Next Top Model.  Yes, we know that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what we’ve heard.  Don’t question the hearings, okay?  The show will focus on Victoria’s transition to life in America and will not feature her children.  Or David.  Damn it.

Link: Posh Does Designer Duds and Reality TV
Link: Beckham’s To Do: Pack, Call Movers, Film Show

David has had it with Victoria’s frequent trips to the States, which he sees as unnecessary.  He wants her at home with him and the kids.  We say, surely Victoria has servants she can hire to pose with Katie Holmes and swan around the Oscar parties with? Especially when Sir Becks isn’t happy. 

And we don’t want Mr. B to be unhappy. Or worse: bored.  Or much worse: with the eye that roams around the various eye candy that exists when your wife is away.  But don’t take our word for it, the snark-tastic Lainey breaks it down here: The Blonde Posh

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